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2006An approximation to the greedy algorithm for differential compression
2006Braids and fibers: Language constructs with architectural support for adaptive responses to memory latencies
2006Machine learning methods for transcription data integration
2006Self-adapting numerical software (SANS) effort
2005Exploring the limits of prefetching
2004A new load-balancing strategy for the solution of dynamical large-tree-search problems using a hierarchical approach
2004The pursuit of the whole NChilada: Virtual petaflops using multi-adaptive algorithms for gravitational systems
2003High-performance linear algebra algorithms using new generalized data structures for matrices
2003Mathematical sciences in the nineties
2003Maximizing the system value while satisfying time and energy constraints
2003On greedy algorithms, partially ordered sets, and submodular functions
2003Workload-based power management for parallel computer systems
2001Algorithms and data structures for compressed-memory machines
2001Proactive management of software aging
2000Applying recursion to serial and parallel QR factorization leads to better performance
2000Finite-element analysis of semiconductor devices: The FIELDAY program
2000Minimal-storage high-performance Cholesky factorization via blocking and recursion
1999Evaluation of branch-prediction methods on traces from commercial applications
1998Design considerations for the ALDC cores
1998Performance as a function of compression
1998The IBM JBIG-ABIC Verification Suite
1998The Qx-coder
1997A study of the representation of fractal curves by L systems and their equivalences
1997Fast and effective algorithms for graph partitioning and sparse-matrix ordering
1997Improving the memory-system performance of sparse-matrix vector multiplication
1997Prefetching and memory system behavior of the SPEC95 benchmark suite
1997Recursion leads to automatic variable blocking for dense linear-algebra algorithms
1996A fast, highly reliable data compression chip and algorithm for storage systems
1995A three-dimensional approach to parallel matrix multiplication
1995Flexible oblivious router architecture
1994Algorithms for Arabic name transliteration
1994Exploiting functional parallelism of POWER2 to design high-performance numerical algorithms
1994Highly paralellizable route planner based on cellular automata algorithms
1994Memory versus randomization in on-line algorithms
1994Performance of a cyclic redundancy check and its interaction with a data scrambler
1994Surveillance and tracking of ballistic missile launches
1994The Commercial Data Masking Facility (CDMF) data privacy algorithm
1990Computation of elementary functions on the IBM RISC System/6000 processor
1989Preserving the integrity of cyclic-redundancy checks when protected text is intentionally altered
1988Spelling assistance for compound words
1987A method for efficient storage and rapid application of context-sensitive phonological rules for automatic speech recognition
1987Best and worst mappings for the omega network
1987Binary-image-manipulation algorithms in the Image View Facility
1987Digital halftoning on the IBM 4250 Printer
1987Efficient randomized pattern-matching algorithms
1987Efficient search techniques—An empirical study of the N-Queens Problem
1987Factoring logic functions
1987Feature analysis for symbol recognition by elastic matching
1987PANDA: Processing Algorithm for Noncoded Document Acquisition
1987Parallel algorithms for chip placement by simulated annealing
1987Performance analysis of the FFT algorithm on a shared-memory parallel architecture
1987Piecewise-circular curves for geometric modeling
1987Shaping geometric objects by cumulative translational sweeps
1987Simple unit vectors orthogonal to a given vector
1987Trimmed-surface algorithms for the evaluation and interrogation of solid boundary representations
1987Voronoi diagram for multiply-connected polygonal domains II: Implementation and application
1987Voronoi diagram for multiply-connected polygonal domains I: Algorithm
1986An automatic overlay generator
1986Compiling circular attribute grammars into Prolog
1986Fourier transform and convolution subroutines for the IBM 3090 Vector Facility
1986New scalar and vector elementary functions for the IBM System/370
1986Parallel iterative linear solvers for oil reservoir models
1986The average complexity of depth-first search with backtracking and cutoff
1985A hardware sort-merge system
1985A prototype manufacturing knowledge base in Syllog
1985Adaptive clustering algorithm
1985An algorithm for carrier routing in a flexible material-handling system
1985An approach to DFT calculations using standard microprocessors
1985Image processing by simulated annealing
1985Novel method for analysis of printed circuit images
1985Scheduling algorithms for flexible flow lines
1985Short-term production scheduling of an automated manufacturing facility
1984Aspects of the traveling salesman problem
1983A ''Zero-Time'' VLSI Sorter
1983A Class of Numerical Methods for the Computation of Pythagorean Sums
1983A Fair Carpool Scheduling Algorithm
1983An Improved Regional Correlation Algorithm for Signature Verification Which Permits Small Speed Changes Between Handwriting Segments
1983Replacing Square Roots by Pythagorean Sums
1982An Algorithm for Separating Patterns by Ellipsoids
1982An Improved Segmentation and Coding Algorithm for Binary and Nonbinary Images
1982Analysis of Linear Interpolation Schemes for Bi-Level Image Applications
1982Automatic Scaling of Digital Print Fonts
1982Boolean Comparison of Hardware and Flowcharts
1982Cursive Script Recognition by Elastic Matching
1982Digital Halftoning of Images
1982Document Analysis System
1982Importance of Higher-Order Components to Multispectral Classification
1982Performance Analysis of Suspend Locks in Operating Systems
1982Reduced Data Re-Order Complexity Properties of Polynomial Transform 2D Convolution and Fourier Transform Methods
1982Some Experiments in Image Vectorization
1982Timing Analysis of Computer Hardware
1982Word Autocorrelation Redundancy Match (WARM) Technology
1981A 2400-Bit/s Microprocessor-Based Modem
1981A Number Representation Convertor for Magnetic Bubble String Comparators
1981Algebraic Complexity Theory
1981Finite-Element Analysis of Semiconductor Devices: The FIELDAY Program
1981Fleshing Out Projections
1981Number of Vias: A Control Parameter for Global Wiring of High-Density Chips
1980Determining Deadlock Exposure for a Class of Store and Forward Communication Networks
1980Fleshing Out Wire Frames
1980Macro Generation Algorithms for LSI Custom Chip Design
1980Some Techniques for Compile-Time Analysis of User-Computer Interactions
1980Synchronous Bounded Delay Coding for Input Restricted Channels
1979Algorithm to Check Network States for Deadlock
1979Planning and Execution of Straight Line Manipulator Trajectories
1979Probabilistic PERT
1979Reduction of Storage Fragmentation On Direct Access Devices
1978A Directed Weather Data Filter
1978Algorithm and Hardware for a Merge Sort Using Multiple Processors
1978Automated Validation of a Communications Protocol: the CCITT X.21 Recommendation
1978Computation of Convolutions and Discrete Fourier Transforms by Polynomial Transforms
1978Computer-Aided Diagnosis with an Application to Endocrinology
1978Convex Cubic Splines
1978Effect of Replacement Algorithms on a Paged Buffer Database System
1978Extrapolation of Seismic Waveforms by Fourier Methods
1978General Technique for Communications Protocol Validation
1977Algorithmic Information Theory
1977An Extension of Moore’s Result for Closed Queuing Networks
1977Buffer Performance Analysis of Communication Processors During Slowdown at Network Control
1977Digital Technique for Generating Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
1977Discrete Link Capacity and Priority Assignments in Communication Networks
1977Heuristic Design Algorithm for Computer Communication Networks with Different Classes of Packets
1977Improving the Computation of Lower Bounds for Optimal Schedules
1977Multidimensional Bin Packing Algorithms
1977Queuing Networks with Population Size Constraints
1977Sequential Stopping Rules for the Regenerative Method of Simulation
1977Variable Geometry Cochlear Model at Low Input Frequencies: A Basis for Compensating Morphological Disorders
1976Analysis of the Berlekamp–Massey Linear Feedback Shift-Register Synthesis Algorithm
1976Determining the Three-dimensional Convex Hull of a Polyhedron
1976Generalized Kraft Inequality and Arithmetic Coding
1974Channel Equalization Using a Kalman Filter for Fast Data Transmission
1974Effects of Serial Programs in Multiprocessing Systems
1974Efficient Algorithm for the Partitioning of Trees
1974Image Data Compression by Predictive Coding II: Encoding Algorithms
1974Image Data Compression by Predictive Coding I: Prediction Algorithms
1974Investigation into Scheduling for an Interactive Computing System
1974Iterative-Interactive Technique for Logic Partitioning
1974On-line Measurement of Paging Behavior by the Multivalued MIN Algorithm
1974Optimal Pricing for an Unbounded Queue
1974Parallel Solution of Recurrence Problems
1974Register Assignment Algorithm for Generation of Highly Optimized Object Code
1974String Path Search Procedures for Data Base Systems
1973An Analysis of Page Allocation Strategies for Multiprogramming Systems with Virtual Memory
1973Axioms and Theorems for a Theory of Arrays
1973Characterization of Program Paging in a Time-sharing Environment
1973Experimental Study of Deadline Scheduling for Interactive Systems
1972Automatic Computation of Exponentials, Logarithms, Ratios and Square Roots
1972Compiling Optimized Code from Decision Tables
1972Exact Implicit Enumeration Method for Solving the Set Partitioning Problem
1972Finding All Shortest Distances in a Directed Network
1972Finite Difference Formulas for Neumann Conditions on Irregularly Shaped Boundaries
1972Hopscotch Difference Methods for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Systems
1972Linear Convergence of the Conjugate Gradient Method
1972Maintaining a Sparse Inverse in the Simplex Method
1972Mixed-integer Algorithms for the (0,1) Knapsack Problem
1972Nonsupervised Crop Classification through Airborne Multispectral Observations
1972Numerical Properties of a Multivariate Ritz–Trefftz Method
1972On the Convergence of Gradient Methods under Constraint
1972On the Davidenko–Branin Method for Solving Simultaneous Nonlinear Equations
1972Parallel Shooting Method for Boundary-value Problems: Application to the Neutron Transport Equation
1972Recursive Computational Procedure for Two-dimensional Stock Cutting
1972Recursive Evaluation of Padé Approximants for Matrix Sequences
1972Solution of the Complete Symmetric Eigenproblem in a Virtual Memory Environment
1972Turán Formulae and Highest Precision Quadrature Rules for Chebyshev Coefficients
1972Widely Convergent Method for Finding Multiple Solutions of Simultaneous Nonlinear Equations
1972A-stable, Accurate Averaging of Multistep Methods for Stiff Differential Equations
1971A Procedure for Implementing the Fast Fourier Transform on Small Computers
1971An Improved Method for Designing Optimal Linear Compensators
1971Application of Probabilistic Decoding to Digital Magnetic Recording Systems
1971Automatic Pulse Parameter Determination with the Computer Augmented Oscilloscope System
1971Segmentation Methods for Recognition of Machine-printed Characters
1971System Validation by Three-level Modeling Synthesis
1970Iterated Consensus Method for Multiple-output Functions
1970On the Maximum Likelihood Method of Identification
1969A General Method for Obtaining Impedance and Coupling Characteristics of Practical Microstrip and Triplate Transmission Line Configurations
1969Algorithm and Average-value Bounds for Assignment Problems
1969Data Recovery in a Photo-Digital Storage System
1969Dynamic Inventory Models and Stochastic Programming
1969Fast Sequential Decoding Algorithm Using a Stack
1969Heuristic Algorithm for the Traveling-salesman Problem
1969IBM 2750 Voice and Data Switching System: Organization and Functions
1969Maximal Biflow in an Undirected Network
1969Minimaximal Paths in Disjunctive Graphs by Direct Search
1969Operational Program for the IBM 2750
1969Parallel Methods for Approximating the Root of a Function
1969Programmed Automatic Customer Engineer (PACE) Dispatch
1969Scattering of Electromagnetic Radiation by a Large, Absorbing Sphere
1969Shortcut in the Decomposition Algorithm for Shortest Paths in a Network
1969Stochastic Model for Manufacturing Cost Estimating
1969Symbolic Polynomial Operations with APL
1968An Application of the Cooley–Tukey Algorithm to Equalization
1968Application of Finite Geometry in File Organization for Records with Multiple-Valued Attributes
1968Computation of Molecular Properties and Structure
1968Computer Algorithm for Spectral Factorization of Rational Matrices
1968Error Detection and Correction in a Photo-Digital Storage System
1968Implicit Implementation of the Weighted Backward Euler Formula
1968Method for Estimation and Optimization of Printer Speed Based on Character Usage Statistics
1967An Efficient Algorithm for Exploiting Multiple Arithmetic Units
1967The IBM System/360 Model 91: Floating-Point Execution Unit
1967The IBM System/360 Model 91: Storage System
1959Computation of Sin N, Cos N, and m√N Using an Electronic Computer
1958Computation of Arcsin N for 0 < N < 1 Using an Electronic Computer
1958Computation of Arctan N for −∞ < N < +∞
1957Computation of eN for −∞ < N < +∞