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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2006Graph data management for molecular and cell biology
2006Visualization of complementary systems biology data with parallel heatmaps
2001Adaptive Fast Path Architecture
2001Algorithms and data structures for compressed-memory machines
2001IBM Memory Expansion Technology (MXT)
2001Memory Expansion Technology (MXT): Software support and performance
2001On internal organization in compressed random-access memories
2000Applying recursion to serial and parallel QR factorization leads to better performance
2000Holographic data storage technology
2000Minimal-storage high-performance Cholesky factorization via blocking and recursion
2000The future of magnetic data storage techology
2000The “Millipede”—More than thousand tips for future AFM storage
1998A decompression core for PowerPC
1998Data compression technology in ASIC cores
1998Design considerations for the ALDC cores
1998Performance as a function of compression
1998Progressive search and retrieval in large image archives
1998The Qx-coder
1998Video-server designs for supporting very large numbers of concurrent users
1998Video query: Research directions
1996A fast, highly reliable data compression chip and algorithm for storage systems
1995High-density data storage using proximal probe techniques
1995Some thoughts about scanning probe microscopy, micromechanics, and storage
1994A high-performance matrix-multiplication algorithm on a distributed-memory parallel computer, using overlapped communication
1994Improving performance of linear algebra algorithms for dense matrices, using algorithmic prefetch
1992MVS Dynamic Reconfiguration Management
1990Managing programs and libraries in AIX Version 3 for RISC System/6000 processors
1988A Japanese sentence analyzer
1986A scanning tunneling microscope for the investigation of the growth of metal films on semiconductor surfaces
1986Early error detection in syntax-driven parsers
1986Key-sequence data sets on indelible storage
1986The average complexity of depth-first search with backtracking and cutoff
1986Theory of scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy: Resolution, image and field states, and thin oxide layers
1983Optimization of Relational Expressions Using A Logical Analogon
1983SLAN-4: A Language for the Specification and Design of Large Software Systems
1980A Data Definition Facility Based on A Value-Oriented Storage Model
1979An Access Specification Language for a Relational Data Base System
1979On the Application of Coding Theory to Hashing
1978A Machine-Independent APL Interpreter
1978Adaptive Variation of the Transfer Unit in a Storage Hierarchy
1978AQL: A Problem-solving Query Language for Relational Data Bases
1978Effect of Replacement Algorithms on a Paged Buffer Database System
1978Interpretation of Natural Language in an Information System
1978Language Facilities for Programming User-Computer Dialogues
1978Model for Database Reference Strings Based on Behavior of Reference Clusters
1978Noun-Phrase Model and Natural Query Language
1977Comment on “Decomposition of a Data Base and the Theory of Boolean Switching Functions”
1977Dynamic Memories with Faster Random and Sequential Access
1977Functional Dependencies in a Relational Database and Propositional Logic
1976A General Methodology for Data Conversion and Restructuring
1976Comment on “Segment Synthesis in Logical Data Base Design”
1976Comment on “Segment Synthesis in Logical Data Base Design”
1976Conceptual Graphs for a Data Base Interface
1976Data Organization in Magnetic Bubble Lattice Files
1976Exploratory Analysis of Access Path Length Data for a Data Base Management System
1976Objects and Values: The Basis of a Storage Model for Procedural Languages
1976Optimization of Single Expressions in a Relational Data Base System
1976REQUEST: A Natural Language Question-Answering System
1976SEQUEL 2: A Unified Approach to Data Definition, Manipulation, and Control
1976Statistical Analysis of Non-stationary Series of Events in a Data Base System
1976Stochastic Modeling of Processor Scheduling with Application to Data Base Management Systems
1976Storage Management Operations in Linked Uniform Shift-Register Loops
1975What Is a Multilevel Array?
1974Efficient Algorithm for the Partitioning of Trees
1974String Path Search Procedures for Data Base Systems
1973Axioms and Theorems for a Theory of Arrays
1973Decomposition of a Data Base and the Theory of Boolean Switching Functions
1973General Arrays, Operators and Functions
1973System Formulation and APL Shared Variables
1972Combinatory Programming and Combinatorial Analysis
1964On Some Clustering Techniques
1963Tagging Techniques for Incorporating Microglossaries in an Automatic Dictionary
1961A Table Look-up Machine for Processing of Natural Languages
1961Table Look-up Procedures in Language Processing Part I: The Raw Text
1960Minimization over Boolean Trees
1960The Enumeration of Trees by Height and Diameter
1959Indexing and Control-Word Techniques
1958Artificial Auditory Recognition in Telephony
1958Computation in the Presence of Noise
1958Computation of Arcsin N for 0 < N < 1 Using an Electronic Computer
1958How Much Science Can You Have at Your Fingertips?
1958Machine-Made Index for Technical Literature—An Experiment
1958Problems in Scientific Communication
1958The Automatic Creation of Literature Abstracts
1958The Role of Large Memories in Scientific Communications
1957A Statistical Approach to Mechanized Encoding and Searching of Literary Information
1957Literary Data Processing
1957The Formalization of Scientific Languages—Part I: The Work of Woodger and Hull