Towards a CIM Schema for RunTime Application Management

We describe new extensions to the Core, Application and System Schemas of the Common Information Model (CIM). While previous work on the CIM Application Schema mainly dealt with the distribution, deployment and installation aspects of software, a recent effort within the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) is targeted at defining schema extensions capable of dealing with the full lifecycle of distributed applications, especially the runtime stage. These application runtime extensions are currently developed by the DMTF Application Working Group in which the authors actively participate. In order to serve as a basis for a runtime model of distributed applications, various
extensions had to be applied to the existing schemas. These schema extensions, described in this paper, have been adopted by the CIM Technical Committee and are part of the recently released version 2.5 of the CIM schema.

By: Alexander Keller, Heather Kreger, Karl Schopmeyer

Published in: RC22168 in 2001


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