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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2006Product-representative “at speed” test structures for CMOS characterization
2005Design and modeling of equipment used in electrochemical processes for microelectronics
2005Development of next-generation system-on-package (SOP) technology based on silicon carriers with fine-pitch chip interconnection
2005Low-cost wafer bumping
2001Modular server frame with robust earthquake retention
1999Key measurements of ultrathin gate dielectric reliability and in-line monitoring
1999Sputter deposition for semiconductor manufacturing
1998Metallization by plating for high-performance multichip modules
1998Polarographic methods of monitoring addition agents in the electroplating of Sn–Pb solders
1998Thin-film multichip module packages for high-end IBM servers
1997Manufacturing with DUV lithography
1996IBM experiments in soft fails in computer electronics (1978-1994)
1995Integrated cost and productivity learning in CMOS semiconductor manufacturing
1994ABC: A better control for manufacturing
1994Implementation of the PowerPC 601 microprocessor
1993Architecture and performance of the ESPER-2 hard-disk drive servo writer
1993Attachment of Solder Ball Connect (SBC) packages to circuit cards
1993Component procurement and allocation for products assembled to forecast: Risk-pooling effects
1993Flexible simulation of a complex semiconductor manufacturing line using a rule-based system
1993Head actuator dynamics of an IBM 5 ¼-inch disk drive
1993Statistical modeling in manufacturing: Adapting a diagnostic tool to real-time applications
1992Equipment-related advances in the fabrication of glass-ceramic/copper/polyimide substrates
1992Integrated processing for microelectronics science and technology
1991A 128Kb CMOS static random-access memory
1987Solid modeling for production design
1987Some aspects of the theory of statistical control schemes
1986On yield, fault distributions, and clustering of particles
1985A prototype manufacturing knowledge base in Syllog
1985Advanced bipolar transistor modeling: Process and device simulation tools for today's technology
1985An algorithm for carrier routing in a flexible material-handling system
1985Analysis of manufacturing systems by the Research Queueing Package
1985Animation and 3D color display of multiple-variable data: Application to semiconductor design
1985FEDSS—A 2D semiconductor fabrication process simulator
1985Integrated Manufacturing Modeling System
1985On the analysis and design of CUSUM-Shewhart control schemes
1985Scheduling algorithms for flexible flow lines
1985Semiconductor device simulation using generalized mobility models
1985Short-term production scheduling of an automated manufacturing facility
1985The effects of wafer to wafer defect density variations on integrated circuit defect and fault distributions
1985The generation of three-dimensional bipolar transistor models for circuit analysis
1985Two-dimensional device simulation program: 2DP
1985Two-dimensional process modeling: A description of the SAFEPRO program
1985VLSI wiring capacitance
1984Preface: Advances in materials and processes for printed circuit packaging technology
1983A Model for the Prediction of Assembly, Rework, and Test Yields
1983Computer-Controlled Optical Testing of High-Density Printed-Circuit Boards
1983Failure Diagnosis on the LT1280
1983Large Multi-Layer Panel-Drilling System
1983Multi-Chip Module Test and Diagnostic Methodology
1983Multi-Layer Ceramics Manufacturing
1983Precise Numerical Control for the Thermal Conduction Module
1983Product Quality Level Monitoring and Control for Logic Chips and Modules
1983Row-by-Row Dynamic Image Analysis of a Matrix of Scanned Points
1983The LT1280 for Through-the-Pins Testing of the Thermal Conduction Module
1982Evolution and Accomplishments of VLSI Yield Management at IBM
1982Feature Size Control in IC Manufacturing
1982High-Density Board Fabrication Techniques
1982Immersion Wave Soldering Process
1982Metrology in Mask Manufacturing
1982Optimization of Plasma Processing for Silicon-Gate FET Manufacturing Applications
1982Oxygen Incorporation and Precipitation in Czochralski-Grown Silicon
1982Plant Automation in a Structured Distributed System Environment
1982Process Control of the Chlorobenzene Single-Step Liftoff Process with a Diazo-Type Resist
1982Quality and Reliability Assurance Systems in IBM Semiconductor Manufacturing
1982Semiconductor Final Test Logistics and Product Dispositioning Systems
1982Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology at IBM
1981Semiconductor Manufacturing in IBM, 1957 to the Present: A Perspective
1980Registration Mark Detection for Electron-Beam Lithography—EL1 System
1972Acoustic Signal Analysis for Noise Source Identification in Mechanisms
1972Design and Fabrication of Heat Transfer Surfaces from Superplastic Material
1972Detection of Discontinuities in Passivating Layers on Silicon by NaOH Anisotropic Etch
1972Development of Water-soluble Systems for Use in Industrial Soldering Processes
1972Holographic Interferometry Deformation Study of a Printer Type-piece
1972Monitoring Microinch Displacements in Ultrasonic Welding Equipment
1972Silicon Process Technology for Monolithic Memory
1971A Design Study of Ultrasonic Bonding Tips
1970A Transmission Control Unit for High-speed Computer-to-computer Communication
1970An Integrated Manufacturing Process Control System: Implementation in IBM Manufacturing
1970Computer-aided Testing and Fabrication of Magnetic Tape Heads
1970IBM System/7 and Plant Automation
1970Indium-mercury Alloy as a Low-toxicity Liquid Electrode
1970Integrated Manufacturing Systems: Architectural Considerations
1970PCOS: A Process Control Extension to Operating System/360
1970Precision Automatic Measuring of X-Y Coordinates
1969A Nonlinear Digital Filter for Industrial Measurements
1969Dynamic Inventory Models and Stochastic Programming
1969High Performance Reduction Lenses for Microelectronic Circuit Fabrication
1969Stochastic Model for Manufacturing Cost Estimating
1967A Computer-Operated Manufacturing and Test System
1957Simple Constant-Temperature Oven and Control System