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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007Cell Broadband Engine Architecture and its first implementation—A performance view
2007Cell Broadband Engine processor vault security architecture
2007Cell/B.E. blades: Building blocks for scalable, real-time, interactive, and digital media servers
2007EnergyScale for IBM POWER6 microprocessor-based systems
2007IBM POWER6 microarchitecture
2007IBM POWER6 reliability
2007IBM POWER6 SRAM arrays
2007Introduction to the Cell Broadband Engine Architecture
2007Microarchitecture and implementation of the synergistic processor in 65-nm and 90-nm SOI
2007Speech recognition systems on the Cell Broadband Engine processor
2007zAAPs and zIIPs: Increasing the strategic value of System z
2006Application of full-system simulation in exploratory system design and development
2006Decomposing the load–store queue by function for power reduction and scalability
2006Modeling wire delay, area, power, and performance in a simulation infrastructure
2005Introduction to the Cell multiprocessor
2005POWER5 system microarchitecture
2004The IBM eServer z990 microprocessor
2003An innovative low-power high-performance programmable signal processor for digital communications
2003Balancing hardware intensity in microprocessor pipelines
2003IBM PowerNP network processor: Hardware, software, and applications
2003New methodology for early-stage, microarchitecture-level power-performance analysis of microprocessors
2003On the performance and use of dense servers
2002Effect of increasing chip density on the evolution of computer architectures
2002Fault-tolerant design of the IBM pSeries 690 system using POWER4 processor technology
2002Functional verification of the POWER4 microprocessor and POWER4 multiprocessor systems
2002IBM eServer z900 high-frequency microprocessor technology, circuits, and design methodology
2002POWER4 system microarchitecture
2002SOI technology for the GHz era
2002The circuit and physical design of the POWER4 microprocessor
2000A multithreaded PowerPC processor for commercial servers
2000A performance methodology for commercial servers
2000Custom circuit design as a driver of microprocessor performance
2000Minimal-storage high-performance Cholesky factorization via blocking and recursion
2000POWER3: The next generation of PowerPC processors
2000S/390 microprocessor design
1999Chip integration methodology for the IBM S/390 G5 and G6 custom microprocessors
1999Custom S/390 G5 and G6 microprocessors
1997A high-frequency custom CMOS S/390 microprocessor
1997A programmer’s view of performance monitoring in the PowerPC microprocessor
1997Advanced microprocessor test strategy and methodology
1997Circuit design techniques for the high-performance CMOS IBM S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G4 microprocessor
1997CMOS floating-point unit for the S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G4
1997Design methodology for the S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G4 microprocessors
1997Dynamic resource management on distributed systems using reconfigurable applications
1997Standard-cell-based design methodology for high-performance support chips
1996The floating-point unit of the PowerPC 603e microprocessor
1995Reduced-voltage power/performance optimization of the 3.6-volt PowerPC 601 Microprocessor
1995VLSI on-chip interconnection performance simulations and measurements
1994Design considerations for the PowerPC 601 microprocessor
1992Design of the IBM Enterprise System/9000 high-end processor
1992System cooling design for the water-cooled IBM Enterprise System/9000 processors
1986Microtasking on IBM multiprocessors
1985An approach to DFT calculations using standard microprocessors
1985Architecture of a digital signal processor
1985Microprocessors in brief
1985Personal Instrument (PI)—A PC-based signal processing system
1985Voice-excited predictive coder (VEPC) implementation on a high-performance signal processor
1983A Processor-Based OCR System
1983Row-by-Row Dynamic Image Analysis of a Matrix of Scanned Points
1982A Microprocessor for Signal Processing, the RSP
1982Bipolar Chip Design for a VLSI Microprocessor
1982Common Chip for Use in Disk and Diskette Controllers
1982Design Considerations for a VLSI Microprocessor
1982Microprocessor Implementation of Mainframe Processors by Means of Architecture Partitioning
1982Physical Design of a Custom 16-Bit Microprocessor
1982Semiconductor Final Test Logistics and Product Dispositioning Systems
1981A 2400-Bit/s Microprocessor-Based Modem
1981Network Problem-Determination Aids in Microprocessor-Based Modems
1978Control of the IBM 3800 Printing Subsystem