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IBM Technical Journals

1. The IBM telecommunications service delivery platform2008S. Ramanathan,M. Alexander,G. Kerr
2. Business-process-driven gray-box SOA testing2008Z.J. Li,H.F. Tan,H.H. Liu,J. Zhu,N.M. Mitsumori
3. A runtime-adaptable service bus design for telecom operations support systems2008I.-Y. Chen,G.-K. Ni,C.-Y. Lin
4. Increasing business flexibility and SOA adoption through effective SOA governance2008R. Varadan,K. Channabasavaiah,S. Simpson,K. Holley,A. Allam
5. Model-driven synthesis of SOA solutions2008J.K. Strosnider,P. Nandi,S. Kumaran,S. Ghosh,A. Arsnajani
6. Message from the General Manager, Global Consulting Services and SOA2008Robert LeBlanc
7. Preface2008D. Seidman,J.J. Ritsko
8. Creating and maintaining coherency in loosely coupled systems2008R. High,Jr.,G. Krishnan,M. Sanchez
9. SOMA: A method for developing service-oriented solutions2008A. Arsanjani,S. Ghosh,A. Allam,T. Abdollah,S. Ganapathy,K. Holley
10. SOMA-ME: A platform for the model-driven design of SOA solutions2008L.-J. Zhang,N. Zhou,Y.-M. Chee,A. Jalaldeen,K. Ponnalagu,R.R. Sindhgatta,A. Arsanjani,F. Bernardini
11. Preface2008A. Birman,J.J. Ritsko
12. Erratum2008
13. Message from the Vice President of Strategy and Technology, IBM Software Group2008Kristof Kloeckner
14. Responsive systems: An introduction2008R.F. Berry,P.E. McKenney,F.N. Parr
15. Harmony: Holistic messaging middleware for event-driven systems2008P. Dube,N. Halim,K. Karenos,M. Kim,Z. Liu,S. Parthasarathy,D. Pendarakis,H. Yang
16. Real-time Linux in real time2008D. Hart,J. Stultz,T. Ts'o
17. Toward scalable real-time messaging2008D. Bauer,L. Garcs-Erice,S. Rooney,P. Scotton
18. The read-copy-update mechanism for supporting real-time applications on shared-memory multiprocessor systems with Linux2008D. Guniguntala,P.E. McKenney,J. Triplett,J. Walpole
19. Generating real-time complex event-processing applications2008Y. Magid,D. Oren,D. Botzer,A. Adi,B. Shulman,E. Rabinovich,M. Barnea
20. Accounting for platform effects in the design of real-time software using model-based methods2008B. Selic
21. DRIVE: A tool for developing, deploying, and managing distributed sensor and actuator applications2008H. Chen,P.B. Chou,N.H. Cohen,S.S. Duri,C.W. Jung
22. Patterns for real-world-aware and real-time solutions2008F.N. Parr,L. Yusuf
23. Event-processing network model and implementation2008G. Sharon,O. Etzion
24. Managed service paradox2008N. Leon,A. Davies
25. Predicting customer choice in services using discrete choice analysis2008R. Verma,G.R. Plaschka,B. Hanlon,A. Livingston,K. Kalcher
26. Legal research topics in user-centric services2008O. Pitknen,P. Virtanen,J. Kemppinen
27. Improving service delivery through integrated quality initiatives: A case study2008J. Hickey,J. Siegel
28. Estimating value in service systems: A case study of a repair service system2008N.S. Caswell,C. Nikolaou,J. Sairamesh,M. Bitsaki,G.D. Koutras,G. Iacovidis
29. Business services as communication patterns: A work practice approach for analyzing service encounters2008R.J. Clarke,A.G. Nilsson
30. Patterns of innovation in service industries2008I. Miles
31. Complexity of service value networks: Conceptualization and empirical investigation2008R.C. Basole,W.B. Rouse
32. Service science: At the intersection of management, social, and engineering sciences2008R.C. Larson
33. Message from the Senior Vice President, Global Business Services2008Ginni Rometty
34. Service system fundamentals: Work system, value chain, and life cycle2008S. Alter
35. BEAM: A framework for business ecosystem analysis and modeling2008C.H. Tian,B.K. Ray,J. Lee,R. Cao,W. Ding
36. Preface2008P.P. Maglio,J. Spohrer,D.I. Seidman,J.J. Ritsko
37. Designing a service science discipline with discipline2008R.J. Glushko
38. Toward a conceptual foundation for service science: Contributions from service-dominant logic2008R.F. Lusch,S.L. Vargo,G. Wessels
39. Service science: Catalyst for change in business school curricula2008M.M. Davis,I. Berdrow
40. Pulsar: A resource-control architecture for time-critical service-oriented applications2008M. Astley,S. Bhola,M.J. Ward,K. Shagin,H. Paz,G. Gershinsky
41. Message from the Senior Vice President, Enterprise On Demand Transformation& Information Technology2007LindaS. Sanford
42. Preface2007A. Birman,J.J. Ritsko
43. Introduction2007Catherine Lasser,Michael Svinte
44. IT solutions for imaging biomarkers in biopharmaceutical research and development2007M. Hehenberger,A. Chatterjee,U. Reddy,J. Hernandez,J. Sprengel
45. Infrastructure for a clinical-decision-intelligence system2007X.S. Wang,L. Nayda,R. Dettinger
46. A graph-theoretical approach for pattern discovery in epidemiological research2007R.A. Mushlin,A. Kershenbaum,S.T. Gallagher,T.R. Rebbeck
47. MedTAKMI-CDI: Interactive knowledge discovery for clinical decision intelligence2007A. Inokuchi,K. Takeda,N. Inaoka,F. Wakao
48. Remote health-care monitoring using Personal Care Connect2007M. Blount,V.M. Batra,A.N. Capella,M.R. Ebling,W.F. Jerome,S.M. Martin,M. Nidd,M.R. Niemi,S.P. Wright
49. BIMS: An information management system for biobanking in the 21st century2007G. lund,P. Lindqvist,J-E. Litton
50. The innovative bundling of teleradiology, telepathology, and teleoncology services2007R.S. Weinstein,A.M. Lpez,G.P. Barker,E.A. Krupinski,M.R. Descour,K.M. Scott,L.C. Richter,S.J. Beinar,M.J. Holcomb,P.H. Bartels,R.A. McNeely,A.K. Bhattacharyya
51. The seventh layer of the clinical-genomics information infrastructure2007A. Shabo,D. Dotan
52. Monitoring chronically ill patients using mobile technologies2007C. Kirsch,M. Mattingley-Scott,C. Muszynski,F. Schaefer,C. Weiss
53. Varieties of interoperability in the transformation of the health-care information infrastructure2007B.A. Eckman,C.A. Bennett,J.H. Kaufman,J.W. Tenner
54. Preface2007JosephM. Jasinski,DavidI. Seidman,John J. Ritsko
55. The Health Record Banking imperative: A conceptual model2007J.D. Gold,M.J. Ball
56. A health-care data model based on the HL7 Reference Information Model2007T.J. Eggebraaten,J.W. Tenner,J.C. Dubbels
57. Role of an auditing and reporting service in compliance management2007J. Ramanathan,R.J. Cohen,E. Plassmann,K. Ramamoorthy
58. A survey of static analysis methods for identifying security vulnerabilities in software systems2007M. Pistoia,S. Chandra,S.J. Fink,E. Yahav
59. Ariadne: An Eclipse-based system for tracking originality of source code2007L. Luo,D.M. Hao,Z. Tian,Y.B. Dang,B. Hou,P. Malkin,S.X. Yang
60. Optimized enterprise risk management2007C. Abrams,J. vonKnel,S. Mller,B. Pfitzmann,S. Ruschka-Taylor
61. Seeing is believing: Designing visualizations for managing risk and compliance2007R.K.E. Bellamy,T. Erickson,B. Fuller,W.A. Kellogg,R. Rosenbaum,J.C. Thomas,T. VettingWolf
62. Best practices and tools for personal information compliance management2007M. Kudo,Y. Araki,H. Nomiyama,S. Saito,Y. Sohda
63. Compliance with data protection laws using Hippocratic Database active enforcement and auditing2007C.M. Johnson,T.W.A. Grandison
64. Introduction2007CharlesW. Lickel
65. Preface2007JohnJ. Ritsko,Alex Birman
66. A model for CIO-led innovation2007D.L. Newbold,M.C. Azua
67. Using a model-driven transformational approach and service-oriented architecture for service delivery management2007S. Kumaran,P. Bishop,T. Chao,P. Dhoolia,P. Jain,R. Jaluka,H. Ludwig,A. Moyer,A. Nigam
68. Addressing the data aspects of compliance with industry models2007M. Delbaere,R. Ferreira
69. The process of building a Process Manager: Architecture and design patterns2007C.J. Paul
70. From a technology-oriented to a service-oriented approach to IT management2007A.J. Keel,M.A. Orr,R.R. Hernandez,E.A Patrocinio,J. Bouchard
71. Integrated change and configuration management2007C. Ward,V. Aggarwal,M. Buco,E. Olsson,S. Weinberger
72. Catalog-based service request management2007H. Ludwig,J. Hogan,R. Jaluka,D. Loewenstern,S. Kumaran,A. Gilbert,A. Roy,T.R. Nellutla,M. Surendra
73. Integration of domain-specific IT processes and tools in IBM Service Management2007N. Joshi,W. Riley,J. Schneider,Y.-S. Tan
74. IT service management architecture and autonomic computing2007P. Brittenham,R.R. Cutlip,C. Draper,B.A. Miller,S. Choudhary,M. Perazolo
75. Adding value to the IT organization with the Component Business Model2007M. Ernest,J.M. Nisavic
76. A configuration management database architecture in support of IBM Service Management2007H. Madduri,S.S.B. Shi,R. Baker,N. Ayachitula,L. Shwartz,M. Surendra,C. Corley,M. Benantar,S. Patel
77. Preface2007C.J. Paul,C. Ward,D.I. Seidman,J.J. Ritsko
78. IBM Service Management architecture2007D. Lindquist,H. Madduri,C.J. Paul,B. Rajaraman
79. Introduction2007Al Zollar
80. An integration model for organizing IT service management2007J. Black,C. Draper,T. Lococo,F. Matar,C. Ward
81. An overview of IBM Service Management2007A. Ganek,K. Kloeckner
82. Technical Forum : WORM storage is not enough2007W.W. Hsu,S. Ong
83. A static compliance-checking framework for business process models2007Y. Liu,S. Muller,K. Xu
84. Evolving standards for IT service management2007M.W. Johnson,A. Hately,B.A. Miller,R. Orr
85. Prospects for simplifying ITSM-based management through self-managing resources2007D.M. Chess,J.E. Hanson,J.A. Pershing,Jr.,S.R. White
86. IT Autopilot: A flexible IT service management and delivery platform for small and medium business2007S. Mastrianni,D.F. Bantz,K.A. Beaty,T. Chefalas,S. Jalan,G. Kar,A. Kochut,D.J. Lan,L. O’Connell,A. Sailer,G. Wang,Q.B. Wang,D.G. Shea
87. IBM business transformation enabled by service-oriented architecture2007L. Walker
88. Contents of Volume 46, 20072007
89. Sense-and-respond supply chain using model-driven techniques2007S. Kapoor,B. Binney,S. Buckley,H. Chang,T. Chao,M. Ettl,E.N. Luddy,R.K. Ravi,J. Yang
90. On optimizing the selection of business transformation projects2007N. Abe,R. Akkiraju,S. Buckley,M. Ettl,P. Huang,D. Subramanian,F. Tipu
91. Analytics-driven solutions for customer targeting and sales-force allocation2007R. Lawrence,C. Perlich,S. Rosset,J. Arroyo,M. Callahan,J.M. Collins,A. Ershov,S. Feinzig,I. Khabibrakhmanov,S. Mahatma,M. Niemaszyk,S.M. Weiss
92. Changing the corporate IT development model: Tapping the power of grassroots computing2007L. Cherbakov,A. Bravery,B.D. Goodman,A. Pandya,J. Baggett
93. Model analysis for business event processing2007L. Zeng,H. Lei,T. Koyanagi,H. Ohsaki,H. Chang
94. Core business architecture for a service-oriented enterprise2007N. Nayak,M. Linehan,A. Nigam,D. Marston,J.-J. Jeng,F.Y. Wu,D. Boullery,L.F. White,P. Nandi,J.L.C. Sanz
95. The internal information transformation of IBM2007J.A. Vayghan,S.M. Garfinkle,C. Walenta,D.C. Healy,Z. Valentin
96. Artifact-centered operational modeling: Lessons from customer engagements2007K. Bhattacharya,N.S. Caswell,S. Kumaran,A. Nigam,F.Y. Wu
97. Voice-enabled IT transformation: The new voice technologies2007J. Christensen,B. Hughes
98. Engaging a corporate community to manage technology and embrace innovation2007A.W. Chow,B.D. Goodman,J.W. Rooney,C.D. Wyble
99. A context-aware smart-call-center solution: Improving customer service for online games2006L. Luo,J. Liu,L. Shao,W. Lu,M. Ye
100. High-performance server systems and the next generation of online games2006B. D’Amora,A. Nanda,K. Magerlein,A. Binstock,B. Yee
101. A marketing maturity model for IT: Building a customer-centric IT organization2006R. Hirschheim,A. Schwarz,P. Todd
102. Online games and e-business: Architecture for integrating business models and services into online games2006C.E. Sharp,M. Rowe
103. Using advanced compiler technology to exploit the performance of the Cell Broadband Engine™ architecture2006A.E. Eichenberger,J.K. O’Brien,K.M. O’Brien,P. Wu,T. Chen,P.H. Oden,D.A. Prener,J.C. Shepherd,B. So,Z. Sura,A. Wang,T. Zhang,P. Zhao,M.K. Gschwind,R. Archambault,Y. Gao,R. Koo
104. Content protection for games2006G. Myles,S. Nusser
105. System-performance modeling for massively multiplayer online role-playing games2006M. Ye,L. Cheng
106. Preface2006Chalapathy Neti,Anees Shaikh,Chris Sharp,Randy Moulic,Patty Fry,Dick Anderson,JohnJ. Ritsko,DavidI. Seidman
107. On demand platform for online games2006A. Shaikh,S. Sahu,M.-C. Rosu,M. Shea,D. Saha
108. MPI microtask for programming the Cell Broadband Engine™ processor2006M. Ohara,H. Inoue,Y. Sohda,H. Komatsu,T. Nakatani
109. Running QuakeII on a grid2006G. Deen,M. Hammer,J. Bethencourt,I. Eiron,J. Thomas,J.H. Kaufman
110. Business processes for Web Services: Principles and applications2006R. Khalaf,A. Keller,F. Leymann
111. Enhancing XML search with XQuery1.0 and XPath2.0 Full-Text2006P. Case
112. XML mapping technology: Making connections in an XML-centric world2006M. Roth,M.A. Hernandez,P. Coulthard,L. Yan,L. Popa,H.C.-T. Ho,C.C. Salter
113. XQuery Full-Text extensions explained2006S. Amer-Yahia,C. Botev,J. Drre,J. Shanmugasundaram
114. Emerging patterns in the use of XML for information modeling in vertical industries2006S. Hinkelman,D. Buddenbaum,L.-J. Zhang
115. The importance of sibling clustering for efficient bulkload of XML document trees2006C.C. Kanne,G. Moerkotte
116. Cost-based optimization in DB2 XML2006A. Balmin,T. Eliaz,J. Hornibrook,L. Lim,G.M. Lohman,D. Simmen,M. Wang,C. Zhang
117. Virtual XML: A toolbox and use cases for the XML world view2006K.H. Rose,S. Malaika,R.J. Schloss
118. Revolutionary impact of XML on biomedical information interoperability2006A. Shabo,S. Rabinovici-Cohen,P. Vortman
119. Technical context and cultural consequences of XML2006S. Adler,R. Cochrane,J.F. Morar,A. Spector
120. Introduction2006Paul Horn,Steven Mills
121. Integration of SQL and XQuery in IBM DB22006F. zcan,D. Chamberlin,K. Kulkarni,J.-E. Michels
122. DB2 goes hybrid: Integrating native XML and XQuery with relational data and SQL2006K. Beyer,R. Cochrane,M. Hvizdos,V. Josifovski,J. Kleewein,G. Lapis,G. Lohman,R. Lyle,M. Nicola,F. zcan,H. Pirahesh,N. Seemann,A. Singh,T. Truong,R.C. VanderLinden,B. Vickery,C. Zhang,G. Zhang
123. Preface2006JohnJ. Ritsko,Alex Birman
124. Generation of efficient parsers through direct compilation of XML Schema grammars2006E. Perkins,M. Matsa,M.G. Kostoulas,A. Heifets,N. Mendelsohn
125. Technical forum: Using logical data models for understanding and transforming legacy business applications2006S. Chandra,J. deVries,J. Field,H. Hess,M. Kalidasan,K.V. Raghavan,F. Nieuwerth,G. Ramalingam,J. Xue
126. Feature-based survey of model transformation approaches2006K. Czarnecki,S. Helsen
127. Model-driven systems development2006L. Balmelli,D. Brown,M. Cantor,M. Mott
128. Rational Software Architect: A tool for domain-specific modeling2006D. Leroux,M. Nally,K. Hussey
129. Model Driven Development for Business Performance Management2006P. Chowdhary,K. Bhaskaran,N.S. Caswell,H. Chang,T. Chao,S.-K. Chen,M. Dikun,H. Lei,J.-J. Jeng,S. Kapoor,C.A. Lang,G. Mihaila,I. Stanoi,L. Zeng
130. UML2: A model-driven development tool2006B. Selic
131. Model traceability2006N. Aizenbud-Reshef,B.T. Nolan,J. Rubin,Y. Shaham-Gafni
132. A measurement framework for evaluating model-based test generation tools2006A. Sinha,C.E. Williams,P. Santhanam
133. Multilevel models in model-driven engineering, product lines, and metaprogramming2006D. Batory
134. Model-driven development: Assets and reuse2006G. Larsen
135. A Rational approach to model-driven development2006A.W. Brown,S. Iyengar,S. Johnston
136. Model-driven development: The good, the bad, and the ugly2006B. Hailpern,P. Tarr
137. Preface2006JohnJ. Ritsko,DavidI. Seidman
138. Architectural thinking and modeling with the Architects’ Workbench2006S. Abrams,B. Bloom,P. Keyser,D. Kimelman,E. Nelson,W. Neuberger,T. Roth,I. Simmonds, S. Tang,J. Vlissides
139. Introduction2006Daniel Sabbah
140. Machines in the conversation: Detecting themes and trends in informal communication streams2006W.S. Spangler,J.T. Kreulen,J.F. Newswanger
141. Technical forum:Communication-minded visualization: A call to action2006F.B. Viegas,M. Wattenberg
142. Following the sun: Case studies in global software development2006J.J. Treinen,S.L. Miller-Frost
143. Using ontology to support development of software architectures2006A. Akerman,J. Tyree
144. Contents of Volume 45, 20062006
145. Activity Explorer: Activity-centric collaboration from research to product2006W. Geyer,M.J. Muller,M.T. Moore,E. Wilcox,L.-T. Cheng,B. Brownholtz,C. Hill,D.R. Millen
146. Activity management as a Web service2006A. Cozzi,S. Farrell,T. Lau,B. A. Smith,C. Drews,J. Lin,B. Stachel,T.P. Moran
147. Uncovering the to-dos hidden in your in-box2006D.M. Sow,J.S. Davis,M.R. Ebling,A. Misra,L. Bergman
148. Ethnographic study of collaborative knowledge work2006S.L. Kogan,M.J. Muller
149. Preface2006Irene Greif,Alex Birman,JohnJ. Ritsko
150. Beyond predictable workflows: Enhancing productivity in artful business processes2006C. Hill,R. Yates,C. Jones,S.L. Kogan
151. Business activity patterns: A new model for collaborative business applications2006P. Moody,D. Gruen,M.J. Muller,J. Tang,T.P. Moran
152. Introduction2006Irene Greif,Michael Rhodin
153. Implementing a learning management system globally: An innovative change management approach2005K. Martin,M. A. Quigley,S. Rogers
154. Mapping the future in science-intensive industries:
Lessons from the pharmaceutical industry
2005J. W. Cortada,H. E. Fraser
155. Injecting roles in Java agents through runtime bytecode manipulation2005G. Cabri,L. Ferrari,L. Leonardi
156. The role of e-marketplaces in relationship-based supply chains: A survey2005W. Grey,T. Olavson,D. Shi
157. Toward an on demand service-oriented architecture2005C. H. Crawford,G. P. Bate,L. Cherbakov,K. Holley,C. Tsocanos
158. Empowering the business analyst for on demand computing2005A. Arsanjani
159. A technical framework for sense-and-respond business management2005S. Kapoor,K. Bhattacharya,S. Buckley,P. Chowdhary,M. Ettl,K. Katircioglu,E. Mauch,L. Phillips
160. Aligning technology and business: Applying patterns for legacy transformation2005H. M. Hess
161. Declarative techniques for model-driven business process integration2005J. Koehler,R. Hauser,S. Sendall,M. Wahler
162. Message from the Vice Presidents, Industry Solutions and Emerging Businesses and On Demand Innovation Services2005Catherine Lasser,Margaret Kennelly
163. Preface2005JohnJ. Ritsko,DavidI. Seidman
164. A model-driven approach to industrializing discovery processes in pharmaceutical research2005K. Bhattacharya,R. Guttman,K. Lyman,F. F. Heath, III,S. Kumaran,P. Nandi,F. Wu,P. Athma,C. Freiberg,L. Johannsen,A. Staudt
165. The Jikes Research Virtual Machine project: Building an open-source research community2005B. Alpern,S. Augart,S. M. Blackburn,M. Butrico,A. Cocchi,P. Cheng,J. Dolby,S. Fink,D. Grove,M. Hind,K. S. McKinley,M. Mergen,J. E. B. Moss,T. Ngo,V. Sarkar,M. Trapp
166. Experience with K42, an open-source, Linux-compatible, scalable operating-system kernel2005J. Appavoo,M. Auslander,M. Butrico,D. M. daSilva,O. Krieger,M. F. Mergen,M. Ostrowski,B. Rosenburg,R. W. Wisniewski,J. Xenidis
167. Building applications for the Linux Standard Base2005C. Yeoh
168. MMBase: An open-source content management system2005J. Becking,S. Course,G. vanEnk,H. T. Hangyi,J. J. M. Lahaye,D. Ockeloen,R. Peters,H. Rosbergen,R. vanWendeldeJoode
169. The use of open-source software in the IBM corporate portal2005N. Yan,D. Leip,K. Gupta
170. A Linux-based tool for hardware bring up, Linux development, and manufacturing2005T. Venton,M. Miller,R. Kalla,A. Blanchard
171. A middleware performance characterization of Linux using IBM WebSphere Application Server2005V. K. Anand,W. C. Jamison
172. Aspect-oriented programming with AspectJ2005A. Colyer,A. Clement
173. Virtual Linux servers under z/VM: Security, performance, and administration issues2005D. Turk,J. Bausch
174. Supporting aspect-oriented software development with the Concern Manipulation Environment2005W. Harrison,H. Ossher,S. Sutton,P. Tarr
175. Contributions to the GNU Compiler Collection2005D. Edelsohn,W. Gellerich,M. Hagog,D. Naishlos,M. Namolaru,E. Pasch,H. Penner,U. Weigand,A. Zaks
176. Providing Linux 2.6 support for the zSeries platform2005C. Borntraeger and M. Schwidefsky
177. A history of IBM’s open-source involvement and strategy2005P. G. Capek,S. P. Frank,S. Gerdt,D. Shields
178. Integrating Web technologies in Eclipse2005J. Ponzo,O. Gruber
179. The Eclipse 3.0 platform: Adopting OSGi technology2005O. Gruber,B. J. Hargrave,J. McAffer,P. Rapicault,T. Watson
180. Open-source versus proprietary software: Is one more reliable and secure than the other?2005A. Boulanger
181. Opening minds: Cultural change with the introduction of open-source collaboration methods2005A. Neus,P. Scherf
182. The value of open standards and open-source software in government environments2005K. D. Simon
183. Preface2005John J. Ritsko,Alex Birman
184. Introduction2005Danny Sabbah,Daniel Frye
185. An architecture and applications for speech-based accessibility systems2005M. Turunen,J. Hakulinen,K.-J. Raiha,E.-P. Salonen,A. Kainulainen,P. Prusi
186. Designing software architectures to facilitate accessible Web applications2005D. Hoffman,E. Grivel,L. Battle
187. Evaluating accessibility by simulating the experiences of users with vision or motor impairments2005J. Mankoff,H. Fait,R. Juang
188. Preface2005Sara Basson,Vicki Hanson,Michael Strack,John J. Ritsko,David I. Seidman
189. Accessibility requirements for systems design to accommodate users with vision impairments2005P. Brunet,B. A. Feigenbaum,K. Harris,C. Laws,R. Schwerdtfeger,L. Weiss
190. Introduction2005Paul Horn,Frances West
191. Managing usability for people with disabilities in a large Web presence2005M. King,J. W. Thatcher,P. M. Bronstad,R. Easton
192. Semantic triage for increased Web accessibility2005S. Harper,S. Bechhofer
193. A proposed architecture for integrating accessibility test tools2005P. Englefield,C. Paddison,M. Tibbits,I. Damani
194. Universal access to ambient intelligence environments: Opportunities and challenges for people with disabilities2005P. L. Emiliani,C. Stephanidis
195. Are guidelines enough? An introduction to designing Web sites accessible to older people2005S. Milne,A. Dickinson,A. Carmichael,D. Sloan,R. Eisma,P. Gregor
196. A mouse adapter for people with hand tremor2005J. L. Levine,M. A. Schappert
197. Accessibility, transcription, and access everywhere2005K. Bain,S. Basson,A. Faisman,D. Kanevsky
198. Improving Web accessibility through an enhanced open-source browser2005V. L. Hanson,J. P. Brezin,S. Crayne,S. Keates,R. Kjeldsen,J. T. Richards,C. Swart,S. Trewin
199. Personalization, interaction, and navigation in rich multimedia documents for print-disabled users2005H. L. Petrie,G. Weber,W. Fisher
200. Colombo: Lightweight middleware for service-oriented computing2005F. Curbera,M.J. Duftler,R. Khalaf,W.A. Nagy,N. Mukhi,S. Weerawarana
201. Events and service-oriented architecture: The OASIS Web Services Notification specification2005P. Niblett,S. Graham
202. Web Services Navigator: Visualizing the execution of Web Services2005W. De Pauw,M. Lei,E. Pring,L. Villard,M. Arnold,J.F. Morar
203. Models for semantic interoperability in service-oriented architectures2005G. Vetere,M. Lenzerini
204. Business-driven application security: From modeling to managing secure applications2005N. Nagaratnam,A. Nadalin,M. Hondo,M. McIntosh,P. Austel
205. Message from the Vice President, IBM Asset and Integration Technology, Software Group2005Jason Weisser
206. The Enterprise Service Bus: Making service-oriented architecture real2005M.-T. Schmidt,B. Hutchison,P. Lambros,R. Phippen
207. Analysis and simulation of business solutions in a service-oriented architecture2005M. Kano,A. Koide,T.-K. Liu,B. Ramachandran
208. Realizing service-oriented solutions with the IBM Rational Software Development Platform2005A.W. Brown,M. Delbaere,P. Eeles,S. Johnston,R. Weaver
209. Management of the service-oriented-architecture life cycle2005D.E. Cox,H. Kreger
210. Preface2005JohnJ. Ritsko,Alex Birman
211. Impact of service orientation at the business level2005L. Cherbakov,G. Galambos,R. Harishankar,S. Kalyana,G. Rackham
212. Impact of service-oriented architecture on enterprise systems, organizational structures, and individuals2005N. Bieberstein,S. Bose,L. Walker,A. Lynch
213. Contents of Volume 44, 20052005
214. Service-oriented architecture: Programming model and product architecture2005D.F. Ferguson,M.L. Stockton
215. Preface2004John J. Ritsko,Alex Birman
216. Preparing for utility computing: The role of IT architecture and relationship management2004J. W. Ross,G. Westerman
217. Price-at-Risk: A methodology for pricing utility computing services2004G. A. Paleologo
218. The utility business model and the future of computing services2004M. A. Rappa
219. Design of an enablement process for on demand applications2004K. Chang,A. Dasari,H. Madduri,A. Mendoza,J. Mims
220. Utility computing SLA management based upon business objectives2004M. J. Buco,R. N. Chang,L. Z. Luan,C. Ward,J. L. Wolf,P. S. Yu
221. Web services on demand: WSLA-driven automated management2004A. Dan,D. Davis,R. Kearney,A. Keller,R. King,D. Kuebler,H. Ludwig,M. Polan,M. Spreitzer,A. Youssef
222. The utility metering service of the Universal Management Infrastructure2004V. Albaugh,H. Madduri
223. Policy-based automated provisioning2004K. C. Appleby,S. B. Calo,J. R. Giles,K.-W. Lee
224. How to build a WebFountain: An architecture for very large-scale text analytics2004D. Gruhl,L. Chavet,D. Gibson,J. Meyer,P. Pattanayak,A. Tomkins,J. Zien
225. An architecture for the coordination of system management services2004V. K. Naik,A. Mohindra,D. F. Bantz
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227. A Web content serving utility2004P. Gayek,R. Nesbitt,H. Pearthree,A. Shaikh,B. Snitzer
228. Eclipse: A platform for integrating development tools2004J. desRivieres,J. Wiegand
229. WebSphere Dynamic Cache: Improving J2EE application performance2004R. Bakalova,A. Chow,C. Fricano,P. Jain,N. Kodali,D. Poirier,S. Sankaran,D. Shupp
230. WebSphere Portal: Unified user access to content, applications, and services2004R. Will,S. Ramaswamy,T. Schaeck
231. WebSphere Studio overview2004F. Budinsky,G. DeCandio,R. Earle,T. Francis,J. Jones,J. Li,M. Nally,C. Nelin,V. Popescu,S. Rich,A. Ryman,T. Wilson
232. WebSphere connector architecture evolution2004S. M. Fontes,C. J. Nordstrom,K. W. Sutter
233. Designing WebSphere Application Server for performance: An evolutionary approach2004R. Willenborg,K. Brown,G. Cuomo
234. On demand Web-client technologies2004J. Ponzo,L. D. Hasson,J. George,G. Thomas,D. Gruber,R. Konuru,A. Purakayastha,R. D. Johnson,J. Colson,R. A. Pollak
235. Business process choreography in WebSphere: Combining the power of BPEL and J2EE2004M. Kloppmann,D. Konig,F. Leymann,G. Pfau,D. Roller
236. WebSphere Application Server: A foundation for on demand computing2004E. N. Herness,R. J. High,J. R. McGee
237. Enabling distributed enterprise integration with WebSphere and DB2 Information Integrator2004C. M. Saracco,M. A. Roth,D. C. Wolfson
238. Preface2004John J. Ritsko,David I. Seidman
239. Introduction2004Alfred Spector,John Swainson,Danny Sabbah
240. WebSphere Business Integration: An architectural overview2004K. Bhaskaran,M.-T. Schmidt
241. Issues in the development of transactional Web applications2004R. D. Johnson,D. Reimer
242. Errata2004
243. Text analytics for life science using the Unstructured Information Management Architecture2004R. Mack,S. Mukherjea,A. Soffer,N. Uramoto,E. Brown,A. Coden,J. Cooper,A. Inokuchi,B. Iyer,Y. Mass,H. Matsuzawa,L. V. Subramaniam
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245. The Four-Domain Architecture: An approach to support enterprise architecture design2004B. Iyer,R. Gottlieb
246. Glossary extraction and utilization in the information search and delivery system for IBM Technical Support2004L. Kozakov,Y. Park,T. Fin,Y. Drissi,Y. Doganata,T. Cofino
247. Summarizing technical support documents for search: Expert and user studies2004C. G. Wolf,S. R. Alpert,J. G. Vergo,L. Kozakov,Y. Doganata
248. Market Intelligence Portal: An entity-based system for managing market intelligence2004Z. Su,J. Jiang,T. Liu,G T. Xie,Y. Pan
249. A text-mining system for knowledge discovery from biomedical documents2004N. Uramoto,H. Matsuzawa,T. Nagano,A. Murakami,H. Takeuchi,K. Takeda
250. Design and implementation of the UIMA Common Analysis System2004T. Gotz,O. Suhre
251. Building an example application with the Unstructured Information Management Architecture2004D. Ferrucci,A. Lally
252. Books2004
253. Introduction2004Janet Perna,Alfred Spector
254. Towards the next generation of enterprise search technology2004A. Z. Broder,A. C. Ciccolo
255. Preface2004John J. Ritsko,David I. Seidman
256. MyMed: A database system for biomedical research on MEDLINE data2004K. N. Lewis,M. D. Robinson,T. R. Hughes,C. W. V. Hogue
257. A Logger System based on Web services2004B. Horn,H. Balakrishnan,B. T. Maniampadavathu,J. Warnes,D. A. Elko
258. Abstract interdomain security assertions: A basis for extra-grid virtual organizations2004B. E. Carpenter,P. A. Janson
259. Service domains2004Y.-S. Tan,V. Vellanki,J. Xing,B. Topol,G. Dudley
260. Global namespace for files2004O. T. Anderson,L. Luan,C. Everhart,M. Pereira,R. Sarkar,J. Xu
261. Evolution of grid computing architecture and grid adoption models2004J. Joseph,M. Ernest,C. Fellenstein
262. Towards an information infrastructure for the grid2004S. Bourbonnais,V. M. Gogate,L. M. Haas,R. W. Horman,S. Malaika,I. Narang,V. Raman
263. Design and implementation of an enterprise grid2004D. S. Meliksetian,J.-P. Prost,A. S. Bahl,I. Boutboul,D. P. Currier,S. Fibra,J.-Y. Girard,K. M. Kassab,J.-L. Lepesant,C. Malone,P. Manesco
264. Contents of Volume 43, 20042004
265. Preface2004John J. Ritsko,Alex Birman
266. Autonomic service deployment in networks2003R. Haas,P. Droz,B. Stiller
267. Managing Web server performance with AutoTune agents2003Y. Diao,J. L. Hellerstein,S. Parekh,J. P. Bigus
268. Comparing autonomic and proactive computing2003R. Want,T. Pering,D. Tennenhouse
269. Books2003
270. Autonomic personal computing2003D. F. Bantz,C. Bisdikian,D. Challener,J. P. Karidis,S. Mastrianni,A. Mohindra,D. G. Shea,M. Vanover
271. Dealing with ghosts: Managing the user experience of autonomic computing2003D. M. Russell,P. P. Maglio,R. Dordick,C. Neti
272. Competitive algorithms for the dynamic selection of component implementations2003D. M. Yellin
273. Security in an autonomic computing environment2003D. M. Chess,C. C. Palmer,S. R. White
274. A system model for dynamically reconfigurable software2003K. Whisnant,Z. T. Kalbarczyk,R. K. Iyer
275. Clockwork: A new movement in autonomic systems2003L. W. Russell,S. P. Morgan,E. G. Chron
276. Technical forum: Management of application complexes in multitier clustered systems2003A. Abbondanzio,Y. Aridor,O. Biran,L. L. Fong,G. S. Goldszmidt,R. E. Harper,S. M. Krishnakumar,G. Pruett,B.-A. Yassur
277. LEO: An autonomic query optimizer for DB22003V. Markl,G. M. Lohman,V. Raman
278. Toward a new landscape of systems management in an autonomic computing environment2003G. Lanfranchi,P. Della Peruta,A. Perrone,D. Calvanese
279. Enabling autonomic behavior in systems software with hot swapping2003J. Appavoo,K. Hui,C. A. N. Soules,R. W. Wisniewski,D. M. Da Silva,O. Krieger,M. A. Auslander,D. J. Edelsohn,B. Gamsa,G. R. Ganger,P. McKenney,M. Ostrowski,B. Rosenburg,M. Stumm,J. Xenidis
280. Preface2003Lorraine Herger,Kazuo Iwano,Pratap Pattnaik,John J. Ritsko,Alfred G. Davis
281. The dawning of the autonomic computing era2003A. G. Ganek,T. A. Corbi
282. Dynamic reconfiguration: Basic building blocks for autonomic computing on IBM pSeries servers2003J. Jann,L. M. Browning,R. S. Burugula
283. SRIRAM: A scalable resilient autonomic mesh2003D. C. Verma,S. Sahu,S. Calo,A. Shaikh,I. Chang,A. Acharya
284. Affect and machine design: Lessons for the development of autonomous machines2003D. A. Norman,A. Ortony,D. M. Russell
285. Technical note—Web service credentials2003A. de Mes,E. Rongen
286. An analytic approach for quantifying the value of e-business initiatives2003W. Grey,K. Katircioglu,S. Bagchi,D. Shi,G. Gallego,D. Seybold,S. Stefanis
287. Privacy and knowledge management: Challenges in the design of the Lotus Discovery Server2003A. L. Schirmer
288. Experimental games for the design of reputation management systems2003C. Keser
289. Trust, the Internet, and the digital divide2003H. Huang,C. Keser,J. Leland,J. Shachat
290. The new dynamics of strategy: Sense-making in a complex and complicated world2003C. F. Kurtz,D. J. Snowden
291. Business artifacts: An approach to operational specification2003A. Nigam,N. S. Caswell
292. Leading on demand businesses—Executives as architects2003S. H. Haeckel
293. A survey of manufacturing flexibility: Implications for e-business flexibility2003D. Shi,R. L. Daniels
294. Preface2003John J. Ritsko,Alfred G. Davis
295. Context-specific intellectual capital—The next link in the knowledge chain2003C. A. Singer
296. IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server: A designer's view2003M. Hartung
297. Technical note—The IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server: Testing for general availability and beyond2003M. R. Dillon,P. M. Collins,P. R. Hurley,J. E. Handlin,S. A. Reed
298. Characteristics of I/O traffic in personal computer and server workloads2003W. W. Hsu,A. J. Smith
299. Two decades of policy-based storage management for the IBM mainframe computer2003L. L. Ashton,E. A. Baker,A. J. Bariska,E. M. Dawson,R. L. Ferziger,S. M. Kissinger,T. A. Menendez,S. Shyam,J. P. Strickland,D. K. Thompson,G. R. Wilcock,M. W. Wood
300. Beyond backup toward storage management2003M. Kaczmarski,T. Jiang,D. A. Pease
301. Technological impact of magnetic hard disk drives on storage systems2003E. Grochowski,R. D. Halem
302. Books2003
303. The software architecture of a SAN storage control system2003J. S. Glider,C. F. Fuente,W. J. Scales
304. z/OS support of the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server2003A. S. Meritt,J. A. Staubi,K. M. Trowell,G. Whistance,H. M. Yudenfriend
305. Advanced functions for storage subsystems: Supporting continuous availability2003A. C. Azagury,M. E. Factor,W. F. Micka
306. IBM Storage Tank—A heterogeneous scalable SAN file system2003J. Menon,D. A. Pease,R. Rees,L. Duyanovich,B. Hillsberg
307. The evolution of storage systems2003R. J. T. Morris,B. J. Truskowski
308. Preface2003John J. Ritsko,Alex Birman
309. Internet Protocol storage area networks2003P. Sarkar,K. Voruganti,K. Meth,O. Biran,J. Satran
310. Technical note—XTABLES: Bridging relational technology and XML2003J. E. Funderburk,G. Kiernan,J. Shanmugasundaram,E. Shekita,C. Wei
311. Message from the Vice President, On Demand Innovation Services, Research Division2003Peggy Kennelly
312. Developing a voice-spelling alphabet for PDAs2003J. R. Lewis and P. M. Commarford
313. Contents of Volume 42, 20032003
314. Books2003
315. Developing accessible software for data visualization2003D. Willuhn,C. Schulz,L. Knoth-Weber,S. Feger,Y. Saillet
316. Personalizing the user experience on ibm.com2003C. M. Karat,C. Brodie,J. Karat,J. Vergo,S. R. Alpert
317. Access ThinkPad: The right information at the right time and place2003D. A. Sawin,J. A. Calcaterra,K. Olka
318. The evolution of user-centered focus in the human-computer interaction field2003J. Karat,C. M. Karat
319. Iterative development in the field2003S. L. Greene,L. Jones,P. Matchen,J. C. Thomas
320. Building ease of use into the IBM user experience2003K. Vredenburg
321. No wires attached: Usability challenges in the connected mobile world2003L. Gorlenko,R. Merrick
322. Extending prototyping2003R. VanBuskirk,B. W. Moroney
323. Preface2003Karel Vredenburg,John J. Ritsko,David I. Seidman
324. Delivering expected value to users and stakeholders with User Engineering2003D. Berry,C. Hungate,T. Temple
325. Message from the Senior Vice President, Technology and Manufacturing2003Nicholas M. Donofrio
326. Usability and design considerations for an autonomic relational database management system2003R. Telford,R. Horman,S. Lightstone,N. Markov,S. O'Connell,G. Lohman
327. Methodology for remote usability activities: A case study2003F. S. H. Krauss
328. Message from the Corporate Director, IBM Software Test2002Bill Woodworth
329. Preface2002John J. Ritsko,Marilyn L. Bates
330. Applications of flexible pricing in business-to-business electronic commerce2002M. Bichler,J. Kalagnanam,K. Katircioglu,A. J. King,R. D. Lawrence,H. S. Lee,G. Y. Lin,Y. Lu
331. FLAVERS: A finite state verification technique for software systems2002J. M. Cobleigh,L. A. Clarke,L. J. Osterweil
332. Multithreaded Java program test generation2002O. Edelstein,E. Farchi,Y. Nir,G. Ratsaby,S. Ur
333. Software debugging, testing, and verification2002B. Hailpern,P. Santhanam
334. The Software Testing Automation Framework2002C. Rankin
335. Metrics to evaluate vendor-developed software based on test case execution results2002K. Bassin,S. Biyani,P. Santhanam
336. E-commerce interoperability with IBM's WebSphere Commerce products2002D. M. Dias,S. L. Palmer,J. T. Rayfield,H. H. Shaikh,T. K. Sreeram
337. A platform for business-to-business sell-side, private exchanges and marketplaces2002J. Sairamesh,R. Mohan,M. Kumar,L. Hasson,C. Bender
338. Message from the Senior Vice President and Group Executive, IBM Software Group2002Steve Mills
339. A metric for predicting the performance of an application under a growing workload2002E. J. Weyuker,A. Avritzer
340. Preface2002John J. Ritsko,Alfred G. Davis
341. Instance-level access control for business-to-business electronic commerce2002R. Goodwin,S. F. Goh,F. Y. Wu
342. The STCL test tools architecture2002C. Williams,H. Sluiman,D. Pitcher,M. Slavescu,J. Spratley,M. Brodhun,J. McLean,C. Rankin,K. Rosengren
343. Web services management approaches2002J. A. Farrell,H. Kreger
344. Securing Web services2002M. Hondo,N. Nagaratnam,A. Nadalin
345. Introduction to Web services architecture2002K. Gottschalk,S. Graham,H. Kreger,J. Snell
346. Web services and business process management2002F. Leymann,D. Roller,M.-T. Schmidt
347. Developing XML Web services with WebSphere Studio Application Developer2002C. Lau,A. Ryman
348. Improving software testing via ODC: Three case studies2002M. Butcher,H. Munro,T. Kratschmer
349. Using a model-based test generator to test for standard conformance2002E. Farchi,A. Hartman,S. S. Pinter
350. A framework-based approach to building private trading exchanges2002S. Kumaran,Y. Huang,J.-Y. Chung
351. Testing z/OS: The premier operating system for IBM's zSeries server2002S. Loveland,G. Miller,R. Prewitt,M. Shannon
352. Preface2002Se June Hong,Alex Birman,John J. Ritsko
353. Intelligent probing: A cost-effective approach to fault diagnosis in computer networks2002M. Brodie,I. Rish,S. Ma
354. Discovering actionable patterns in event data2002J. L. Hellerstein,S. Ma,C.-S. Perng
355. Cross training and its application to skill mining2002D. A. Oblinger,M. Reid,M. Brodie,R. de Salvo Braz
356. Machine learning in a multimedia document retrieval framework2002M. P. Perrone,G. F. Russell,A. Ziq
357. Using fuzzy control to maximize profits in service level management2002Y. Diao,J. L. Hellerstein,S. Parekh
358. Applying machine learning to automated information graphics generation2002M. X. Zhou,S. Ma,Y. Feng
359. Message from the Vice President, Services and Software, Research Division2002Alfred Spector
360. Using a constraint satisfaction formulation and solution techniques for random test program generation2002E. Bin,R. Emek,G. Shurek,A. Ziv
361. Technical forum:
a) Machine intelligence and the Turing Test
b) An architecture of diversity for commonsense reasoning
2002a) I. Brackenbury,Y. Ravin,b) J. McCarthy,M. Minsky,A. Sloman,L. Gong,T. Lau,L. Morgenstern,E. T. Mueller,D. Riecken,M. Singh,P. Singh
362. A probabilistic estimation framework for predictive modeling analytics2002C. V. Apte,R. Natarajan,E. P. D. Pednault,F. A. Tipu
363. Automated generation of model cases for help-desk applications2002S. M. Weiss,C. V. Apte
364. Predictive algorithms in the management of computer systems2002R. Vilalta,C. V. Apte,J. L. Hellerstein,S. Ma,S. M. Weiss
365. A decision-tree-based symbolic rule induction system for text categorization2002D. E. Johnson,F. J. Oles,T. Zhang,T. Goetz
366. Books2002
367. Architectures for intelligent systems2002J. F. Sowa
368. ABLE: A toolkit for building multiagent autonomic systems2002J. P. Bigus,D. A. Schlosnagle,J. R. Pilgrim,W. N. Mills III,Y. Diao
369. DB2 and Web services2002S. Malaika,C. J. Nelin,R. Qu,B. Reinwald,D. C. Wolfson
370. XTABLES: Bridging relational technology and XML2002J. E. Funderburk,G. Kiernan,J. Shanmugasundaram,E. Shekita,C. Wei
371. Bringing together content and data management systems: Challenges and opportunities2002A. Somani,D. Choy,J. Kleewein
372. XQuery: An XML query language2002D. Chamberlin
373. XML programming with SQL/XML and XQuery2002J. E. Funderburk,S. Malaika,B. Reinwald
374. Data integration through database federation2002L. M. Haas,E. T. Lin,M. A. Roth
375. Information integration: A new generation of information technology2002M. A. Roth,D. C. Wolfson,J. C. Kleewein,C. J. Nelin
376. Message from the General Manager, Data Management Solutions, IBM Software Group2002Janet Perna
377. Preface2002John J. Ritsko,Marilyn Bates
378. Information integration: A research agenda2002A. D. Jhingran,N. Mattos,H. Pirahesh
379. The integration of business intelligence and knowledge management2002W. F. Cody,J. T. Kreulen,V. Krishna,W. S. Spangler
380. Technical forum: Selling interrupt rights: A way to control unwanted e-mail and telephone calls2002S. E. Fahlman
381. Contents of Volume 41, 20022002
382. Relational extensions for OLAP2002N. Colossi,W. Malloy,B. Reinwald
383. Using flows in information integration2002F. Leymann,D. Roller
384. Extending the concept of transaction compensation2002M. Chessell,C. Griffin,D. Vines,M. Butler,C. Ferreira,P. Henderson
385. Ethical hacking2001C. C. Palmer
386. Preface2001John J. Ritsko,Marilyn L. Bates
387. Toward speech as a knowledge resource2001E. W. Brown,S. Srinivasan,A. Coden,D. Ponceleon,J. W. Cooper,A. Amir
388. Suggested reading2001
389. A high-throughput distributed DNA sequence analysis and database system2001J. T. Inman,H. R. Flores,G. D. May,J. W. Weller,C. J. Bell
390. Trends in e-business technologies2001R. A. Smith
391. Preface2001John J. Ritsko,Marilyn L. Bates
392. Preface2001John J. Ritsko,Alfred G. Davis
393. Functional classification of proteins by pattern discovery and top-down clustering of primary sequences2001A. H. Liu,A. Califano
394. The Lotus Knowledge Discovery System: Tools and experiences2001W. Pohs,G. Pinder,C. Dougherty,M. White
395. Security on z/OS: Comprehensive, current, and flexible2001R. Guski,J. C. Dayka,L. N. Distel,W. B. Farrell,K. A. Gdaniec,M. J. Kelly,M. A. Nelson,L. H. Overby,L. G. Robinson
396. Books2001
397. The Internet public key infrastructure2001M. Benantar
398. Practical server privacy with secure coprocessors2001S. W. Smith,D. Safford
399. Evolving communities of practice: IBM Global Services experience2001P. Gongla,C. R. Rizzuto
400. Knowledge resource exchange in strategic alliances2001S. Parise,J. C. Henderson
401. Intelligent decision support for protein crystal growth2001I. Jurisica,P. Rogers,J. I. Glasgow,S. Fortier,J. R. Luft,J. R. Wolfley,M. A. Bianca,D. R. Weeks,G. T. DeTitta
402. Security challenges for Enterprise Java in an e-business environment 2001L. Koved,A. Nadalin,N. Nagaratnam,M. Pistoia,T. Shrader
403. Computational challenges in structural and functional genomics2001T. Head-Gordon,J. C. Wooley
404. Large-scale virtual screening for discovering leads in the postgenomic era2001B. Waszkowycz,T. D. J. Perkins,R. A. Sykes,J. Li
405. IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite Product Advisor2001J. J. Rofrano
406. Fastfinger: A study into the use of compressed residue pair separation matrices for protein sequence comparison2001B. Robson
407. Views of knowledge are human views2001G. Dueck
408. CICS and Enterprise JavaBeans 2001A. Bainbridge,J. Colgrave,A Colyer,G. Normington
409. Knowledge management technology2001A. D. Marwick
410. An architecture for the Internet Key Exchange Protocol2001P.-C. Cheng
411. Application hosting for pervasive computing 2001S. G. Hild,C. Binding,D. Bourges-Waldegg,C. Steenkeste
412. Transcoding: Extending e-business to new environments2001K. H. Britton,R. Case,A. Citron,R. Floyd,Y. Li,C. Seekamp,B. Topol,K. Tracey
413. An integration platform for heterogeneous bioinformatics software components2001A. C. Siepel,A. N. Tolopko,A. D. Farmer,P. A. Steadman,F. D. Schilkey,B. D. Perry,W. D. Beavis
414. The IBM Application Framework for e-business2001G. Flurry,W. Vicknair
415. K2/Kleisli and GUS: Experiments in integrated access to genomic data sources2001S. B. Davidson,J. Crabtree,B. P. Brunk,J. Schug,V. Tannen,G. C. Overton,C. J. Stoeckert,Jr.
416. WebSphere as an e-business server 2001D. F. Ferguson,R. Kerth
417. Blue Gene: A vision for protein science using a petaflop supercomputer2001IBM Blue Gene team
418. Mapping, modeling, and visual exploration of structure-function relationships in the heart2001R. L. Winslow,D. F. Scollan,J. L. Greenstein,C. K. Yung,W. Baumgartner,Jr.,G. Bhanot,D. L. Gresh,B. E. Rogowitz
419. Communities of practice and organizational performance2001E. L. Lesser,J. Storck
420. Characteristics of production database workloads and the TPC benchmarks2001W. W. Hsu,A. J. Smith,H. C. Young
421. Knowledge portals and the emerging digital knowledge workplace2001R. Mack,Y. Ravin,R. J. Byrd
422. The knowledge management puzzle: Human and social factors in knowledge management2001J. C. Thomas,W. A. Kellogg,T. Erickson
423. Business-to-business integration with tpaML and a business-to-business protocol framework2001A. Dan,D. M. Dias,R. Kearney,T. C. Lau,T. N. Nguyen,F. N. Parr,M. W. Sachs,H. H. Shaikh
424. Where did knowledge management come from?2001L. Prusak
425. Securing e-business applications using smart cards2001E.-M. Hamann,H. Henn,T. Schack,F. Seliger
426. Intermediary-based transcoding framework2001S. C. Ihde,P. P. Maglio,J. Meyer,R. Barrett
427. In-process metrics for software testing2001S. H. Kan,J. Parrish,D. Manlove
428. Computational protein folding: From lattice to all-atom2001Y. Duan,P. A. Kollman
429. Referees2001
430. Separation of duties for access control enforcement in workflow environments2001R. A. Botha,J. H. P. Eloff
431. New techniques for extracting features from protein sequences2001J. T. L. Wang,Q. Ma,D. Shasha,C. H. Wu
432. Transparent access to multiple bioinformatics information sources2001C. A. Goble,R. Stevens,G. Ng,S. Bechhofer,N. W. Paton,P. G. Baker,M. Peim,A. Brass
433. Java Management Extensions for application management2001H. Kreger
434. Text analysis and knowledge mining system2001T. Nasukawa,T. Nagano
435. Deep computing for the life sciences2001W. C. Swope
436. The GeneMine system for genome/proteome annotation and collaborative data mining2001C. Lee,K. Irizarry
437. DiscoveryLink: A system for integrated access to life sciences data sources2001L. M. Haas,P. M. Schwarz,P. Kodali,E. Kotlar,J. E. Rice,W. C. Swope
438. Convergent evolution of protein structure prediction and computer chess tournaments: CASP, Kasparov, and CAFASP2001N. Siew,D. Fischer
439. Contents of Volume 40, 20012001
440. Enhancing security and privacy in biometrics-based authentication systems2001N. K. Ratha,J. H. Connell,R. M. Bolle
441. GeneX: An Open Source gene expression database and integrated tool set2001H. Mangalam,J. Stewart,J. Zhou,K. Schlauch,M. Waugh,G. Chen,A. D. Farmer,G. Colello,J. W. Weller
442. A method for designing secure solutions2001J. J. Whitmore
443. Load balancing of molecular dynamics simulation with NWChem2001T. P. Straatsma,J. A. McCammon
444. Message from the Vice President, Life Sciences Solutions2001Caroline A. Kovac
445. Preface2001John J. Ritsko,Alex Birman
446. Linking e-business and operating processes: The role of knowledge management2001L. Fahey,R. Srivastava,J. S. Sharon,D. E. Smith
447. MetaCricket: A designer's kit for making computational devices2000F. Martin,B. Mikhak,B. Silverman
448. Java server benchmarks2000S. J. Baylor,M. Devarakonda,S. Fink,E. Gluzberg,M. Kalantar,P. Muttineni,E. Barsness,R. Arora,R. Dimpsey,S. J. Munroe
449. Synthetic News Radio2000K. Emnett,C. Schmandt
450. Future arts: By and for whom, and for what?2000T. Machover
451. Contents of Volume 39, 20002000
452. Emergent Design and learning environments: Building on indigenous knowledge2000D. Cavallo
453. Everything, the universe, and life2000N. Gershenfeld
454. Hyperlinked television research at the MIT Media Laboratory2000V. M. Bove,Jr.,J. Dakss,E. Chalom,S. Agamanolis
455. Interlingual BRICO2000K. Haase
456. Toward computers that recognize and respond to user emotion2000R. W. Picard
457. Books2000
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517. Turning points in information technology 1999I. Wladawsky-Berger
518. Classroom 2000: An experiment with the instrumentation of a living educational environment1999G. D. Abowd
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521. Strategic alignment: Leveraging information technology for transforming organizations 1999J. C. Henderson,H. Venkatraman
522. Wireless networked digital devices: A new paradigm for computing and communication1999T. G. Zimmerman
523. Contents of Volume 38, 19991999
524. The origins of ubiquitous computing research at PARC in the late 1980s1999M. Weiser,R. Gold,J. S. Brown
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529. Suggested reading1999
530. The management of software engineering, Part I: Principles of software engineering 1999H. D. Mills
531. Distributed data processing 1999A. L. Scherr
532. Preface1999Gene F. Hoffnagle
533. The impact of object-orientation on application development 1999A. A. R. Cockburn
534. Books1999
535. Information in places1999J. C. Spohrer
536. Technical note—A proposal to simplify data flow diagrams 1999I. Millet
537. Multistream input: An experimental study of document scrolling methods1999S. Zhai,B. A. Smith
538. Solution customization 1999D. A. Leishman
539. Preface1999Gene F. Hoffnagle
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541. Structured design 1999W. P. Stevens,G. J. Myers,L. L. Constantive
542. Turning pervasive computing into mediated spaces1999W. Mark
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556. Message from the General Manager,
Global Industries
1999Linda S. Sanford
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560. An evolutionary approach to application development with object technology1998R. A. Henders
561. Optimizing array reference checking in Java programs1998S. P. Midkiff,J. E. Moreira,M. Snir
562. Books1998
563. The WebSphere Application Server architecture and programming model1998E. Bayeh
564. Technical overview of IBM's Java initiatives1998K. D. Gottschalk
565. Coordination and collective mind in software requirements development1998K. Crowston,E. E. Kammerer
566. Architecture of the San Francisco frameworks1998K. A. Bohrer
567. Enterprise modeling advantages of San Francisco for general ledger systems1998E. E. Inman
568. SpeedTracer: A Web usage mining and analysis tool1998K.-L. Wu,P. S. Yu,A. Ballman
569. Books1998
570. Technical note—WebEntree: A Web service aggregator 1998Y. Zhao
571. T Spaces1998P. Wyckoff,S. W. McLaughry,T. J. Lehman,D. A. Ford
572. Contents of Volume 37, 19981998
573. Technical note—Using the San Francisco frameworks with VisualAge for Java1998M. G. Polan
574. Profile-directed restructuring of operating system code1998W. J. Schmidt,R. R. Roediger,C. S. Mestad,B. Mendelson,I. Shavit-Lottem,V. Bortnikov-Sitnitsky
575. Surf'N'Sign: Client signatures on Web documents1998A. Herzberg,D. Naor
576. Preface1998Gene F. Hoffnagle
577. Erratum1998
578. Preface1998Gene F. Hoffnagle
579. Support for Enterprise JavaBeans in Component Broker1998C. F. Codella,D. N. Dillenberger,D. F. Ferguson,R. D. Jackson,T. A. Mikalsen,I. Silva-Lepe
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581. On the linkage of dynamic tables in relational DBMSs 1998G. Y. Fuh,J.-H. Chow,N. M. Mattos,B. T. Tran,T. C. Truong
582. Preface1998Gene F. Hoffnagle
583. Lotus eSuite1998B. Briggs
584. Software development: Processes and performance 1998S. Sawyer,P. J. Guinan
585. Designing a generic payment service1998J. L. Abad Peiro,N. Asokan,M. Steiner,M. Waidner
586. Suggested Reading1998
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599. Reverse engineering of data1998P. H. Aiken
600. Bridging traditional and object technologies: Creating transitional applications 1997A. H. Lindsey,P. R. Hoffman
601. Contents of Volume 36, 19971997
602. S/390 cluster technology: Parallel Sysplex1997J. M. Nick,B. B. Moore,J.-Y. Chung,N. S. Bowen
603. The effective use of automated application development tools1997P. J. Guinan,J. G. Cooprider,S. Sawyer
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606. The effects of the business model on object-oriented software development productivity1997T. E. Potok,M. A. Vouk
607. Automatist storyteller systems and the shifting sands of story1997G. Davenport,M. Murtaugh
608. DB2's use of the coupling facility for data sharing1997J. W. Josten,C. Mohan,I. Narang,J. Z. Teng
609. Referees1997
610. Application development as an engineering discipline: Revolution or evolution?1997N. Bieberstein
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615. Books1997
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626. Preface1997Gene F. Hoffnagle
627. The importance of systems management for a Parallel Sysplex1997P. Johnson
628. VSAM record-level data sharing1997J. P. Strickland
629. Books1997
630. A method for on-line reorganization of a database1997G. H. Sockut,T. A. Beavin,C.-C. Chang
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636. Predicting the performance of distributed virtual shared-memory applications1997E. W. Parsons,M. Brorsson,K. C. Sevcik
637. Preface1997Gene F. Hoffnagle
638. The COBOL jigsaw puzzle: Fitting object-oriented and legacy applications together1997E. S. Flint
639. Approach to object security in Distributed SOM1996M. Benantar,B. Blakley,A. J. Nadalin
640. A society of models for video and image libraries1996R. W. Picard
641. Design of electronic information1996W. Bender,R. MacNeil
642. Access control systems: From host-centric to network-centric computing1996M. Benantar,R. Guski,K. M. Troidle
643. Preface1996Gene F. Hoffnagle
644. Object technology in perspective1996G. Radin
645. Salient stills: Process and practice1996M. Massey,W. Bender
646. Personal Area Networks: Near-field intrabody communication1996T. G. Zimmerman
647. Post-modern video1996A. Lippman
648. The Computer Clubhouse: Preparing for life in a digital world1996M. Resnick,N. Rusk
649. Multimedia based on object models: Some whys and hows1996V. M. Bove,Jr.
650. The Information FrameWork1996R. Evernden
651. Instructible agents: Software that just keeps getting better1996H. Lieberman,D. Maulsby
652. Technical note—From dynamic supertypes to subjects: A natural way to specify and develop systems1996W. H. Harrison,H. Kilov,H. L. Ossher,I. Simmonds
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656. Navigating large bodies of text1996D. Small
657. Storing and using objects in a relational database1996B. Reinwald,T. J. Lehman,H. Pirahesh,V. Gottemukkala
658. Business language analysis for object-oriented information systems1996D. W. McDavid
659. Preface1996Gene F. Hoffnagle
660. Signal entropy and the thermodynamics of computation1996N. Gershenfeld
661. Human-powered wearable computing1996T. Starner
662. Suggested reading1996
663. Books1996
664. Event-driven network topology monitoring function1996W. Chao,W. Tsun
665. Color as a determined communication1996N. Jacobson,W. Bender
666. FramerD: Representing knowledge in the large1996K. Haase
667. Media Banks: Entertainment and the Internet1996A. Lippman,R. Kermode
668. Preface1996Gene F. Hoffnagle
669. Field mice: Extracting hand geometry from electric field measurements1996J. R. Smith
670. Experiments in digital graphic design1996J. F. Musgrave,M. R. Cooper
671. Techniques for data hiding1996W. Bender,D. Gruhl,N. Morimoto,A. Liu
672. Children's interests in news: On-line opportunities1996M. Evard
673. Contents of Volume 35, 19961996
674. System generator for producing manufacturing applications1996Y. Hazony
675. Community and personalization1996W. Bender
676. The interactive balloon: Sensing, actuation and behavior in a common object1996J. A. Paradiso
677. Enriching communities: Harbingers of news in the future1996W. Bender,P. Chesnais,S. Elo,A. Shaw,M. Shaw
678. Automatic code generation from design patterns1996F. J. Budinsky,M. A. Finnie,J. M. Vlissides,P. S. Yu
679. Force transduction materials for human-technology intefaces1996R. Fletcher
680. Books1996
681. Physics and media1996N. Gershenfeld
682. For want of a bit the user was lost: Cheap user modeling1996J. Orwant
683. Real-time complexity metrics for Smalltalk methods1996S. L. Burbeck
684. Using acoustic structure in a hand-held audio playback device1996C. Schmandt,D. Roy
685. Creating global software: Text handling and localization in Taligent's CommonPoint application system1996M. E. Davis,J. D. Grimes,D. J. Knoles
686. Inertial proproceptive devices: Self-motion-sensing toys and tools1996C. Verplaetse
687. Asparagus Soup1996N. Negroponte
688. Computational holographic bandwidth compression1996M. Lucente
689. Programmable Bricks: Toys to think with1996M. Resnick,F. Martin,R. Sargent,B. Silverman
690. A scalable implementation of the NAS Parallel Benchmark BT on distributed memory systems1995V. K. Naik
691. Preface1995Gene F. Hoffnagle
692. ATM: Paving the information superhighway1995R. A. Sultan,C. Basso
693. Collecting product-based usability requirements1995M. F. DiAngelo,C. J. Petrun
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704. Suggested Reading1995
705. Books 1995
706. NBBS path selection framework1995T. E. Tedijanto,R. O. Onvural,D. C. Verma,L. Gun,R. A. Guerin
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713. Books 1995
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723. Preface1995Gene F. Hoffnagle
724. Books 1995
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732. The communication software and parallel environment of the IBM SP21995M. Snir,P. Hochschild,D. D. Frye,K. J. Gildea
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735. Contents of Volume 34, 19951995
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762. Software quality: An overview from the perspective of total quality management1994S. H. Kan,V. R. Basili,L. N. Shapiro
763. Books1994
764. Preface1994Gene F. Hoffnagle
765. Suggested reading1994
766. IBM Systems Journal Abstracts 1962-19941994
767. Preface1994Gene F. Hoffnagle
768. Using the Index1994
769. IBM Systems Journal Subject Index 1962-19941994
770. Preface1994Gene F. Hoffnagle
771. Preface1994Gene F. Hoffnagle
772. Books1994
773. IBM Systems Journal Author Index 1962-19941994
774. IBM Systems Journal Cumulative Index 1962-94,1994
775. A new approach to business processes1993A. L. Scherr
776. Improving business and information strategy alignment: Learning from the banking industry1993M. Broadbent,P. Weill
777. Building business and application systems with the Retail Application Architecture1993P. Stecher
778. Quantitative techniques in strategic alignment1993P. V. Norden
779. Technical note&#151;Complementarity attacks and control vectors1993D. Longley,S. M. Matyas
780. A public key extension to the Common Cryp-tographic Architecture1993A. V. Le,S. M. Matyas,D. B. Johnson,J. D. Wilkins
781. I/O subsystem configurations for ESA: New roles for processor storage1993B. McNutt
782. Morphologically based automatic phonetic transcription1993K. Wothke
783. Strategic control in the extended enterprise1993B. R. Konsynski
784. The business case for software reuse1993J. S. Poulin,J. M. Caruso,D. R. Hancock
785. Global business drivers: Aligning information technology to global business strategy1993B. Ives,S. L. Jarvenpaa,R. O. Mason
786. Technical forum&#151;A reusable parts center1993D. Bauer
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788. Introduction of the project management discipline in a software development organization1993T. Raz
789. System for the recognition of human faces1993M. S. Kamel,H. C. Shen,A. K. C. Wong,R. I. Campeanu
790. Advanced Function Printing&#151;From print to presentation1993R. K. deBry,M. W. Munger
791. Information technology and the management difference: A fusion map1993P. G. W. Keen
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793. Measurement: The key to application development quality1993C. Walrad,E. Moss
794. Measuring the value of information: The information-intensive organization1993R. Glazer
795. Technical forum&#151;Management of reuse at IBM1993J. R. Tirso,H. Gregorius
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797. Strategic alignment: Leveraging information technology for transforming organizations1993J. C. Henderson,N. Venkatraman
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799. Implementing Critical Success Factors in software reuse1993M. Wasmund
800. Rapid Delivery: An evolutionary approach for application development1993D. Hough
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802. Technical forum&#151;Information reuse parallels software reuse1993K. P. Yglesias
803. A storage subsystem for image and records management1993H. M. Gladney
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806. The continuing evolution of Advanced Function Printing1993R. J. Howarth,B. G. Platte
807. Transforming the enterprise: The alignment of business and information technology strategies1993J. N. Luftman,P. R. Lewis,S. H. Oldach
808. Books1993
809. Referees1993
810. Preface1993Gene F. Hoffnagle
811. Books1993
812. Preface1993Gene F. Hoffnagle
813. Books1993
814. Contents of Volume 32, 19931993
815. Books1993
816. Message from the IBM Vice President and General Manager, IBM Consulting Group1993R. M. Howe
817. Preface1993Gene F. Hoffnagle
818. Preface1993Gene F. Hoffnagle
819. The designer's model of the CUA Workplace1992R. E. Berry
820. Estimating the fault rate function1992T. Jennings
821. Numerical simulation of reactive flow on the IBM ES/3090 Vector Multiprocessor1992F. K. Hebeker,R. R. Maly,S. U. Schoeffel
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830. Internal combustion engine design on IBM platforms1992F. Papetti,S. Golini,M. Maggiore,S. Succi,P. Gaillard,J.-M. Perez
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833. Implementing the simplex method for the Optimization Subroutine Library1992J. J. H. Forrest,J. A. Tomlin
834. NetView Version 2 Release 3 Graphic Monitor Facility: Network management graphics support for the 1990s1992K. D. Gottschalk
835. The evolution of the Common User Access Workplace Model1992R. E. Berry,C. J. Reeves
836. Service and traffic management for IBCN1992K. Geihs,P. Francois,D. Griffin,C. Kaas-Petersen,A. Mann
837. Managing session performance using the NetView Performance Monitor1992L. Temoshenko
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839. Inside IBM's Distributed Data Management architecture1992R. A. Demers,J. D. Fisher,S. S. Gaitonde,R. R. Sanders
840. A decomposition method for quadratic programming1992D. L. Jensen,A. J. King
841. The Open Document Architecture: From stan-dardization to the market1992H. Fanderl,K. Fischer,J. Kmper
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843. Frontier: A graphical interface for portfolio optimization in a piecewise linear-quadratic risk framework1992D. L. Jensen,A. J. King
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845. Data description and conversion architecture1992R. A. Demers,K. Yamaguchi
846. A common compiler for LOTOS and SDL specifications1992C. Binding,W. Bouma,M. Dauphin,G. Karjoth,Y. Yang
847. SNA Management Services architecture for APPN networks1992M. O. Allen,S. L. Benedict
848. The BiProcessor: A merger of two architectures1992C. Berggren
849. A global approach to crew-pairing optimization1992R. Anbil,R. Tanga,E. L. Johnson
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853. Network and system automation and remote system operation1992B. W. Irlbeck
854. Introduction to the IBM Optimization Subroutine Library1992D. G. Wilson,B. D. Rudin
855. Role of the DASD storage control in an Enterprise Systems Connection environment1992C. P. Grossman
856. IBM network management strategy1992M. M. Szabat,G. E. Meyer
857. A modeling study of the North Atlantic with emphasis on the Greenland-Iceland-Norwegian Sea1992T. Aukrust,J. M. Oberhuber,E. J. Farrell,P. M. Haugan
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859. A split model for OS/2 SCSI device drivers1992D. T. Feriozi
860. Customized systems for engineering applications1992Y. Hazony,L. Zeidner
861. Project Athena: Supporting distributed computing at MIT1992J. M. Arfman,P. Roden
862. Management of multivendor networks1992J. G. Stevenson
863. Books1992
864. Preface1992Gene F. Hoffnagle
865. Books1992
866. Preface1992Gene F. Hoffnagle
867. Contents of Volume 31, 19921992
868. Books1992
869. Preface1992Gene F. Hoffnagle
870. Preface1992Gene F. Hoffnagle
871. VM Data Spaces and ESA/XC facilities1991J. M. Gdaniec,J. P. Hennessy
872. Systems management for Coordinated Resource Recovery1991R. B. Bennett,W. J. Bitner,M. A. Musa,M. K. Ainsworth
873. APL2 as a specification language for statistics1991N. D. Thomson
874. FORTRAN for clusters of IBM ES/3090 multiprocessors1991R. J. Sahulka,E. C. Plachy,L. J. Scarborough,R. G. Scarborough,S. W. White
875. Parallel expression in the APL2 language1991R. G. Willhoft
876. Extending the domain of APL1991M. T. Wheatley
877. Advanced applications of APL: logic programming, neural networks, and hypertext1991M. Alfonseca
878. SNA route generation using traffic patterns1991S. C. Baade
879. Putting a new face on APL21991J. R. Jensen,K. A. Beaty
880. The APL IL Interpreter Generator1991M. Alfonseca,D. Selby,R. Wilks
881. VM/ESA: A single system for centralized and distributed computing1991W. T. Fischofer
882. Modeling and software development quality1991S. H. Kan
883. VM/ESA support for coordinated recovery of files1991C. C. Barnes,A. Coleman,J. M. Showalter,M. L. Walker
884. Technical note&#151;The WATINFO face server and associated utilities1991A. Appel,G. A. Cuomo,E. A. Overly,J. A. Walicki,R. E. Yozzo
885. Key handling with control vectors1991S. M. Matyas
886. VM/ESA CMS Shared File System1991R. L. Stone,T. S. Nettleship,J. Curtiss
887. APL2: Getting started1991J. A. Brown,H. P. Crowder
888. A base for portable communications software1991S. H. Goldberg,J. A. Mouton,Jr.
889. A knowledge-based system for MVS dump analysis1991N. G. Lenz,S. F. L. Saelens
890. Partial compilation of REXX1991R. Y. Pinter,P. Vortman,Z. Weiss
891. Language as an intellectual tool: From hieroglyphics to APL1991D. B. McIntyre
892. The IBM family of APL systems1991A. D. Falkoff
893. Transaction Security System1991D. G. Abraham,G. M. Dolan,G. P. Double,J. V. Stevens
894. Perspectives on multimedia systems in education1991S. Reisman,W. A. Carr
895. A C programming model for OS/2 device drivers1991D. T. Feriozi
896. Storage management in IBM APL systems1991R. Trimble
897. Coordinated Resource Recovery in VM/ESA1991B. A. Maslak,J. M. Showalter,T. J. Szczygielski
898. Transaction Security System extensions to the Common Cryptographic Architecture1991D. B. Johnson,G. M. Dolan
899. ESA/390 interpretive-execution architecture, foundation for VM/ESA1991D. L. Osisek,K. M. Jackson,P. H. Gum
900. Common Cryptographic Architecture Cryptographic Application Programming Interface1991D. B. Johnson,G. M. Dolan,M. J. Kelly,A. V. Le,S. M. Matyas
901. A key-management scheme based on control vectors1991S. M. Matyas,A. V. Le,D. G. Abraham
902. A personal view of APL1991K. E. Iverson
903. Verification of the IBM RISC System/6000 by a dynamic biased pseudo-random test program generator1991A. Aharon,A. Ba-David,B. Dorfman,E. Gofman,M. Leibowitz,V. Schwartzburd
904. The foundations of suitability of APL2 for music1991Stanley Jordan,Erik S. Friis
905. Integrated hypertext and program understanding tools1991P. Brown
906. ESA/390 Integrated Cryptographic Facility: An overview1991P. C. Yeh,R. M. Smith, Sr.
907. Contents of Volume 30, 19911991
908. Books1991
909. Erratum1991
910. Books1991
911. Preface1991Gene F. Hoffnagle
912. Books1991
913. Preface1991Gene F. Hoffnagle
914. Preface1991Gene F. Hoffnagle
915. Preface1991Gene F. Hoffnagle
916. Extension of the relational database semantic processing model1990T. Hirao
917. REASON: An intelligent user assistant for interactive environments1990J. M. Prager,D. M. Lamberti,D. L. Gardner,S. R. Balzac
918. Intelligent Forms Processing1990R. G. Casey,D. R. Ferguson
919. Porting DPPX from the IBM 8100 to the IBM ES/9370: Installation and testing1990G. E. Boehm,A. M. Palmiotti,D. P. Zingaretti
920. Multimedia presentation development using the Audio Visual Connection1990D. J. Moore
921. Implementing tool support for box structures1990B. S. Tagg
922. The role of work management in application development1990G. Chroust,H. Goldmann,O. Gschwandtner
923. ImagePlus Workstation Program1990G. B. Anderson,B. P. Gross,S. M. Lewis,J. A. Reimer
924. Implementing the Defect Prevention Process in the MVS Interactive programming organization1990J. L. Gale,J. R. Tirso,C. A. Burchfield
925. User interface services in AD/Cycle1990J. M. Artim,J. M. Hary,F. J. Spickhoff
926. Guidelines for authors of the IBM Systems Journal1990A. G. Davis,J. R. Friedman,M. J. Haims,G. C. Stierhoff
927. Image system communications1990H. M. Morris,R. H. Orth
928. Object storage hierarchy management1990W. B. Harding,C. M. Clark,C. L. Gallo,H. Tang
929. Personal systems image application architecture: Lessons learned from the ImagEdit program1990A. Ryman
930. Effective application development for Presentation Manager programs1990S. M. Franklin,A. M. Peters
931. Business/enterprise modeling1990R. L. Katz
932. ImagePlus as a model for application solution development1990C. D. Avers,R. E. Probst
933. Experiences with Defect Prevention1990R. G. Mays,C. L. Jones,G. J. Holloway,D. P. Studinski
934. ImagePlus High Performance Transaction System1990R. F. Dinan,L. D. Painter,R. R. Rodite
935. Large-scale image systems: USAA case study1990C. A. Plesums,R. W. Bartels
936. Using box structures for definition of requirements specifications1990J. E. Odom
937. Porting DPPX from the IBM 8100 to the IBM ES/9370: Migration1990C. Goodrich,M. B. Loughlin
938. Segmenting discrete data representing continuous speech input1990R. D. Faulk,F. Goertzel Gustavson
939. DevelopMate: A new paradigm for information system enabling1990K. P. Hein
940. Repository Manager technology1990J. M. Sagawa
941. Cross System Product application generator: Application design1990M. E. Dewell
942. Knowledge-based systems in the AD/Cycle environment1990D. M. Hembry
943. Porting DPPX from the IBM 8100 to the IBM ES/9370: Feasibility and overview1990R. Abraham,B. F. Goodrich
944. Data modeling for software development1990R. W. Matthews,W. C. McGee
945. Experience gained in implementing ImagePlus1990B. T. Perry,B. A. Wester,W. W. Baker,J. F. Kemmis
946. Exponentiation cryptosystems on the IBM PC1990P. G. Comba
947. AD/Cycle strategy and architecture1990V. J. Mercurio,B. F. Meyers,A. M. Nisbet,G. Radin
948. Introduction to image technology1990R. M. Helms
949. Re-engineering software: A case study1990R. N. Britcher
950. Operational image systems: A new opportunity1990L. C. Kingman III,R. E. Lambert,R. P. Steen
951. The Image Object Content Architecture1990Y. Hakeda
952. AS/400 ImagePlus system view1990M. Addink,J. J. Mullen
953. Contents of Volume 29, 19901990
954. Preface1990Gene F. Hoffnagle
955. Reprints1990
956. Preface1990Gene F. Hoffnagle
957. Preface1990Gene F. Hoffnagle
958. Books1990
959. Books1990
960. Erratum1990
961. Books1990
962. Preface1990Gene F. Hoffnagle
963. Books1990
964. Object-oriented programming1989R. P. Ten Dyke,J. C. Kunz
965. DS-Viewer- interactive graphical data structure presentation facility1989D. P. Pazel
966. The WINSOM solid modeller and its application to data visualization1989J. M. Burridge,B. M. Collins,B. N. Galton,A. R. Halbert,T. R. Heywood,W. H. Latham,R. W. Phippen,P. Quarendon,P. Reilly,M. W. Ricketts,J. Simmons,S. J. P. Todd,A. G. N. Walter,J. R. Woodwark
967. The facilities and evolution of MVS/ESA1989C. E. Clark
968. Design, test, and validation of the Application System/400 through early user involvement1989B. J. Pine II
969. Designing molecules and crystals by computer1989A. Koide
970. An Arabic morphological system1989T. A. El-Sadany,M. A. Hashish
971. Enterprise Systems Architecture/370: An architecture for multiple virtual space access and authorization1989C. A. Scalzi,A. G. Ganek,R. J. Schmalz
972. Advanced Information Management (AIM): Advanced database technology for integrated applications1989P. Dadam,V. Linnemann
973. A program understanding support environment1989L. Cleveland
974. A new development rhythm for AS/400 software1989R. A. Sulack,R. J. Lindner,D. N. Dietz
975. Concepts of Enterprise Systems Architecture/3701989K. E. Plambeck
976. System-managed storage1989J. P. Gelb
977. REXX on TSO/E1989G. E. Hoernes
978. Data visualization in archaeology1989P. Reilly
979. Technical note&#151;Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library Release 3 for IBM ES/3090 vector multiprocessors1989R. C. Agarwal,F. G. Gustavson,J. McComb,S. Schmidt
980. Application System/400 performance characteristics1989B. E. Clark,M. J. Corrigan
981. Evolution of the DASD storage control1989C. P. Grossman
982. S*P*A*R*K: A knowledge-based system for identifying competitive uses of information technology1989P. Gongla,G. Sakamoto,A. Back-Hock,P. Goldweic,L. Ramos,R. C. Sprowls,C.-K. Kim
983. VM/XA SP2 minidisk cache1989G. P. Bozman
984. VM/XA storage management1989G. O. Blandy,S. R. Newson
985. Multiple operating systems on one processor complex1989T. L. Borden,J. P. Hennessy,J. W. Rymarczyk
986. Large systems and Enterprise Systems Architecture1989B. R. Aken,Jr.
987. The Application System/400 help facility-sign philosophy and considerations1989D. A. Charland
988. Visual programming: Perspectives and approaches1989N. C. Shu
989. Storage hierarchies1989E. I. Cohen,G. M. King,J. T. Brady
990. Managing changes in SNA networks1989C. P. Ballard,L. Farfara,B. J. Heldke
991. MVS data services1989K. G. Rubsam
992. A message management system for personal computers1989L. d'Arielli
993. GARDEN-integrated and evolving environment for ULSI/VLSI CAD applications1989A. H. V. de Lima,R. C. B. Martins,R. Stern,L. M. F. Carneiro
994. System-independent file management and distribution services1989J. C. Ashfield,D. B. Cybrynski
995. Program understanding: Challenge for the 1990s1989T. A. Corbi
996. Technical note&#151;Computer sculpture1989W. H. Latham,S. J. P. Todd
997. Local-area distributed systems1989R. C. Summers
998. Concurrent computing by sequential staging of tasks1989J. Gazdag,H.-H. Wang
999. History and contributions of the IBM Scientific Centers1989H. G. Kolsky,R. A. MacKinnon
1000. System overview of the Application System/4001989D. L. Schleicher,R. L. Taylor