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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2003Clocking and clocked storage elements in a multi-gigahertz environment
2003Estimating the efficiency of collaborative problem-solving, with applications to chip design
2003Low-power circuits and technology for wireless digital systems
2003Review and future prospects of low-voltage RAM circuits
2003Ultralow-power SRAM technology
1996Critical charge calculations for a bipolar SRAM array
1996The floating-point unit of the PowerPC 603e microprocessor
1995Custom design of CMOS low-power high-performance digital signal-processing macro for hard-disk-drive applications
1995Digital delay line clock shapers and multipliers
1995High-level synthesis in an industrial environment
1995Interconnect design with VLSI CMOS
1995Modeling and characterization of long on-chip interconnections for high-performance microprocessors
1992IBM Enterprise System/9000 clock system: A technology and system perspective
1987Some stability techniques for multistep methods
1968An Application of the Automatic Dynamic Response Analyzer
1968Automatic Dynamic Response Analyzer
1968Computer Algorithm for Spectral Factorization of Rational Matrices
1968Implicit Implementation of the Weighted Backward Euler Formula
1968Small-signal Stability Criterion for Electrical Networks Containing Lossless Transmission Lines
1967On the Equation i = i0 [exp α (v − Ri) − 1]
1967Power Conversion in Nonlinear Resistive Elements Related to Interference Phenomena
1967Propagation of Signals in Nonlinear Transmission Lines
1967SCEPTRE: A Program for Automatic Network Analysis
1967Synthesis of Transfer Functions in a Prescribed Frequency Band
1964Design of ACP Tunnel-Diode-Coupled Circuits
1963A Circuit Packaging Model for High-Speed Computer Technology
1963Design of ACP Resistor-Coupled Switching Circuits
1963Transient Analysis and Device Characterization of ACP Circuits
1961Bistable Systems of Differential Equations with Applications to Tunnel Diode Circuits
1961Methods of Analysis of Circuit Transient Performance