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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2006Systems research challenges: A scale-out perspective
2005Blue Gene/L compute chip: Memory and Ethernet subsystem
2005Blue Gene/L performance tools
2005Blue Gene/L programming and operating environment
2005Custom math functions for molecular dynamics
2005Design and exploitation of a high-performance SIMD floating-point unit for Blue Gene/L
2005Early performance data on the Blue Matter molecular simulation framework
2005IBM PowerPC 440 FPU with complex-arithmetic extensions
2005Optimizing task layout on the Blue Gene/L supercomputer
2005Overview of molecular dynamics techniques and early scientific results from the Blue Gene project
2005Overview of the Blue Gene/L system architecture
2005Overview of the QCDSP and QCDOC computers
2005Packaging the Blue Gene/L supercomputer
2005Resource allocation and utilization in the Blue Gene/L supercomputer
2005Scalable framework for 3D FFTs on the Blue Gene/L supercomputer: Implementation and early performance measurements
2005Vectorization techniques for the Blue Gene/L double FPU
2004A new load-balancing strategy for the solution of dynamical large-tree-search problems using a hierarchical approach
2002Coupling I/O channels for the IBM eServer z900: Reengineering required
2002Intelligent Resource Director
2001The adaptive multilevel finite element solution of the Poisson–Boltzmann equation on massively parallel computers
1997Understanding some simple processor-performance limits
1994A high-performance matrix-multiplication algorithm on a distributed-memory parallel computer, using overlapped communication
1994An environment for parallel and distributed computation with application to overlapping grids
1992Architecture, design, and performance of Application System/400 (AS/400) multiprocessors
1992Unique design concepts in GF11 and their impact on performance
1991Automatic partitioning of a program dependence graph into parallel tasks
1991Clustering IBM Enterprise System/3090 computers for parallel execution of FORTRAN programs
1991Design and performance of the IBM Enterprise System/9000 Type 9121 Vector Facility
1991Design choices for the TOP-1 multiprocessor workstation
1991Execution of automatically parallelized APL programs on RP3
1991Exploiting database parallelism in a message-passing multiprocessor
1991Further results using the overhead model for parallel systems
1991Hierarchically interconnected multiprocessors
1991Low-overhead scheduling of nested parallelism
1991Multiplication of a symmetric banded matrix by a vector on a vector multiprocessor computer
1991Operating system support for parallel programming on RP3
1991The IBM Victor V256 partitionable multiprocessor
1991The parallel C (pC) programming language
1991The Parallel Processing Compute Server
1991The RP3 program visualization environment
1990High-speed signal propagation on lossy transmission lines
1987Best and worst mappings for the omega network
1987Parallel algorithms for chip placement by simulated annealing
1987Path hierarchies in interconnection networks
1987Performance analysis of the FFT algorithm on a shared-memory parallel architecture
1986Microtasking on IBM multiprocessors
1985Large-scale scientific application programs in chemistry and physics on an experimental parallel computer system