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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007IBM POWER6 microprocessor physical design and design methodology
2006Decomposing the load–store queue by function for power reduction and scalability
2006Limited switch dynamic logic circuits for high-speed low-power circuit design
2002Beyond the conventional transistor
2002CMOS design near the limit of scaling
2002Early analysis tools for system-on-a-chip design
2002Maintaining the benefits of CMOS scaling when scaling bogs down
2002SOI technology for the GHz era
2000LSS: A system for production logic synthesis
2000The future of CMOS technology
1999Architecture and software support in IBM S/390 Parallel Enterprise Servers for IEEE Floating-Point arithmetic
1999Evaluation of branch-prediction methods on traces from commercial applications
1999S/390 CMOS Cryptographic Coprocessor Architecture: Overview and design considerations
1999S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server CMOS Cryptographic Coprocessor
1999The S/390 G5 floating-point unit
1997Design methodology for the S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G4 microprocessors
1996The floating-point unit of the PowerPC 603e microprocessor
1995Overview of gate linewidth control in the manufacture of CMOS logic chips
1994Implementation of the PowerPC 601 microprocessor
1994POWER2 fixed-point, data cache, and storage control units
1994POWER2 floating-point unit: Architecture and implementation
1994POWER2 instruction cache unit
1994SCISM: A scalable compound instruction set machine
1993Proof of correctness of high-performance 3-1 interlock collapsing ALUs
1986On-the-fly decoder for multiple byte errors
1985Architecture of a digital signal processor
1985Microprocessors in brief
1985Signal processor chip implementation
1984Design considerations of a static LSSD polarity hold latch pair
1984Iterative Exhaustive Pattern Generation for Logic Testing
1984LSS: A system for production logic synthesis
1983Exclusive-OR Representations of Boolean Functions
1983Random-Pattern Coverage Enhancement and Diagnosis for LSSD Logic Self-Test
1982Design Considerations for a VLSI Microprocessor
1982IBM 3081 Processor Unit: Design Considerations and Design Process
1982Lead Reduction Among Combinatorial Logic Circuits
1982System Development and Technology Aspects of the IBM 3081 Processor Complex
1981Logic Synthesis Through Local Transformations
1981Semiconductor Logic Technology in IBM
1981Techniques for Improving Engineering Productivity of VLSI Designs
1980Design of 2.5-Micrometer Josephson Current Injection Logic (CIL)
1980Design of Large ALUs Using Multiple PLA Macros
1966On Measures of Logic Performance: Logic Quantum, Factor, and Figure of Merit
1966PERT as an Aid to Logic Design
1959The Multipurpose Bias Device—Part II: The Efficiency of Logical Elements