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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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Related Papers
2002Hierarchical indexing data structure method for verifying the functionality of the STI-to-PCI bridge chips of the IBM eServer z900
2002The microarchitecture of the IBM eServer z900 processor
2000Atomic resolution analytical microscopy
2000Custom circuit design as a driver of microprocessor performance
2000Design and characteristics of n-channel insulated-gate field-effect transistors
2000Growth processes and phase transformations studied in situ transmission electron microscopy
2000Low-energy electron microscopy
2000Medium-energy ion scattering for analysis of microelectronic materials
2000Miniaturization of electronics and its limits
2000Monolithic packaging concepts for high isolation in circuits and antennas
2000Synchrotron X-ray scattering techniques for microelectronics-related materials studies
1999Chip integration methodology for the IBM S/390 G5 and G6 custom microprocessors
1999Custom S/390 G5 and G6 microprocessors
1999MCM technology and design for the S/390 G5 system
1999System performance management for the S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G5
1998Applications of electrochemical microfabrication: An introduction
1998Microfabrication by electrochemical metal removal
1998Thin-film-transistor process-characterization test structures
1997Lithography at a wavelength of 193 nm
1996BooleDozer: Logic synthesis for ASICs
1996Circuit placement, chip optimization, and wire routing for IBM IC technology
1996Design considerations for Digital's PowerStorm graphics processor
1996Design methodology for IBM ASIC products
1996Design planning for high-performance ASICs
1996Field testing for cosmic ray soft errors in semiconductor memories
1996IBM experiments in soft fails in computer electronics (1978-1994)
1996IC technology and ASIC design for the Cray J90 supercomputer
1996Technology-migratable ASIC library design
1996Test methodologies and design automation for IBM ASICs
1995A 64Kb × 32 DRAM for graphics applications
1995A half-micron CMOS logic generation
1995A low-noise TTL-compatible CMOS off-chip driver circuit
1995Architectural timing verification of CMOS RISC processors
1995CMOS circuits for Gb/s serial data communication
1995CMOS scaling in the 0.1-μm, 1.X-volt regime for high-performance applications
1995CMOS scaling into the 21st century: 0.1 μm and beyond
1995Custom design of CMOS low-power high-performance digital signal-processing macro for hard-disk-drive applications
1995Digital delay line clock shapers and multipliers
1995Modeling and characterization of long on-chip interconnections for high-performance microprocessors
1995Multipurpose DRAM architecture for optimal power, performance, and product flexibility
1995Overview of gate linewidth control in the manufacture of CMOS logic chips
1995Performance of fiber-optic data links using 670-nm cw VCSELs and a monolithic Si photodetector and CMOS preamplifier
1995Reduced-voltage power/performance optimization of the 3.6-volt PowerPC 601 Microprocessor
1995Verity—A formal verification program for custom CMOS circuits
1994Design considerations for the PowerPC 601 microprocessor
1994Implementation of the PowerPC 601 microprocessor
1992Integrated processing for microelectronics science and technology
1988Miniaturization of electronics and its limits
1974Photolithography in Integrated Circuit Mask Metrology
1974Preparation of Large-area Electron-transparent Samples from Silicon Devices
1974Structure Dependence of Free-Charge Transfer in Charge-coupled Devices
1973Amorphous Metallic Films for Bubble Domain Applications
1973An AlN Switchable Memory Resistor Capable of a 20-MHz Cycling Rate and 500-picosecond Switching Time
1973Design and Characteristics of n-Channel Insulated-gate Field-effect Transistors
1973Performance of Very High Density Charge Coupled Devices
1973Steady State Mathematical Theory for the Insulated Gate Field Effect Transistor
1973Theory and Operation of Space-charge-limited Transistors with Transverse Injection
1973Theory of MNOS Memory Device Behavior
1972Analytical and Experimental Thermal Analysis of Multiple Heat Sources in Integrated Semiconductor Chips
1972Cross-coupled Thyristor Storage Cell
1972Inductance Calculations in a Complex Integrated Circuit Environment
1972Stationary Temperature Profiles and Heat Flux Distribution in a Plastic-encapsulated Circuit Package
1971Design of Logic Circuit Technology for IBM System/370 Models 145 and 155
1966Design of Monolithic Circuit Chips