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2007A quantitative optimization model for dynamic risk-based compliance management
2007Advances in analytics: Integrating dynamic data mining with simulation optimization
2007An SQL-based cost-effective inventory optimization solution
2007Applying supply chain optimization techniques to workforce planning problems
2007Insider attack and real-time data mining of user behavior
2007Inventory allocation and transportation scheduling for logistics of network-centric military operations
2007Inventory budget optimization: Meeting system-wide service levels in practice
2007Marketing event optimization
2007Mixed-integer nonlinear programming: Some modeling and solution issues
2007Modeling of risk losses using size-biased data
2007Multicommodity network flow approach to the railroad crew-scheduling problem
2007Optimizing marketing planning and budgeting using Markov decision processes: An airline case study
2007Production design for plate products in the steel industry
2007Statistical methods for automated generation of service engagement staffing plans
2007Strategic planning of preparedness budgets for wildland fire management
2007The material allocation problem in the steel industry
2007Workforce optimization: Identification and assignment of professional workers using constraint programming
2003Estimating the efficiency of collaborative problem-solving, with applications to chip design
2003Mathematical sciences in the nineties
2003The mathematics of halftoning
2002Fast pseudorandom-number generators with modulus 2k or 2k−1 using fused multiply–add
2001Determination of fractal dimensions from equivalent L systems
2001Determination of optimal Chebyshev-expanded hydrophobic discrimination function for globular proteins
2001QSAR in grossly underdetermined systems: Opportunities and issues
2000Ab initio computations in atoms and molecules
1997Automatic selection of high-order transformations in the IBM XL FORTRAN compilers
1997Fast and effective algorithms for graph partitioning and sparse-matrix ordering
1994A nonlinear allocation problem
1994An environment for parallel and distributed computation with application to overlapping grids
1994Automated subpixel image registration of remotely sensed imagery
1994Dimension-independent bounds on the degree of approximation by neural networks
1994Exploiting functional parallelism of POWER2 to design high-performance numerical algorithms
1994Highly paralellizable route planner based on cellular automata algorithms
1994Recursive least-squares sequence estimation
1994The Data Encryption Standard (DES) and its strength against attacks
1994The Fast Staggered Transform, composite symmetries, and compact symmetric algorithms
1994The four-parameter kappa distribution
1994The implicit function theorem revisited
1993Component procurement and allocation for products assembled to forecast: Risk-pooling effects
1993Statistical modeling in manufacturing: Adapting a diagnostic tool to real-time applications
1989Geometric tolerancing: II. Conditional tolerances
1989Geometric tolerancing: I. Virtual boundary requirements
1989Time series in M dimensions: The power spectrum
1987An algorithm for automatic identification of R-fields in bond graphs
1987Piecewise-circular curves for geometric modeling
1987Shaping geometric objects by cumulative translational sweeps
1987Simple unit vectors orthogonal to a given vector
1987Solid modeling for production design
1987Trimmed-surface algorithms for the evaluation and interrogation of solid boundary representations
1987Voronoi diagram for multiply-connected polygonal domains II: Implementation and application
1987Voronoi diagram for multiply-connected polygonal domains I: Algorithm
1985Large-scale scientific application programs in chemistry and physics on an experimental parallel computer system
1983A Class of Numerical Methods for the Computation of Pythagorean Sums
1983A Fair Carpool Scheduling Algorithm
1983Axisymmetric Motion of Radially Polarized Piezoelectric Cylinders Used in Ink Jet Printing
1983Bending and Stretching an Elastic Strip Around a Narrow Cylindrical Drum
1983Exclusive-OR Representations of Boolean Functions
1983Fractal Nature of Software-Cache Interaction
1983On Murphy’s Yield Formula
1983Replacing Square Roots by Pythagorean Sums
1982Rectangular Transforms for Digital Convolution on the Research Signal Processor
1982Reduced Data Re-Order Complexity Properties of Polynomial Transform 2D Convolution and Fourier Transform Methods
1982Some Experiments in Image Vectorization
1981Adaptive Spectral Methods for Simulation Output Analysis
1981Algebraic Complexity Theory
1981Attraction Force Characteristics Engendered by Bounded, Radially Diverging Air Flow
1981Collision-Free Local Area Bus Network Performance Analysis
1981Design of Experiments in Computer Performance Evaluation
1981High-Speed Binary Adder
1981Impact of a Liquid Drop Against a Flat Surface
1981Positive First-Order Logic Is NP-Complete
1981Semiconductor Analysis Using Finite Elements—Part I: Computational Aspects
1981The Software-Cache Connection
1981Tomographic Reconstruction of Ultrasonic Attenuation with Correction for Refractive Errors
1981Wire Length Distribution for Placements of Computer Logic
1980Integral Point-Matching Method for Two-Dimensional Laplace Field Problems with Periodic Boundaries
1980Optimal Accelerometer Layouts for Data Recovery in Signature Verification
1979An Elementary Proof of Nonexistence of Isometries between pk and qk
1979Arithmetic Coding
1979Break-Up of a Liquid Jet: Second Perturbation Solution for One-Dimensional Cosserat Theory
1979On Future-Dependent Block Coding for Input-Restricted Channels
1979On the Application of Coding Theory to Hashing
1979Planning and Execution of Straight Line Manipulator Trajectories
1979Probabilistic PERT
1979Reduction of Storage Fragmentation On Direct Access Devices
1979Transform Techniques for Error Control Codes
1978A Machine-Independent APL Interpreter
1978Color Composite Pictures from Principal Axis Components of Multispectral Scanner Data
1978Computation of Convolutions and Discrete Fourier Transforms by Polynomial Transforms
1978Convex Cubic Splines
1978Extrapolation of Seismic Waveforms by Fourier Methods
1978Principal Components of a Multispectral Image: Application to a Geological Problem
1978Representation for Complex Numbers
1978Variational Principles for Semiconductor Device Modeling with Finite Elements
1974Accuracy of the Diffusion Approximation for Some Queuing Systems
1974Addendum to “Loss of Point-to-Point Traffic in Three-State Circuit Switches”
1974Analysis of Exception Data in a Staging Hierarchy
1974Bulk Queue Model for Computer System Analysis
1974Calculations of Stable Domain Radii Produced by Thermomagnetic Writing
1974Drop Formation in a Liquid Jet
1974Economic Order and Surplus Quantities Model
1974Effects of Serial Programs in Multiprocessing Systems
1974Equivalence of Memory to “Random Logic”
1974Generating Test Examples for Heuristic Boolean Minimization
1974Loss of Point-to-Point Traffic in Three-Stage Circuit Switches
1974MINI: A Heuristic Approach for Logic Minimization
1974Numerical Calculation of Normal Modes for Underwater Sound Propagation
1974On Optimization of Storage Hierarchies
1974On Proving Correctness of Microprograms
1974Optimal Pricing for an Unbounded Queue
1974Optimal Task Switching Policy for a Multilevel Storage System
1974Parallel Solution of Recurrence Problems
1974Potential Distribution of an Inhomogeneously Doped MIS Array
1974Quantitative Electron Microprobe Analysis of Thin Films on Substrates
1974Stability Criterion for Recursive Filters
1974Steady Solution for Circumferentially Moving Loads on Cylindrical Shells
1974String Path Search Procedures for Data Base Systems
1972Appendix—Three-dimensional interpretation of the two-dimensional advection-diffusion equation
1972Automatic Computation of Exponentials, Logarithms, Ratios and Square Roots
1972Combinatory Programming and Combinatorial Analysis
1972Computational Model of a Closed Queuing Network with Exponential Servers
1972Dynamic Control of Spring-driven Mechanisms
1972Enveloping an Iteration Scheme
1972Estimate of Subsidence in Venice Using a One-dimensional Model of the Subsoil
1972Exact Implicit Enumeration Method for Solving the Set Partitioning Problem
1972Existence and Uniqueness of the Solution to Holland’s Equations for a Class of Multicolumn Distillation Systems
1972Finding All Shortest Distances in a Directed Network
1972Finite Difference Formulas for Neumann Conditions on Irregularly Shaped Boundaries
1972Hopscotch Difference Methods for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Systems
1972Inductance Calculations in a Complex Integrated Circuit Environment
1972Linear Convergence of the Conjugate Gradient Method
1972Maintaining a Sparse Inverse in the Simplex Method
1972Mechanics of Film Adhesion: Elastic and Elastic-Plastic Behavior
1972Mixed-integer Algorithms for the (0,1) Knapsack Problem
1972Model for Time-dependent Raindrop Size Distributions; Application to the Washout of Airborne Contaminants
1972Multiconductor Transmission-line Theory in the TEM Approximation
1972Numerical Properties of a Multivariate Ritz–Trefftz Method
1972On the Convergence of Gradient Methods under Constraint
1972On the Davidenko–Branin Method for Solving Simultaneous Nonlinear Equations
1972Optimum Storage Allocation for Initial Loading of a File
1972Parallel Shooting Method for Boundary-value Problems: Application to the Neutron Transport Equation
1972Recursive Computational Procedure for Two-dimensional Stock Cutting
1972Recursive Evaluation of Padé Approximants for Matrix Sequences
1972Removal of Numerical Instability in the Solution of Nonlinear Heat Exchange Equations
1972Solution of the Complete Symmetric Eigenproblem in a Virtual Memory Environment
1972Turán Formulae and Highest Precision Quadrature Rules for Chebyshev Coefficients
1972Widely Convergent Method for Finding Multiple Solutions of Simultaneous Nonlinear Equations
1972A-stable, Accurate Averaging of Multistep Methods for Stiff Differential Equations
1971A Procedure for Implementing the Fast Fourier Transform on Small Computers
1971Adhesion and Partial Slip between Normally Loaded Round Surfaces
1971Effect of Extremely Thin Nitrogenous Surface Films on Phosphorus-impurity Profiles in Silicon
1971Effect of Hammer Length and Nonlinear Paper-ribbon Characteristics on Impact Printing
1971Heat-transfer Calculations at the Tape-head Interface of a Computer Tape Drive
1971Multi-fluid Subdued Boiling; Theoretical Analysis of Multi-fluid Interface Bubbles
1971Numerical Calculation of Magnetic Fields in the Vicinity of a Magnetic Body
1971Numerical Method for Computing Nonlinear, Time Dependent, Buoyant Circulation of Air in Rooms
1971Wear of Electrical Contacts due to Small-amplitude Motion
1970A Statistical Mechanical Approach to Systems Analysis
1970Computer Aided Two-dimensional Analysis of the Junction Field-effect Transistor
1970On the Equations of Holland in the Solution of Problems in Multicomponent Distillation
1969A General Method for Obtaining Impedance and Coupling Characteristics of Practical Microstrip and Triplate Transmission Line Configurations
1969Effects of Bending Stiffness in Magnetic Tape
1969Geometric Optimization of Controlled Collapse Interconnections
1969Mathematical Model for Pattern Verification
1969Mechanisms of Stress Relief in Polycrystalline Films
1969Modeling Plasma Effects on Radar Cross Section of Reentry Vehicles
1969On the Measurement of Impurity Atom Distributions by the Differential Capacitance Technique
1969Reliability of Controlled Collapse Interconnections
1969Scattering of Electromagnetic Radiation by a Large, Absorbing Sphere
1969Strain and Temperature Distributions in a Thermally Activated Cantilever
1969Thermal Expansion in a Constrained Elastic Cylinder
1969Two-dimensional Mathematical Analysis of a Planar Type Junction Field-effect Transistor
1968A Two-Dimensional Mathematical Analysis of the Diffused Semiconductor Resistor
1968An Application of the Cooley–Tukey Algorithm to Equalization
1968Computer Algorithm for Spectral Factorization of Rational Matrices
1968Implicit Implementation of the Weighted Backward Euler Formula
1968Method for Estimation and Optimization of Printer Speed Based on Character Usage Statistics
1968Shear Stresses in a Notched Circular Disk
1968Small-signal Stability Criterion for Electrical Networks Containing Lossless Transmission Lines
1967A Computer Model for Global Study of the General Circulation of the Atmosphere
1967Computer Control of a Paper Machine—an Application of Linear Stochastic Control Theory
1967Design Principles for Sampled-Data Systems with Application to Attitude Control of a Large, Flexible Booster
1967On-Line Identification of Process Dynamics
1967On the Equation i = i0 [exp α (v − Ri) − 1]
1967On the Mathematical Theory of the Linearly-Graded P-N Junction
1967On the Velocity of a Domain Wall in an Applied Magnetic Field
1967Propagation of Signals in Nonlinear Transmission Lines
1967Rapid Computation of Optimal Trajectories
1967SCEPTRE: A Program for Automatic Network Analysis
1967Sensitivity Constrained Optimal Control Synthesis
1967Synchronization of Traffic Signals in Grid Networks
1967Synthesis of Transfer Functions in a Prescribed Frequency Band
1967Two Remarks on the Reconstruction of Sampled Non-Bandlimited Functions
1966A Numerical Analysis of the Transient Behavior of a Transistor Circuit
1966A Theoretical Analysis of Saturation Magnetic Recording
1966Analysis and Synthesis Procedures for Geneva Mechanism Design
1966Avalanche Breakdown Calculations for a Planar p-n Junction
1966Calculations of Impurity Atom Diffusion Through a Narrow Diffusion Mask Opening
1966Computation of Ion Trajectories in the Monopole Mass Spectrometer by Numerical Integration of Mathieu’s Equation
1966Design Technique for High-Efficiency Frequency Doublers Based on the Manley and Rowe Energy Relations
1966Diagnosis of Automata Failures: A Calculus and a Method
1966Solution of the Partial Differential Equations Describing Photodecomposition in a Light-absorbing Matrix having Light-absorbing Photoproducts
1966Tensor Analysis of Spatial Mechanisms
1965Ab Initio Computations in Atoms and Molecules
1965Mapping an Arbitrary Range into (−1, 1) with a Side Condition: Application to Numerical Quadratures
1965Some Numerical Experiments in the Theory of Polynomial Interpolation
1963Digit-by-Digit Methods for Polynomials
1961Bistable Systems of Differential Equations with Applications to Tunnel Diode Circuits
1961Periodic Solutions of the Wave Equation with a Nonlinear Interface Condition
1961Theoretical Current Multiplication of a Cylindrical Hook Collector
1960Inductive Proof of the Simplex Method
1960Solving a Matrix Game by Linear Programming
1960The Wave Equation in a Medium in Motion
1959An Analysis of Adequate Inventory Levels
1959Interatomic-Force Constants from a Central-Force Law
1959Noise Theory for Hot Electrons
1959On the Mathematical Theory of Error-Correcting Codes
1958A Note on the Computation of Eigenvalues and Vectors of Hermitean Matrices
1958The Physical Interpretation of Mean Free Path and the Integral Method
1957The Formalization of Scientific Languages—Part I: The Work of Woodger and Hull