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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2005BladeCenter networking
2005BladeCenter storage
2005BladeCenter T system for the telecommunications industry
2005Blue Gene/L torus interconnection network
2004A wireless LAN-based indoor positioning technology
2004Deep scientific computing requires deep data
2004iMMS: Interactive multimedia messaging service
2004LORE: An infrastructure to support location-aware services
2003Broadband radio LANs and the evolution of wireless beyond 3G
2003Data aggregation architectures for single-chip SDH/SONET framers
2003IBM PowerNP network processor: Hardware, software, and applications
2003SiON high-refractive-index waveguide and planar lightwave circuits
2000Bandwidth problems in high-speed networks
1998Bamba—Audio and video streaming over the Internet
1998Evolution and challenges in multimedia
1998Video-server designs for supporting very large numbers of concurrent users
1997Optimization of TCP segment size for file transfer
1994A nonlinear allocation problem
1994Dimension-independent bounds on the degree of approximation by neural networks
1994Embedding hyperpyramids into hypercubes
1992Fiber Distributed Data Interface attachment to System/390
1991Hierarchically interconnected multiprocessors
1991Traffic studies of unbuffered Delta networks
1989Dependability evaluation of a class of multi-loop topologies for local area networks
1989Preserving the integrity of cyclic-redundancy checks when protected text is intentionally altered
1987Path hierarchies in interconnection networks
1987The complexity of computations by networks
1983A Local Communications Network Based on Interconnected Token-Access Rings: A Tutorial
1983Technologies for Network Architecture and Implementation
1964Stability Criteria for Large Networks
1963Synthesis of Transfer Admittance Functions Using Active Components
1962Comment on “A Network Minimization Problem”
1961A Network Minimization Problem
1960Synthesis of a Communication Net