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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2005Blue Gene/L compute chip: Synthesis, timing, and physical design
2002Embedded DRAM design and architecture for the IBM 0.11-μm ASIC offering
2002Issues and strategies for the physical design of system-on-a-chip ASICs
2002The IBM ASIC/SoC methodology—A recipe for first-time success
2000Silicon:germanium-based mixed-signal technology for optimization of wired and wireless telecommunications
1998A decompression core for PowerPC
1998A JBIG-ABIC compression engine for digital document processing
1998Data compression technology in ASIC cores
1998Design considerations for the ALDC cores
1998Integrating the MPEG-2 subsystem for digital television
1998Performance as a function of compression
1998The IBM JBIG-ABIC Verification Suite
1998The Qx-coder
1996BooleDozer: Logic synthesis for ASICs
1996Circuit placement, chip optimization, and wire routing for IBM IC technology
1996Design considerations for Digital's PowerStorm graphics processor
1996Design methodology for IBM ASIC products
1996Design planning for high-performance ASICs
1996IC technology and ASIC design for the Cray J90 supercomputer
1996PowerPC AS A10 64-bit RISC microprocessor
1996Technology-migratable ASIC library design
1996Test methodologies and design automation for IBM ASICs