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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007IBM System z9 Open Systems Adapter for Communication Controller for Linux
2007Practical software reuse for IBM System z I/O subsystems
2006Systems research challenges: A scale-out perspective
2005Advanced virtualization capabilities of POWER5 systems
2005Blue Gene/L programming and operating environment
2005Operating system exploitation of the POWER5 system
2004A philosophical and technical comparison of Legion and Globus
1997Performance analysis on a CC-NUMA prototype
1995Properties of delay-cost scheduling in time-sharing systems
1994Trace-directed program restructuring for AIX executables
1991Clustering IBM Enterprise System/3090 computers for parallel execution of FORTRAN programs
1991Design choices for the TOP-1 multiprocessor workstation
1991Low-overhead scheduling of nested parallelism
1991Operating system support for parallel programming on RP3
1991The Parallel Processing Compute Server
1984Optimizing Preventive Service of Software Products
1983Some Methods for Providing OSI Transport in SNA
1981Data Base Technology
1981The Evolution of the MVS Operating System
1981The IBM History of Memory Management Technology
1981The Origin of the VM/370 Time-Sharing System
1975Application of the Page Survival Index (PSI) to Virtual-memory System Performance
1975Computation of Lower Bounds for Multiprocessor Schedules
1975Design of Experiments in Simulator Validation
1975Dynamic Partitioning of the Main Memory Using the Working Set Concept
1975Patterns in Program References
1975Performance Analysis of a Multiprogrammed Computer System
1975Predicting Working Set Sizes
1975Storage Hierarchy Optimization Procedure
1975Tailoring Programs to Models of Program Behavior
1974Effects of Serial Programs in Multiprocessing Systems
1974Investigation into Scheduling for an Interactive Computing System
1974Optimal Task Switching Policy for a Multilevel Storage System
1973An Analysis of Page Allocation Strategies for Multiprogramming Systems with Virtual Memory
1973Approximating Pre-emptive Priority Dispatching in a Multiprogramming Model
1973Characterization of Program Paging in a Time-sharing Environment
1973Empirically Derived Micromodels for Sequences of Page Exceptions
1973Experimental Study of Deadline Scheduling for Interactive Systems
1973Response Time Characterization of an Information Retrieval System