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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 34, Number 1, Page 98 (1990)
IBM RISC System/6000 processor
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Managing programs and libraries in AIX Version 3 for RISC System/6000 processors

by M. A. Auslander
This paper describes the program and program-library management facility that has been developed for the AIX® operating system, Version 3, as implemented for the IBM POWER (Performance Optimization With Enhanced RISC) architecture. It provides run-time loading of libraries, symbol resolution with type checking, and relocation. In addition, the use of the loader to add programs to an already running process or to the kernel is offered. The advantages of these functions and the techniques needed to provide a usable and efficient realization are described. Particular attention is given to the special problems posed by very large programs, and by very small programs which use services from very large libraries.
Related Subjects: Data, structures and accessing; Programming systems; Reduced-instruction-set computers (RISC)