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What Would You Do with a Hundred MIPS on Your Wrist?

We recently demonstrated high function wrist watch computer prototypes capable of running the Linux operating system, X11 graphics, Bluetooth wireless connectivity and a VGA resolution display. We see technology evolving to the point where in a few years one can expect to have a hundred MIPS or more on one’s wrist. We would like to challenge the mobile computing community to think about a couple of questions: Does it make sense to put a hundred MIPS on one’s wrist? What would one do with this compute power? Is the watch the right place to put these cycles? How many cycles are really needed? What mobile computing issues does putting these cycles on one’s wrist solve? What others does it raise? We offer some of our thinking on these issues to stimulate the thought process.

By: Chandra Narayanaswami, Mandayam Raghunath, Noboru Kamijoh, Tadanobu Inoue

Published in: RC22057 in 2001


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