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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007Inventory budget optimization: Meeting system-wide service levels in practice
2005BladeCenter thermal diagnostics
2003Data-intensive analytics for predictive modeling
2003Estimating the efficiency of collaborative problem-solving, with applications to chip design
2003The Common Optimization INterface for Operations Research: Promoting open-source software in the operations research community
2003The mathematics of halftoning
2000Finite-element analysis of semiconductor devices: The FIELDAY program
1999Pseudorandom verification and emulation of an MPEG-2 transport demultiplexor
1998Modular nets (MNETS): A modular design methodology for computer timers
1997Automatic selection of high-order transformations in the IBM XL FORTRAN compilers
1997Dynamic resource management on distributed systems using reconfigurable applications
1997NStrace: A bus-driven instruction trace tool for PowerPC microprocessors
1997Performance analysis on a CC-NUMA prototype
1997Simulation/evaluation environment for a VLIW processor architecture
1996Computer-aided 3D tolerance analysis of disk drives
1995Modeling and characterization of long on-chip interconnections for high-performance microprocessors
1994Fracture mechanics for thin-film adhesion
1993Modeling the cost of data communication for multi-node computer networks operating in the United States
1985Image processing by simulated annealing
1984Determination of Gafac in complex solution matrices
1984Immersion tin: Its chemistry, metallurgy, and application in electronic packaging technology
1984Mechanisms of electroless metal plating: I. Mixed potential theory and the interdependence of partial reactions
1984Moisture solubility and diffusion in epoxy and epoxy-glass composites
1983A Model for the Prediction of Assembly, Rework, and Test Yields
1983An Analysis of the Tolerance to Crosstalk Noise of a Pulse Width Modulation System
1983Fractal Nature of Software-Cache Interaction
1983On Murphy’s Yield Formula
1983Product Quality Level Monitoring and Control for Logic Chips and Modules
1982Model for Transient and Permanent Error-Detection and Fault-Isolation Coverage
1982Optimization of Plasma Processing for Silicon-Gate FET Manufacturing Applications
1982The Thin-Film Module as a High-Performance Semiconductor Package
1981Approximate Solution of Queueing Networks with Simultaneous Resource Possession
1981Computer Modeling in Energy and the Environment
1981Coupled Lossy Transmission Line Characterization and Simulation
1981Delay Analysis of a Two-Queue, Nonuniform Message Channel
1981Finite-Element Analysis of Semiconductor Devices: The FIELDAY Program
1981IBM Contributions to Computer Performance Modeling
1981Statistics of Breakdown
1981The Software-Cache Connection
1980A Language for Extended Queueing Network Models
1980Integral Point-Matching Method for Two-Dimensional Laplace Field Problems with Periodic Boundaries
1980Optimal Accelerometer Layouts for Data Recovery in Signature Verification
1979A Numerical and Experimental Study of the Bistable-Unstable Transition in Pressurized Flexible Disk Files
1979An Application of Beam Dynamics to a Damper Design
1979Contrast Attenuation Factors for Remote Sensing
1979Document Scanner Mechanism
1979Dynamic Response of a Print Belt System
1979Exploiting Symmetry in Electrical Packaging Analysis
1979Implications of a Selective Acknowledgment Scheme on Satellite Performance
1979Potential Distribution and Multi-Terminal DC Resistance Computations for LSI Technology
1979Rapid and Precise Method for Analysis of Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectra
1979Resistive and Inductive Skin Effect in Rectangular Conductors
1979Study of Head-Tape Interaction in High Speed Rotating Head Recording
1979Survey of Computer-Aided Electrical Analysis of Integrated Circuit Interconnections
1979The Analysis and Comparison of Actual to Predicted Collector Array Performances
1979Thermal Stress in Bonded Joints
1979Three-Dimensional Inductance Computations with Partial Element Equivalent Circuits
1979Transient Analysis of Uniform Resistive Transmission Lines in a Homogeneous Medium
1978Optimization Applied to the Design of an Energy-Efficient Building
1978Regression Model for LPE Film Property Control
1978Solar Radiative Heating in the Presence of Aerosols
1978Steady Axisymmetric Solutions for Pressurized Rotating Flexible Disk Packs
1977An Extension of Moore’s Result for Closed Queuing Networks
1977Multidimensional Bin Packing Algorithms
1977Queuing Networks with Population Size Constraints
1977Worst-Case Pattern Evaluation of Baseband Channels
1976Cubic Splines with Infinite Derivatives at Some Knots
1976Electric Motor Requirements for Positioning an Inertial Load
1976Exploratory Analysis of Access Path Length Data for a Data Base Management System
1976Performance Modeling of Earth Resources Remote Sensors
1975Analysis of a Loop Transmission System with Round-Robin Scheduling of Services
1975Application of the Page Survival Index (PSI) to Virtual-memory System Performance
1975Approximate Analysis of Central Server Models
1975Approximate Analysis of General Queuing Networks
1975Block-oriented Information Compression
1975Central Server Model for Multiprogrammed Computer Systems with Different Classes of Jobs
1975Computation of Incident Solar Energy
1975Computation of Lower Bounds for Multiprocessor Schedules
1975Design of Experiments in Simulator Validation
1975Dynamic Partitioning of the Main Memory Using the Working Set Concept
1975Introduction to Regenerative Simulation
1975Model for Interactive Data Base Reference String
1975Modified Nodal Approach to DC Network Sensitivity Computation
1975Multifont OCR Postprocessing System
1975Optimal Scheduling Strategies for Real-Time Computers
1975Parametric Analysis of Queuing Networks
1975Patterns in Program References
1975Performance Analysis of a Multiprogrammed Computer System
1975Predicting Working Set Sizes
1975Queuing Networks with Multiple Closed Chains: Theory and Computational Algorithms
1975Regenerative Simulation of a Queuing Model of an Automated Tape Library
1975Segment Synthesis in Logical Data Base Design
1975Solution of Queuing Problems by a Recursive Technique
1975Storage Hierarchy Optimization Procedure
1975Study of Memory Partitioning for Multiprogramming Systems with Virtual Memory
1975Tailoring Programs to Models of Program Behavior
1975Terminal Response Times in Data Communications Systems
1974Accuracy of the Diffusion Approximation for Some Queuing Systems
1974Analysis of an AC Gas Display Panel
1974Analysis of Exception Data in a Staging Hierarchy
1974Bulk Queue Model for Computer System Analysis
1974Determining Hit Ratios for Multilevel Hierarchies
1974Drop Formation in a Liquid Jet
1974Effects of Serial Programs in Multiprocessing Systems
1974Numerical Analysis of the Shielded Magnetoresistive Head
1974On Optimization of Storage Hierarchies
1974Optimal Task Switching Policy for a Multilevel Storage System
1974Potential Distribution of an Inhomogeneously Doped MIS Array
1974Quantitative Electron Microprobe Analysis of Thin Films on Substrates
1974Simulation of Cyclic Operation of a Gas Panel Device
1973Age-specific, Deterministic Model of Predator-Prey Populations: Application to Isle Royale
1973An Analysis of Page Allocation Strategies for Multiprogramming Systems with Virtual Memory
1973Approximating Pre-emptive Priority Dispatching in a Multiprogramming Model
1973Comparison of Two Methods of Modeling Stationary EEG Signals
1973Computer Interference Analysis
1973Empirically Derived Micromodels for Sequences of Page Exceptions
1973Optimum Storage Allocation for a File in Steady State
1973Optimum Storage Allocation for a File with Open Addressing