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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 40, Number 4, Page 377 (1996)
IBM ASIC design and testing
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Technology-migratable ASIC library design

by T. R. Bednar, R. A. Piro, D. W. Stout, L. Wissel, P. S. Zuchowski
A library strategy has been developed to enable IBM Microelectronics ASIC development to keep pace with rapid technology enhancements and to offer leading-edge performance to ASIC customers. Library elements are designed using migratable design rules to allow designs to be reused in future advanced technologies; and library contents, design methodology, test methodology, and packaging offerings for the ASICs also are consistent between current and future technologies. The benefit to the ASIC customer is an ASIC with a rich library of logic functions, arrays, and I/Os for today's designs, and with a ready migration path into future designs.
Related Subjects: ASICs; CMOS; Computer-aided design; Design automation; Integrated circuit design; LSI design automation; Microelectronics; VLSI