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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2002 Land grid array sockets for server applications
2002A power, packaging, and cooling overview of the IBM eServer z900
2002High-end server low-temperature cooling
2001Modular server frame with robust earthquake retention
2000Scanning tunneling microscopy
1998Design and fabrication of a prototype projection data monitor with high information content
1996The IBM 3495 robotics and vision system
1995Design and applications of a scanning SQUID microscope
1993Head actuator dynamics of an IBM 5 ¼-inch disk drive
1992Equipment-related advances in the fabrication of glass-ceramic/copper/polyimide substrates
1991FEMvis: An interactive visualization tool for mechanical analysis
1991IBM System/390 air-cooled alumina thermal conduction module
1991Three-dimensional visualization of many-body system dynamics
1991Volume visualization of 3D finite element method results
1990A modeling system for top-down design of assembled products
1987Solid modeling for production design
1986A scanning tunneling microscope for surface science studies
1986Mechanical design of the cartridge and transport for the IBM 3480 Magnetic Tape Subsystem
1986Scanning tunneling microscopy
1986Some design criteria in scanning tunneling microscopy
1986Squeezable tunneling junctions
1968Development of the IBM Magnetic Tape SELECTRIC Composer
1968Pressurized High-Speed Development of Diazo Films
1968The IBM SELECTRIC Composer: Carbon Ribbon Feed Mechanism
1968The IBM SELECTRIC Composer: Dead Key and Dead Key Disconnect Functions
1968The IBM SELECTRIC Composer: Development of the Rebound Governor
1968The IBM SELECTRIC Composer: Justification Mechanism
1968The IBM SELECTRIC Composer: Letter Keyboard
1968The IBM SELECTRIC Composer: Mechanical Print Quality
1968The IBM SELECTRIC Composer: Memory Backspace
1968The IBM SELECTRIC Composer: Multiple Index Mechanism
1968The IBM SELECTRIC Composer: Proportional Escapement Mechanism
1963Analysis and Numerical Calculations of the Dynamic Behavior of Plane Pivoted Slider Bearings
1963Propagation of Torsional Disturbances in a Homogeneous Elastic Sphere