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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2006Graph data management for molecular and cell biology
1997Fast and effective algorithms for graph partitioning and sparse-matrix ordering
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1987An algorithm for automatic identification of R-fields in bond graphs
1986Conceptual graphs for semantics and knowledge processing
1986Implementing a semantic interpreter using conceptual graphs
1980Grammar Characterization of Flowgraphs
1976Conceptual Graphs for a Data Base Interface
1976Scheduling as a Graph Transformation
1975Approximating Complex Surfaces by Triangulation of Contour Lines
1975Combinatorial Solution to the Partitioning of General Graphs
1974Efficient Algorithm for the Partitioning of Trees
1973Bounds for Weight Balanced Trees
1973Lower Bounds for the Partitioning of Graphs
1969Minimaximal Paths in Disjunctive Graphs by Direct Search
1962Minimization Over Boolean Graphs
1960On Moore Graphs with Diameters 2 and 3
1960On the Exceptional Case in a Characterization of the Arcs of a Complete Graph
1960Synthesis of Switching Functions by Linear Graph Theory