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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2006The Pathway Editor: A tool for managing complex biological networks
2003The mathematics of halftoning
2001Determination of fractal dimensions from equivalent L systems
1997A study of the representation of fractal curves by L systems and their equivalences
1995Use of multiple representations for simulating cloth shapes and motions: An overview
1991Picturing randomness on a graphics supercomputer
1991The art of fractal landscapes
1991The RP3 program visualization environment
1989Translating object specifications into a computer-generated three-dimensional graphic to be reproduced as a high efficiency, reflection photo-polymer hologram suitable for mass-production
1987Binary-image-manipulation algorithms in the Image View Facility
1987Digital halftoning on the IBM 4250 Printer
1987DNA vectorgrams: Representation of cancer genes as movements on a 2D cellular lattice
1987PANDA: Processing Algorithm for Noncoded Document Acquisition
1987Piecewise-circular curves for geometric modeling
1987Shaping geometric objects by cumulative translational sweeps
1987Simple unit vectors orthogonal to a given vector
1987Solid modeling for production design
1987Trimmed-surface algorithms for the evaluation and interrogation of solid boundary representations
1987Voronoi diagram for multiply-connected polygonal domains II: Implementation and application
1987Voronoi diagram for multiply-connected polygonal domains I: Algorithm
1987YODA: An advanced display for personal computers
1986A scanning tunneling microscope for the investigation of the growth of metal films on semiconductor surfaces
1986Theory of scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy: Resolution, image and field states, and thin oxide layers
1985Animation and 3D color display of multiple-variable data: Application to semiconductor design
1984A device-independent graphics package for CAD applications
1984A mapping and memory chip hardware which provides symmetric reading/writing of horizontal and vertical lines
1984All points addressable raster display memory
1983Color Display and Interactive Interpretation of Three-Dimensional Data
1983Design Issues and Architecture of HACIENDA, an Experimental Image Processing System
1983OYSTER: A Study of Integrated Circuits as Three-Dimensional Structures
1983The Perceptual Color Space of Digital Image Display Terminals
1982Digital Halftoning of Images
1981An Emulation System for Programmable Sensory Robots
1981Fleshing Out Projections
1981GRIN: Interactive Graphics for Modeling Solids
1976Bicubic Patch Surfaces for High-Speed Numerical Control Processing
1976Determining the Three-dimensional Convex Hull of a Polyhedron
1976Procedural Representation of Three-dimensional Objects
1969An Interactive Graphics System for Nuclear Data Acquisition