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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2003Steady-state thermal characteristics of AMR read/write heads used in tape storage drives
2002Design and analysis of a scheme to mitigate condensation on an assembly used to cool a processor module
2001Modular server frame with robust earthquake retention
2001Strain measurement and numerical analysis of an epoxy adhesive subjected to thermal loads
1996The past and present roles of computer-aided engineering in DASD design
1993Finite element analysis for Solder Ball Connect (SBC) structural design optimization
1993Head actuator dynamics of an IBM 5 ¼-inch disk drive
1993Thermal modeling of the infrared reflow process for Solder Ball Connect (SBC)
1991FEMvis: An interactive visualization tool for mechanical analysis
1991Volume visualization of 3D finite element method results
1990A simple finite element model for reactive sputter-deposition systems
1990Finite element analysis of planar stress anisotropy and thermal behavior in thin films
1990Thermoelastic behavior of X-ray lithography masks during irradiation