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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007High-speed interconnect and packaging design of the IBM System z9 processor cage
2007Redundant I/O interconnect
2005BladeCenter packaging, power, and cooling
2005Challenges of data center thermal management
2005Development of next-generation system-on-package (SOP) technology based on silicon carriers with fine-pitch chip interconnection
2005Effects of mechanical stress and moisture on packaging interfaces
2005Microminiature packaging and integrated circuitry: The work of E. F. Rent, with an application to on-chip interconnection requirements
2005Mixing, rheology, and stability of highly filled thermal pastes
2005Packaging the Blue Gene/L supercomputer
2005The evolution of build-up package technology and its design challenges
2004Configurable system simulation model build comprising packaging design data
2004First- and second-level packaging of the z990 processor cage
2004Packaging the IBM eServer z990 central electronic complex
2003Developing integrated antenna subsystems for laptop computers
2002 Land grid array sockets for server applications
2002A power, packaging, and cooling overview of the IBM eServer z900
2002An advanced multichip module (MCM) for high-performance UNIX servers
2002Design and analysis of a scheme to mitigate condensation on an assembly used to cool a processor module
2002First- and second-level packaging for the IBM eServer z900
2002High-end server low-temperature cooling
2002POWER4 system microarchitecture
2001Strain measurement and numerical analysis of an epoxy adhesive subjected to thermal loads
2000Monolithic packaging concepts for high isolation in circuits and antennas
2000Solid Logic Technology: Versatile, high-performance microelectronics
1998Applications of electrochemical microfabrication: An introduction
1998Damascene copper electroplating for chip interconnections
1998Electrochemical process for advanced package fabrication
1998Metallization by plating for high-performance multichip modules
1998Thin-film multichip module packages for high-end IBM servers
1993Attachment of Solder Ball Connect (SBC) packages to circuit cards
1993Finite element analysis for Solder Ball Connect (SBC) structural design optimization
1993Solder Ball Connect (SBC) assemblies under thermal loading: II. Strain analysis via image processing, and reliability considerations
1993Solder Ball Connect (SBC) assemblies under thermal loading: I. Deformation measurement via moiré interferometry, and its interpretation
1993Thermal-mechanical strain characterization for printed wiring boards
1993Thermal modeling of the infrared reflow process for Solder Ball Connect (SBC)
1992Aspects of the electrical design and analyses of the printed circuit boards of the IBM Enterprise System/9000 water-cooled processors
1992Electrical connections to the thermal conduction modules of the IBM Enterprise System/9000 water-cooled processors
1992Equipment-related advances in the fabrication of glass-ceramic/copper/polyimide substrates
1992High-performance glass-ceramic/copper multilayer substrate with thin-film redistribution
1992Low-inductance decoupling capacitor for the thermal conduction modules of the IBM Enterprise System/9000 processors
1992Physical and electrical design features of the IBM Enterprise System/9000 circuit module
1991IBM Enterprise System/9000 Type 9121 Model 320 air-cooled processor technology
1991IBM System/390 air-cooled alumina thermal conduction module
1990An electromagnetic approach for modeling high-performance computer packages
1990Electron-beam technology for open/short testing of multi-chip substrates
1988Characterization of a bis-maleimide triazine resin for multilayer printed circuit boards
1988Characterization of PdSn catalysts for electroless metal deposition
1988Chemistry at interfaces: Electropositive metals on polymer surfaces
1988Delocalized bonding at the metal–polymer interface
1988Developer-induced debonding of photoresist from copper
1988Electrical design of signal lines for multilayer printed circuit boards
1988Improvement of adhesion of copper on polyimide by reactive ion-beam etching
1988Ion transport through protective polymeric coatings exposed to an aqueous phase
1988Physical limits to the useful packaging density of electronic systems
1988Surface analysis and characterization of large printed-circuit-board circuitization process steps
1987Signal degradation through module pins in VLSI packaging
1985A dielectric loss investigation of moisture in epoxy-glass composites
1985Cathodic delamination of methyl methacrylate-based dry film polymers on copper
1984High-temperature stability of a polyimide film
1984Initiation of electroless Cu plating on nonmetallic surfaces
1984Mechanisms of electroless metal plating: II. Decomposition of formaldehyde
1984Mechanisms of electroless metal plating: I. Mixed potential theory and the interdependence of partial reactions
1984Micromechanics of multilayer printed circuit boards
1984Moisture solubility and diffusion in epoxy and epoxy-glass composites
1984Optimization of interconnections between packaging levels
1984Preface: Advances in materials and processes for printed circuit packaging technology
1983Automated Twisted-Pair Wire Bonding
1983Computer-Controlled Optical Testing of High-Density Printed-Circuit Boards
1983Large Multi-Layer Panel-Drilling System
1983Multi-Chip Module Test and Diagnostic Methodology
1983Multi-Layer Ceramics Manufacturing
1983The LT1280 for Through-the-Pins Testing of the Thermal Conduction Module
1982A Conduction-Cooled Module for High-Performance LSI Devices
1982A New Set of Printed-Circuit Technologies for the IBM 3081 Processor Unit
1982Advanced Printed-Circuit Board Design for High-Performance Computer Applications
1982Conduction Cooling for an LSI Package: A One-Dimensional Approach
1982Development of Interconnection Technology for Large-Scale Integrated Circuits
1982Electrical Design of a High Speed Computer Package
1982High-Density Board Fabrication Techniques
1982Influence on LSI Package Wireability of Via Availability and Wiring Track Accessibility
1982Model for Transient and Permanent Error-Detection and Fault-Isolation Coverage
1982Optimization of Indium-Lead Alloys for Controlled Collapse Chip Connection Application
1982The Thin-Film Module as a High-Performance Semiconductor Package
1982Thermal Conduction Module: A High-Performance Multilayer Ceramic Package
1981Coupled Lossy Transmission Line Characterization and Simulation
1981Design Automation in IBM
1981Electronic Packaging Evolution in IBM
1981Number of Vias: A Control Parameter for Global Wiring of High-Density Chips
1981Techniques for Improving Engineering Productivity of VLSI Designs
1980An Overview of Josephson Packaging
1980Defect-Related Breakdown and Conduction in SiO2
1980The Characteristics of Chip-to-Chip Signal Propagation in a Package Suitable for Superconducting Circuits
1979Exploiting Symmetry in Electrical Packaging Analysis
1979Potential Distribution and Multi-Terminal DC Resistance Computations for LSI Technology
1979Resistive and Inductive Skin Effect in Rectangular Conductors
1979Survey of Computer-Aided Electrical Analysis of Integrated Circuit Interconnections
1979Three-Dimensional Inductance Computations with Partial Element Equivalent Circuits
1979Transient Analysis of Uniform Resistive Transmission Lines in a Homogeneous Medium
1964Solid Logic Design Automation
1964Solid Logic Technology: Versatile, High-Performance Microelectronics
1963A Circuit Packaging Model for High-Speed Computer Technology