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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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Related Papers
2007Advanced firmware verification using a code simulator for the IBM System z9
2007Cryptographic system enhancements for the IBM System z9
2007Design methods for attaining IBM System z9 processor cycle-time goals
2007High-speed interconnect and packaging design of the IBM System z9 processor cage
2007High-speed source-synchronous interface for the IBM System z9 processor
2007IBM System z9 Open Systems Adapter for Communication Controller for Linux
2007Introduction to the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture
2007Reducing planned outages for book hardware maintenance with concurrent book replacement
2006Application of full-system simulation in exploratory system design and development
2006Decomposing the load–store queue by function for power reduction and scalability
2006IBM Intelligent Bricks project—Petabytes and beyond
2006Reliability of modular mesh-connected intelligent storage brick systems
2006Systems research challenges: A scale-out perspective
2006Victim management in a cache hierarchy
2005Organization and implementation of the register-renaming mapper for out-of-order IBM POWER4 processors
2004First- and second-level packaging of the z990 processor cage
2004Hybrid cooling with cycle steering in the IBM eServer z990
2004Processor subsystem interconnect architecture for a large symmetric multiprocessing system
2004Reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) of the IBM eServer z990
2004z990 NetMessage-protocol-based processor to support element communication interface
2002A power, packaging, and cooling overview of the IBM eServer z900
2002POWER4 system microarchitecture
2001Adaptive Fast Path Architecture
2001Analytical analysis of finite cache penalty and cycles per instruction of a multiprocessor memory hierarchy using miss rates and queuing theory
2001Experience with building a commodity Intel-based ccNUMA system
2001High-throughput coherence control and hardware messaging in Everest
2001IBM Memory Expansion Technology (MXT)
2001Memory Expansion Technology (MXT): Software support and performance
2001On internal organization in compressed random-access memories
2000A multithreaded PowerPC processor for commercial servers
2000A performance methodology for commercial servers
2000POWER3: The next generation of PowerPC processors
2000S/390 microprocessor design
2000The 801 minicomputer
1998Modular nets (MNETS): A modular design methodology for computer timers
1997A high-frequency custom CMOS S/390 microprocessor
1997Advanced microprocessor test strategy and methodology
1997Circuit design techniques for the high-performance CMOS IBM S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G4 microprocessor
1997CMOS floating-point unit for the S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G4
1997Design methodology for the S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G4 microprocessors
1997Designer-level verification using TIMEDIAG/GENRAND
1997Formal verification made easy
1997Functional verification of the CMOS S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G4 system
1997IBM S/390 Parallel Enterprise Servers G3 and G4
1997Performance analysis on a CC-NUMA prototype
1997Run-control and service element code simulation for the S/390 microprocessor
1997Shared-cache clusters in a system with a fully shared memory
1997SimAPI—A common programming interface for simulation
1997Simulation/evaluation environment for a VLIW processor architecture
1997S/390 CMOS server I/O: The continuing evolution
1997S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server Generation 3: A balanced system and cache structure
1997The role of two-cycle simulation in the S/390 verification process
1997Understanding some simple processor-performance limits
1996Serial Storage Architecture
1996The floating-point unit of the PowerPC 603e microprocessor
1994Design considerations for the PowerPC 601 microprocessor
1994POWER2 fixed-point, data cache, and storage control units
1994POWER2 floating-point unit: Architecture and implementation
1994POWER2 instruction cache unit
1994POWER2: Next generation of the RISC System/6000 family
1994SCISM: A scalable compound instruction set machine
1994The POWER2 performance monitor
1993A load-instruction unit for pipelined processors
1993Proof of correctness of high-performance 3-1 interlock collapsing ALUs
1992Design of the IBM Enterprise System/9000 high-end processor
1992Design of the IBM System/390 computer family for numerically intensive applications: An overview for engineers and scientists
1992Fault-tolerance design of the IBM Enterprise System/9000 Type 9021 processors
1992MVS Dynamic Reconfiguration Management
1992MVS/ESA coupled-systems considerations
1992Simulation of IBM Enterprise System/9000 Models 820 and 900
1991Clustering IBM Enterprise System/3090 computers for parallel execution of FORTRAN programs
1991Design choices for the TOP-1 multiprocessor workstation
1991Hierarchically interconnected multiprocessors
1991Operating system support for parallel programming on RP3
1991The IBM Enterprise System/9000 Type 9121 air-cooled processor
1991The IBM Victor V256 partitionable multiprocessor
1991The Parallel Processing Compute Server
1991The RP3 program visualization environment
1991Two approaches to array fault tolerance in the IBM Enterprise System/9000 Type 9121 processor
1990Design of the IBM RISC System/6000 floating-point execution unit
1990Leading-zero anticipator (LZA) in the IBM RISC System/6000 floating-point execution unit
1990Machine organization of the IBM RISC System/6000 processor
1990The IBM RISC System/6000 processor: Hardware overview
1985Large-scale scientific application programs in chemistry and physics on an experimental parallel computer system
1984Statistical failure analysis of system timing
1983Integration of Machine Organization and Control Program Design—Review and Direction
1983The 801 Minicomputer
1982A Microprocessor for Signal Processing, the RSP
1982Common Chip for Use in Disk and Diskette Controllers
1982Design Considerations for a VLSI Microprocessor
1982IBM 3081 Processor Unit: Design Considerations and Design Process
1982Microprocessor Implementation of Mainframe Processors by Means of Architecture Partitioning
1982Processor Controller for the IBM 3081
1982System Development and Technology Aspects of the IBM 3081 Processor Complex
1981Evolution of Small Real-Time IBM Computer Systems
1981Low-End General-Purpose Systems
1981System/360 and Beyond
1981The Architecture of IBM's Early Computers
1976Development of On-board Space Computer Systems
1976Launch Processing System
1967An Efficient Algorithm for Exploiting Multiple Arithmetic Units
1967The IBM System/360 Model 91: Floating-Point Execution Unit
1967The IBM System/360 Model 91: Machine Philosophy and Instruction-Handling
1967The IBM System/360 Model 91: Some Remarks on System Development