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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007Open-standard development environment for IBM System z9 host firmware
2006Systems research challenges: A scale-out perspective
2004Evolution of a Java just-in-time compiler for IA-32 platforms
2004The GNU 64-bit PL8 compiler: Toward an open standard environment for firmware development
2000The 801 minicomputer
1997Automatic selection of high-order transformations in the IBM XL FORTRAN compilers
1994Instruction scheduling in the TOBEY compiler
1991Automatic partitioning of a program dependence graph into parallel tasks
1991Execution of automatically parallelized APL programs on RP3
1991The parallel C (pC) programming language
1986A vectorizing Fortran compiler
1986Compiling APL: The Yorktown APL Translator
1986Compiling circular attribute grammars into Prolog
1986Early error detection in syntax-driven parsers
1986Microtasking on IBM multiprocessors
1986Program analysis and code generation in an APL/370 compiler
1985A development of APL2 syntax
1984Empty arrays in extended APL
1984Experience with Access Functions in an Experimental Compiler
1984Interactive Language Implementation System
1983The 801 Minicomputer
1982Real-Time Signal Processor Software Support
1981Formal Semantics of Programming Languages: VDL
1981History of IBM's Technical Contributions to High Level Programming Languages
1981The History of Language Processor Technology in IBM
1981The IBM History of Memory Management Technology
1980Compilation to Compact Code
1980Improved Optimization of FORTRAN Object Programs
1980Optimization and Code Generation in a Compiler for Several Machines
1980Some Techniques for Compile-Time Analysis of User-Computer Interactions
1980Strength Reduction for Division and Modulo with Application to Accessing a Multilevel Store
1980The Experimental Compiling System
1979An Access Specification Language for a Relational Data Base System
1978A Machine-Independent APL Interpreter
1978Interpretation of Natural Language in an Information System
1978Noun-Phrase Model and Natural Query Language
1977AUTOPASS: An Automatic Programming System for Computer Controlled Mechanical Assembly
1977Data Flow Analysis in the Presence of Procedure Calls
1975Automatic Structuring of Programs
1974Register Assignment Algorithm for Generation of Highly Optimized Object Code
1973APLGOL, an Experimental Structured Programming Language
1972Compiling Optimized Code from Decision Tables
1972Efficient Evaluation of Array Subscripts of Arrays