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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 31, Number 3, Page 382 (1987)
Computer-aided Design
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An algorithm for automatic identification of R-fields in bond graphs

by S. J. Hood, R. C. Rosenberg, D. H. Withers, T. Zhou
Bond graphs may be used to model the power flow in dynamic systems. They are especially attractive for modeling systems which function in coupled energy domains, for example, electromechanical systems. For such systems, bond graphs can be used to provide a natural subdivision into power/energy fields: storage, sources, transformers, and dissipation. In the case of nonlinear dissipative fields, implicit, nonlinear, coupled systems of algebraic equations may arise. Causality assignment on the bond graph provides a basis for detecting implicit formulations. This paper presents an algorithm for detection and solution of these forms within a model, thereby providing an opportunity for efficient numerical solution, and includes a brief introduction to bond graphs via an electromechanical system example.
Related Subjects: Computer-aided design; Electromechanics; Graph theory; Mathematics (applied)