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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007Advanced firmware verification using a code simulator for the IBM System z9
2005Blue Gene/L advanced diagnostics environment
2005Functional formal verification on designs of pSeries microprocessors and communication subsystems
2005Functional verification of the POWER5 microprocessor and POWER5 multiprocessor systems
2005Using microcode in the functional verification of an I/O chip
2004Accelerating system integration by enhancing hardware, firmware, and co-simulation
2004Functional verification of the z990 superscalar, multibook microprocessor complex
1999PLL modeling and verification in a cycle-simulation environment
1998Projection display throughput: Efficiency of optical transmission and light-source collection
1997Designer-level verification using TIMEDIAG/GENRAND
1997Formal verification made easy
1997Functional verification of the CMOS S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G4 system
1997NStrace: A bus-driven instruction trace tool for PowerPC microprocessors
1997The role of two-cycle simulation in the S/390 verification process
1996Architectural verification of advanced storage controllers
1996Circuit placement, chip optimization, and wire routing for IBM IC technology
1996Design methodology for IBM ASIC products
1996Design planning for high-performance ASICs
1996IC technology and ASIC design for the Cray J90 supercomputer
1996PowerPC AS A10 64-bit RISC microprocessor
1996Test methodologies and design automation for IBM ASICs
1995Architectural timing verification of CMOS RISC processors
1995Verity—A formal verification program for custom CMOS circuits
1982A Bipolar VLSI Custom Macro Physical Design Verification Strategy
1982A VLSI Design Verification Strategy
1982Design Verification System for Large-Scale LSI Designs