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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007Cell Broadband Engine processor: Design and implementation
2007IBM System z9 eFUSE applications and methodology
2006High-performance CMOS variability in the 65-nm regime and beyond
2006Limited switch dynamic logic circuits for high-speed low-power circuit design
2006Optimizing CMOS technology for maximum performance
2006Silicon CMOS devices beyond scaling
2006Three-dimensional integrated circuits
2006Ultralow-voltage, minimum-energy CMOS
2005Design and exploitation of a high-performance SIMD floating-point unit for Blue Gene/L
2004On-demand design service innovations
2003Clocking and clocked storage elements in a multi-gigahertz environment
2003Design automation methodology and rf/analog modeling for rf CMOS and SiGe BiCMOS technologies
2003Estimating the efficiency of collaborative problem-solving, with applications to chip design
2003Low-power circuits and technology for wireless digital systems
2003Review and future prospects of low-voltage RAM circuits
2002IBM eServer z900 high-frequency microprocessor technology, circuits, and design methodology
2002The circuit and physical design of the POWER4 microprocessor
2000Custom circuit design as a driver of microprocessor performance
2000Design and characteristics of n-channel insulated-gate field-effect transistors
2000LSI yield modeling and process monitoring
2000Silicon:germanium-based mixed-signal technology for optimization of wired and wireless telecommunications
2000The future of CMOS technology
2000The future of interconnection technology
1999Key measurements of ultrathin gate dielectric reliability and in-line monitoring
1999Nitrided gate oxides for 3.3-V logic application: Reliability and device design considerations
1998Electrochemical microfabrication by laser-enhanced photothermal processes
1997Circuit design techniques for the high-performance CMOS IBM S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G4 microprocessor
1997Design methodology for the S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G4 microprocessors
1996Charge-metering sampling circuits and their applications
1996Circuit placement, chip optimization, and wire routing for IBM IC technology
1996Design considerations for Digital's PowerStorm graphics processor
1996IC technology and ASIC design for the Cray J90 supercomputer
1996PowerPC AS A10 64-bit RISC microprocessor
1996Test methodologies and design automation for IBM ASICs
1995A 64Kb × 32 DRAM for graphics applications
1995A low-noise TTL-compatible CMOS off-chip driver circuit
1995Architectural timing verification of CMOS RISC processors
1995CMOS circuits for Gb/s serial data communication
1995CMOS scaling in the 0.1-μm, 1.X-volt regime for high-performance applications
1995Design at the system level with VLSI CMOS
1995Multipurpose DRAM architecture for optimal power, performance, and product flexibility
1995Performance of fiber-optic data links using 670-nm cw VCSELs and a monolithic Si photodetector and CMOS preamplifier
1995Reduced-voltage power/performance optimization of the 3.6-volt PowerPC 601 Microprocessor
1995Verity—A formal verification program for custom CMOS circuits
1994Design considerations for the PowerPC 601 microprocessor
1994Implementation of the PowerPC 601 microprocessor
1992Aspects of the electrical design and analyses of the printed circuit boards of the IBM Enterprise System/9000 water-cooled processors
1977Analysis of the Merged Charge Memory (MCM) Cell
1977Effect of Substrate Bias on Properties of RF-Sputtered Cr–SiO Films
1977Linear Filtering Technique for Computing Mersenne and Fermat Number Transforms
1977Safe Operating Area for Bipolar Transistors
1977Thermal Analysis of Positive Photoresist Films by Mass Spectrometry
1977Thermal Effects on the Photoresist AZ1350J
1977Two-Dimensional Analysis of High-Voltage Power Transistors
1976Deep-UV Conformable-Contact Photolithography for Bubble Circuits
1976LSI Yield Modeling and Process Monitoring
1976REQUEST: A Natural Language Question-Answering System
1975Modified Nodal Approach to DC Network Sensitivity Computation
1973Design and Characteristics of n-Channel Insulated-gate Field-effect Transistors
1973Digital-to-analog Converter having Common-mode Isolation and Differential Output
1973Performance of Very High Density Charge Coupled Devices
1973Steady State Mathematical Theory for the Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor
1972Inductance Calculations in a Complex Integrated Circuit Environment
1971A Design Study of Ultrasonic Bonding Tips
1971Automatic Pulse Parameter Determination with the Computer Augmented Oscilloscope System
1971Design of Logic Circuit Technology for IBM System/370 Models 145 and 155
1970Automatic Impedance Matching System for RF Sputtering
1970Control of RF Sputtered Film Properties Through Substrate Tuning
1970IBM 2790 Digital Transmission Loop
1970Microwave Properties of Schottky-barrier Field-effect Transistors
1969A General Method for Obtaining Impedance and Coupling Characteristics of Practical Microstrip and Triplate Transmission Line Configurations
1969A Nonlinear Digital Filter for Industrial Measurements
1969Electronic Switching Network of the IBM 2750
1969Response Time of Thyristors: Theoretical Study and Application to Electronic Switching Networks
1969Semiconductor Crosspoints
1968Computation of Molecular Properties and Structure
1968Design and Fabrication of Subnanosecond Current Switch and Transistors
1968The IBM 1975 Optical Page Reader Part II: Video Thresholding System
1968The Resonistor: A Frequency Selective Device Utilizing the Mechanical Resonance of a Silicon Substrate
1967ASLT Circuit Design
1967ASLT: An Extension of Hybrid Miniaturization Techniques
1967Design of a High-Speed Transistor for the ASLT Current Switch
1959Germanium PNPN Thyratron
1957A Symmetrical-Transistor Steering Circuit