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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007Decimal floating-point in z9: An implementation and testing perspective
2006Machine learning methods for transcription data integration
2006Self-adapting numerical software (SANS) effort
2004Deep scientific computing requires deep data
2004Novel efficient techniques for computer simulation of magnetic recording
2004Simulations of magnetic materials with MDGRAPE-2
2004Singular operators in multiwavelet bases
2004The pursuit of the whole NChilada: Virtual petaflops using multi-adaptive algorithms for gravitational systems
2003The Common Optimization INterface for Operations Research: Promoting open-source software in the operations research community
2001Computer simulations for organic light-emitting diodes
2000Applying recursion to serial and parallel QR factorization leads to better performance
2000Minimal-storage high-performance Cholesky factorization via blocking and recursion
1997A study of the representation of fractal curves by L systems and their equivalences
1997Fast and effective algorithms for graph partitioning and sparse-matrix ordering
1995A three-dimensional approach to parallel matrix multiplication
1994A high-performance matrix-multiplication algorithm on a distributed-memory parallel computer, using overlapped communication
1994Exploiting functional parallelism of POWER2 to design high-performance numerical algorithms
1994Improving performance of linear algebra algorithms for dense matrices, using algorithmic prefetch
1994The implicit function theorem revisited
1987Numerical analysis and the scientific method
1987Some stability techniques for multistep methods
1986New scalar and vector elementary functions for the IBM System/370
1986Parallel iterative linear solvers for oil reservoir models
1986The average complexity of depth-first search with backtracking and cutoff
1985An approach to DFT calculations using standard microprocessors
1985Large-scale scientific application programs in chemistry and physics on an experimental parallel computer system
1983A Class of Numerical Methods for the Computation of Pythagorean Sums
1983Replacing Square Roots by Pythagorean Sums
1982Rectangular Transforms for Digital Convolution on the Research Signal Processor
1981Algebraic Complexity Theory
1981Computer Modeling in Energy and the Environment
1981Computer Simulations of Complex Chemical Systems: Solvation of DNA and Solvent Effects in Conformational Transitions
1981Electronic Structure Theory
1981Semiconductor Analysis Using Finite Elements—Part I: Computational Aspects
1981Statistics of Breakdown
1980Estimation of State Probabilities Using the Maximum Entropy Principle
1980Integral Point-Matching Method for Two-Dimensional Laplace Field Problems with Periodic Boundaries
1980Procedures for the Study of the Flexible-Disk to Head Interface
1980Variance Reduction Techniques for the Simulation of Markov Processes, I: Multiple Estimates
1979Exploiting Symmetry in Electrical Packaging Analysis
1979Potential Distribution and Multi-Terminal DC Resistance Computations for LSI Technology
1979Probabilistic PERT
1979Survey of Computer-Aided Electrical Analysis of Integrated Circuit Interconnections
1978A Directed Weather Data Filter
1978Color Composite Pictures from Principal Axis Components of Multispectral Scanner Data
1978Computation of Convolutions and Discrete Fourier Transforms by Polynomial Transforms
1978Convex Cubic Splines
1978Data Acquisition and Reduction Program for Thermogravimetry
1978Extrapolation of Seismic Waveforms by Fourier Methods
1978Numerical Calculation of the Characteristics of an Isolated AC Gas Discharge Display Panel Cell
1978Optimization Applied to the Design of an Energy-Efficient Building
1978Representation for Complex Numbers
1978Variational Principles for Semiconductor Device Modeling with Finite Elements
1977Algorithmic Information Theory
1977Linear Filtering Technique for Computing Mersenne and Fermat Number Transforms
1976Complex Convolutions via Fermat Number Transforms
1976Digital Filtering Using Complex Mersenne Transforms
1976Fast Beamforming with Circular Receiving Arrays
1975Interpolation with Discontinuous Functions: Application to Calculation of Shocks
1975Multiconic Surfaces
1975On Some Relations between the Laplace and Mellin Transforms
1963Automatic Determination of Amino Acid Sequences
1958A Note on the Computation of Eigenvalues and Vectors of Hermitean Matrices