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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007IBM POWER6 accelerators: VMX and DFU
2006Three-dimensional integrated circuits
2004iMMS: Interactive multimedia messaging service
2003Fine-grain real-time reconfigurable pipelining
1999A framework for programmable overlay multimedia networks
1999Design of an MPEG-2 transport demultiplexor core
1999Memory reduction for HDTV decoders
1999Pseudorandom verification and emulation of an MPEG-2 transport demultiplexor
1999Requirements for motion-estimation search range in MPEG-2 coded video
1999Single-pass constant- and variable-bit-rate MPEG-2 video compression
1999Statistical multiplexing using MPEG-2 video encoders
1999Two-pass MPEG-2 variable-bit-rate encoding
1998Bamba—Audio and video streaming over the Internet
1998Design of a video-server complex for interactive television
1998Evolution and challenges in multimedia
1998Integrating the MPEG-2 subsystem for digital television
1998MultiMedia Digital Conferencing: A Web-enabled multimedia teleconferencing system
1998Multimedia—An introduction
1998Tiger Shark—A scalable file system for multimedia
1998Video-server designs for supporting very large numbers of concurrent users
1998Video query: Research directions