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2006A spatially detailed myofilament model as a basis for large-scale biological simulations
2006Application of full-system simulation in exploratory system design and development
2006Computational multiscale modeling in the IUPS Physiome Project: Modeling cardiac electromechanics
2006Model-based design approaches in drug discovery: A parallel to traditional engineering approaches
2006Modeling wire delay, area, power, and performance in a simulation infrastructure
2006Multiscale biosystems integration: Coupling intracellular network analysis with tissue-patterning simulations
2006Single-domain model for toggle MRAM
2005BladeCenter thermal diagnostics
2005Electrochemical planarization of interconnect metallization
2005Superconformal film growth: Mechanism and quantification
2004Configurable system simulation model build comprising packaging design data
2004Finishing Line Scheduling in the steel industry
2004Model-driven business process integration and management: A case study with the Bank SinoPac regional service platform
2004Model-driven development of large-scale Web applications
2004Online marketing research
2003Data-intensive analytics for predictive modeling
2003Design and validation of a performance and power simulator for PowerPC systems
2003Estimating the efficiency of collaborative problem-solving, with applications to chip design
2003Mathematical sciences in the nineties
2003Maximizing the system value while satisfying time and energy constraints
2003New methodology for early-stage, microarchitecture-level power-performance analysis of microprocessors
2002Hardware configuration framework for the IBM eServer z900
2002Process modeling for future technologies
2001Computer simulations for organic light-emitting diodes
2001Proactive management of software aging
2000A performance methodology for commercial servers
2000Approximate performance of periodic hypersonic cruise trajectories for global reach
2000Finite-element analysis of semiconductor devices: The FIELDAY program
2000Frequency response sensitivity functions for helicopter frequency domain system identification
2000Stability of nonlinear polynomial ARMA models and their inverse
1999Modeling and characterization of quantization, polysilicon depletion, and direct tunneling effects in MOSFETs with ultrathin oxides
1999Modeling and simulation methods for plasma processing
1999PLL modeling and verification in a cycle-simulation environment
1998Damascene copper electroplating for chip interconnections
1998Modular nets (MNETS): A modular design methodology for computer timers
1998Terrestrial cosmic ray intensities
1998Understanding crosstalk in high-resolution color thin-film-transistor liquid crystal displays
1997NStrace: A bus-driven instruction trace tool for PowerPC microprocessors
1997Simulation/evaluation environment for a VLIW processor architecture
1997Understanding some simple processor-performance limits
1996Architectural verification of advanced storage controllers
1996Computer-aided 3D tolerance analysis of disk drives
1996Critical charge calculations for a bipolar SRAM array
1996Modeling the cosmic-ray-induced soft-error rate in integrated circuits: An overview
1996Nuclear physics of cosmic ray interaction with semiconductor materials: Particle-induced soft errors from a physicist's perspective
1996Optical data storage media
1996Primary production scheduling at steelmaking industries
1996Soft-error Monte Carlo modeling program, SEMM
1996The past and present roles of computer-aided engineering in DASD design
1995High-level synthesis in an industrial environment
1995Modeling and characterization of long on-chip interconnections for high-performance microprocessors
1995Use of multiple representations for simulating cloth shapes and motions: An overview
1994ABC: A better control for manufacturing
1994Background data movement in a log-structured disk subsystem
1994Modeling the thermal-to-plasma transitions for Cu photoablation
1993Component procurement and allocation for products assembled to forecast: Risk-pooling effects
1993Electrical characterization and performance limits of a flexible cable
1993Feature-scale simulation of resist-patterned electrodeposition
1993Head actuator dynamics of an IBM 5 ¼-inch disk drive
1993Mass transfer of an impinging jet confined between parallel plates
1993Modeling the cost of data communication for multi-node computer networks operating in the United States
1993Statistical modeling in manufacturing: Adapting a diagnostic tool to real-time applications
1992Plasma-based dry etching techniques in the silicon integrated circuit technology
1991A numerically intensive computing environment: IBM 3090 and the PS/2 Model 80
1991An interactive graphic tool to plot the structure of large sparse matrices
1991Application of visualization tools in solid mechanics
1991Correlative visualizaton techniques for multidimensional data
1991Data visualization using a general-purpose renderer
1991Displaying morphological and lithological maps: A numerically intensive computing and visualization application
1991FEMvis: An interactive visualization tool for mechanical analysis
1991Further results using the overhead model for parallel systems
1991Graphic workstations and supercomputers: An integrated environment for simulation of fluid dynamics problems
1991Hierarchically interconnected multiprocessors
1991IDB: An image database system
1991Interactive analysis of the topology of 4D vector fields
1991Interactive Quantitative Visualization
1991Picture processing and three-dimensional visualization of data from scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy
1991Picturing randomness on a graphics supercomputer
1991The art of fractal landscapes
1991Traffic studies of unbuffered Delta networks
1991Visual interpretation of multidimensional computations and transistor design
1991Visualization in a VLSI design automation system
1991Visualization of molecular dynamics via ray-tracing and animation in a vectorized environment
1991Visualizing parallel execution of FORTRAN programs
1991Visualizing processes in neural networks
1991Visualizing structure in high-dimensional multivariate data
1991Volume visualization of 3D finite element method results
1990A modeling system for top-down design of assembled products
1990A simple finite element model for reactive sputter-deposition systems
1990An electromagnetic approach for modeling high-performance computer packages
1990Computation of current distribution in electrodeposition, a review
1990Computer-aided design of slider bearings in magnetic disk files
1990Disk file access-time constraints imposed by magnetic air-bearing compliance
1990Finding compact coordinate representations for polygons and polyhedra
1990Finding the distance between two circles in three-dimensional space
1990Finite element analysis of planar stress anisotropy and thermal behavior in thin films
1990High-speed signal propagation on lossy transmission lines
1990Monte Carlo analysis of semiconductor devices: The DAMOCLES program
1990Pythagorean hodographs
1990Thermoelastic behavior of X-ray lithography masks during irradiation
1989Critical temperature and the Ginzburg–Landau theory of layered high-temperature superconductors
1989Modeling and image processing for visualization of volcanic mapping
1989Modeling electromagnetic interference properties of printed circuit boards
1989Translating object specifications into a computer-generated three-dimensional graphic to be reproduced as a high efficiency, reflection photo-polymer hologram suitable for mass-production
1988An analysis of hardware and software availability exemplified on the IBM 3725 Communication Controller
1987Modeling and analysis of computer system availability
1986Symmetric stochastic Petri nets
1985Advanced bipolar transistor modeling: Process and device simulation tools for today's technology
1985Animation and 3D color display of multiple-variable data: Application to semiconductor design
1985FEDSS—A 2D semiconductor fabrication process simulator
1985Regenerative simulation methods for local area computer networks
1985Semiconductor device simulation using generalized mobility models
1985The dynamical equations governing a lubricating film consisting of a gas film overlying a liquid film
1985The generation of three-dimensional bipolar transistor models for circuit analysis
1985The stability of a colloidal suspension of coated magnetic particles in an aqueous solution
1985Two-dimensional device simulation program: 2DP
1985Two-dimensional process modeling: A description of the SAFEPRO program
1985VLSI wiring capacitance
1984Mechanisms of electroless metal plating: I. Mixed potential theory and the interdependence of partial reactions
1984Modeling of defects in integrated circuit photolithographic patterns
1984Moisture solubility and diffusion in epoxy and epoxy-glass composites
1984Performance Analysis of Future Shared Storage Systems
1984Software reliability analysis models
1984Yield model for fault clusters within integrated circuits
1983A Model for the Prediction of Assembly, Rework, and Test Yields
1983Address-Independent Routing for Local Networks
1983Modeling of Integrated Circuit Defect Sensitivities
1983Simulation of Non-Markovian Systems
1982Design Verification System for Large-Scale LSI Designs
1982Evolution and Accomplishments of VLSI Yield Management at IBM
1982Optimization of Plasma Processing for Silicon-Gate FET Manufacturing Applications
1982Performance Analysis of Suspend Locks in Operating Systems
1982Regenerative Simulation of Networks of Queues with General Service Times: Passage Through Subnetworks
1981Approximate Solution of Queueing Networks with Simultaneous Resource Possession
1981Computer Modeling in Energy and the Environment
1981Computer Simulation of High-Resolution Electron Micrographs Using Dynamical Electron Scattering
1981Coupled Lossy Transmission Line Characterization and Simulation
1981Delay Analysis of a Two-Queue, Nonuniform Message Channel
1981Finite-Element Analysis of Semiconductor Devices: The FIELDAY Program
1981IBM Contributions to Computer Performance Modeling
1981Semiconductor Analysis Using Finite Elements—Part I: Computational Aspects
1980A Data Definition Facility Based on A Value-Oriented Storage Model
1980A Geometric Modeling System for Automated Mechanical Assembly
1980A Language for Extended Queueing Network Models
1980Estimation of State Probabilities Using the Maximum Entropy Principle
1980Fleshing Out Wire Frames
1980Investigations for a Josephson Computer Main Memory with Single-Flux-Quantum Cells
1980Modeling of Characteristics for Josephson Junctions Having Nonuniform Width or Josephson Current Density
1980On the Complexity of Permuting Records in Magnetic Bubble Memory Systems
1980Yield Model for Productivity Optimization of VLSI Memory Chips with Redundancy and Partially Good Product
1979Electrical Properties of RF Sputtering systems
1979Geometry Effects of Small MOSFET Devices
1979Influence of Scattering and Ionization on RF Impedance in Glow Discharge Sheaths
1979Probabilistic PERT
1979Sputtering Process Model of Deposition Rate
1979Stability of Lateral pnp Transistors During Accelerated Aging
1978An Analytic Model of the VM/370 System
1978Calculations of the Effect of Emitter Compensation on β and fT of Bipolar Devices
1978Effect of Replacement Algorithms on a Paged Buffer Database System
1978Hydrodynamic Numeric Modeling of the Lagoon of Venice
1978Model for Database Reference Strings Based on Behavior of Reference Clusters
1978Numerical Calculation of the Characteristics of an Isolated AC Gas Discharge Display Panel Cell
1978Optimization Applied to the Design of an Energy-Efficient Building
1978Paper Servo Design for a High Speed Printer Using Simulation
1978Regression Model for LPE Film Property Control
1978Solar Radiative Heating in the Presence of Aerosols
1978Using a Desk-Top Computer for an On-Line Flood Warning System
1978Variational Principles for Semiconductor Device Modeling with Finite Elements
1977Potential Significance to Neurophysiology of Design Algorithms for Digital Computers
1977Scale Model of an Ink Jet
1977Study of Fluid Flow through Scaled-up Ink Jet Nozzles
1969Model of Competition in a Two-seller Market
1967A Computer Model for Global Study of the General Circulation of the Atmosphere
1958Curve Fitting for a Model of Applied Research and Development Scheduling