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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007Cell Broadband Engine Architecture and its first implementation—A performance view
2007Cell/B.E. blades: Building blocks for scalable, real-time, interactive, and digital media servers
2006An approximation to the greedy algorithm for differential compression
2005Exploring the limits of prefetching
2005Organization and implementation of the register-renaming mapper for out-of-order IBM POWER4 processors
2004A new load-balancing strategy for the solution of dynamical large-tree-search problems using a hierarchical approach
2004The IBM eServer z990 floating-point unit
2001Determination of fractal dimensions from equivalent L systems
1997Improving the memory-system performance of sparse-matrix vector multiplication
1997Prefetching and memory system behavior of the SPEC95 benchmark suite
1997Recursion leads to automatic variable blocking for dense linear-algebra algorithms
1994An environment for parallel and distributed computation with application to overlapping grids
1994Improving performance of linear algebra algorithms for dense matrices, using algorithmic prefetch
1994The implicit function theorem revisited
1987Numerical analysis and the scientific method
1987Some stability techniques for multistep methods
1986The average complexity of depth-first search with backtracking and cutoff
1974Efficient Algorithm for the Partitioning of Trees
1974Parallel Solution of Recurrence Problems
1973Axioms and Theorems for a Theory of Arrays
1973Bounds for Weight Balanced Trees
1973Linearization of Cauchy’s Problem for Quadratic Semilinear Partial Differential Equations
1973Logical Reversibility of Computation
1973Lower Bounds for the Partitioning of Graphs
1973Numerical Calculation of Self-Focusing and Trapping of a Short Light Pulse in Kerr Liquids
1973On a Nonlinear Diffusion Equation Describing Population Growth
1973Quasimaximum Likelihood Estimators for Two-parameter Gamma Distributions
1973Steady State Mathematical Theory for the Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor
1972Automatic Computation of Exponentials, Logarithms, Ratios and Square Roots
1972Enveloping an Iteration Scheme
1972Exact Implicit Enumeration Method for Solving the Set Partitioning Problem
1972Finding All Shortest Distances in a Directed Network
1972Finite Difference Formulas for Neumann Conditions on Irregularly Shaped Boundaries
1972Hopscotch Difference Methods for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Systems
1972Inductance Calculations in a Complex Integrated Circuit Environment
1972Linear Convergence of the Conjugate Gradient Method
1972Maintaining a Sparse Inverse in the Simplex Method
1972Mixed-integer Algorithms for the (0,1) Knapsack Problem
1972Numerical Properties of a Multivariate Ritz–Trefftz Method
1972On the Convergence of Gradient Methods under Constraint
1972On the Davidenko–Branin Method for Solving Simultaneous Nonlinear Equations
1972Parallel Shooting Method for Boundary-value Problems: Application to the Neutron Transport Equation
1972Recursive Evaluation of Padé Approximants for Matrix Sequences
1972Removal of Numerical Instability in the Solution of Nonlinear Heat Exchange Equations
1972Turán Formulae and Highest Precision Quadrature Rules for Chebyshev Coefficients
1972Widely Convergent Method for Finding Multiple Solutions of Simultaneous Nonlinear Equations
1972A-stable, Accurate Averaging of Multistep Methods for Stiff Differential Equations
1971A Procedure for Implementing the Fast Fourier Transform on Small Computers
1971Direct Technique for Improving a Matrix Inverse
1971Some Numerical Results for Iterative Continuation in Nonlinear Boundary-value Problems
1970Computer Aided Two-dimensional Analysis of the Junction Field-effect Transistor
1970The Theory of Hot Electrons