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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007IBM POWER6 reliability
2006Braids and fibers: Language constructs with architectural support for adaptive responses to memory latencies
2006HeapMon: A helper-thread approach to programmable, automatic, and low-overhead memory bug detection
2006Victim management in a cache hierarchy
2005Blue Gene/L compute chip: Memory and Ethernet subsystem
2005Embedded DRAM: Technology platform for the Blue Gene/L chip
2002Challenges and future directions for the scaling of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM)
2002Early analysis tools for system-on-a-chip design
2002POWER4 system microarchitecture
1999(Ba,Sr)TiO3 dielectrics for future stacked- capacitor DRAM
1997Improving the memory-system performance of sparse-matrix vector multiplication
1996Accelerated testing for cosmic soft-error rate
1995A 64Kb × 32 DRAM for graphics applications
1995Multipurpose DRAM architecture for optimal power, performance, and product flexibility
1989Architecture, design, and operating characteristics of a 12-ns CMOS functional cache chip
1989Functional cache chip for improved system performance
1984A General-Purpose Memory Reliability Simulator
1984Fault-Tolerant Memory Simulator
1981A 1024-Byte ECL Random Access Memory Using a Complementary Transistor Switch (CTS) Cell
1981Solid State Memory Development in IBM
1981Techniques for Improving Engineering Productivity of VLSI Designs
1981The Software-Cache Connection
19801/N Circuit and Device Technology
1980A 256K-Bit Charge-Coupled Device Memory
1980A 64K FET Dynamic Random Access Memory: Design Considerations and Description
1980A Charge Injection Transistor Memory Cell
1980A One-Device Memory Cell Using a Single Layer of Polysilicon and a Self-Registering Metal-to-Polysilicon Contact
1980A Silicon and Aluminum Dynamic Memory Technology
1980Basic Design of a Josephson Technology Cache Memory
1980Cross-Coupled Charge-Transfer Sense Amplifier and Latch Sense Scheme for High-Density FET Memories
1980Implanted Source/Drain Junctions for Polysilicon Gate Technologies
1980Investigations for a Josephson Computer Main Memory with Single-Flux-Quantum Cells
1980Overview of Josephson Technology Logic and Memory
1980VLSI Device Phenomena in Dynamic Memory and Their Application to Technology Development and Device Design
1977Analysis of the Merged Charge Memory (MCM) Cell
1977Dynamic Memories with Faster Random and Sequential Access
1972A Model of Charge Transfer in Bucket Brigade and Charge-coupled Devices
1972Cross-coupled Thyristor Storage Cell
1972Design Considerations for a Magneto-optic Cryogenic Film Memory
1972Readout Performance Analysis of a Cryogenic Magneto-optical Data Storage System
1971Experimental Fabrication of One-dimensional GaAs Laser Arrays
1969Associative Holographic Memories
1969Characteristics of Semiconducting Glass Switching/Memory Diodes
1969Computer-generated Binary Holograms
1968A Balanced Capacitor Read-Only Storage
1967A 110-Nanosecond Ferrite Core Memory
1967A Very-High-Speed, Nondestructive-Read Magnetic Film Memory
1967Characteristics of the Chain Magnetic Film Storage Element
1967Design Considerations for the Chain Magnetic Storage Array
1967Device and Array Design for a 120-Nanosecond Magnetic Film Main Memory
1967The IBM System/360 Model 91: Storage System
1966A High-Speed Read Only Store Using Thick Magnetic Films
1966Design of a Printed Card Capacitor Read-Only Store
1966Effects of a Keeper on Thin Film Magnetic Bits
1966Localized-Field Permanent Magnet Array for the Thick-Film Read Only Store
1966On the Design and Performance of a Small 60-nsec Destructive Readout Magnetic Film Memory
1966The Dispersion Locked Memory Mode for Magnetic Films
1966Thermostrictive Recording on Permalloy Films
1965The Chain Magnetic Memory Element
1964An Approach Towards Batch Fabricated Ferrite Memory Planes
1964On Ordered Retrieval from an Associative Memory
1963An Improved Tunnel Diode Memory System
1963Directional Coupling and its Use for Memory Noise Reduction
1962Associative Memory with Ordered Retrieval
1962Experimental Study of Electron-Beam Driven Semiconductor Devices for Use in a Digital Memory
1962Printed Cards for the Card Capacitor Memory
1961A 0.7-Microsecond Ferrite Core Memory
1961A Magnetic Associative Memory System
1961A Magnetic Associative Memory
1961Acoustic-Mode Scattering of Holes
1961Card Capacitor—A Semipermanent, Read Only Memory
1960Physical versus Logical Coupling in Memory Systems
1958A Load-Sharing Matrix Switch
1958Magnetic Field Plotter for Superconducting Films
1957A 32,000-Word Magnetic-Core Memory
1957An Analysis of the Operation of a Persistent-Supercurrent Memory Cell
1957Trapped-Flux Superconducting Memory