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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007Cell Broadband Engine Architecture and its first implementation—A performance view
2007Design methods for attaining IBM System z9 processor cycle-time goals
2007IBM POWER6 accelerators: VMX and DFU
2007System power management support in the IBM POWER6 microprocessor
2006Optimizing CMOS technology for maximum performance
2006Performance and environment monitoring for continuous program optimization
2006Product-representative “at speed” test structures for CMOS characterization
2005Blue Gene/L compute chip: Control, test, and bring-up infrastructure
2005Blue Gene/L performance tools
2005Characterization of simultaneous multithreading (SMT) efficiency in POWER5
2005Early performance data on the Blue Matter molecular simulation framework
2005Exploring the limits of prefetching
2005Resource allocation and utilization in the Blue Gene/L supercomputer
2004Finishing Line Scheduling in the steel industry
2004Model-driven business process integration and management: A case study with the Bank SinoPac regional service platform
2004The eShopmonitor: A comprehensive data extraction tool for monitoring Web sites
2004The performance impact of I/O optimizations and disk improvements
2003Comparison of analytic performance models using closed mean-value analysis versus open-queuing theory for estimating cycles per instruction of memory hierarchies
2003High-performance linear algebra algorithms using new generalized data structures for matrices
2002Early analysis tools for system-on-a-chip design
2001Analytical analysis of finite cache penalty and cycles per instruction of a multiprocessor memory hierarchy using miss rates and queuing theory
2001Experience with building a commodity Intel-based ccNUMA system
2001High-throughput coherence control and hardware messaging in Everest
2001Memory Expansion Technology (MXT): Competitive impact
2001Memory Expansion Technology (MXT): Software support and performance
2001On internal organization in compressed random-access memories
2001Proactive management of software aging
2000A performance methodology for commercial servers
1999Evaluation of branch-prediction methods on traces from commercial applications
1999Event monitoring in highly complex hardware systems
1999IBM S/390 storage hierarchy G5 and G6 performance considerations
1999Integrated Cluster Bus performance for the IBM S/390 Parallel Sysplex
1999S/390 G5 CMOS microprocessor diagnostics
1998Projection display throughput: Efficiency of optical transmission and light-source collection
1997A programmer’s view of performance monitoring in the PowerPC microprocessor
1997Automatic selection of high-order transformations in the IBM XL FORTRAN compilers
1997Dynamic resource management on distributed systems using reconfigurable applications
1997NStrace: A bus-driven instruction trace tool for PowerPC microprocessors
1997Optimization of TCP segment size for file transfer
1997Performance analysis on a CC-NUMA prototype
1997Prefetching and memory system behavior of the SPEC95 benchmark suite
1997Simulation/evaluation environment for a VLIW processor architecture
1997Understanding some simple processor-performance limits
1996Optical data storage media
1995Architectural timing verification of CMOS RISC processors
1995VLSI on-chip interconnection performance simulations and measurements
1994Background data movement in a log-structured disk subsystem
1994Commercial workload performance in the IBM POWER2 RISC System/6000 processor
1994The POWER2 performance monitor
1992Functional testing of TFT/LCD arrays
1992Simulation of IBM Enterprise System/9000 Models 820 and 900
1991A trace-driven study of CMS file references
1991Design and performance of the IBM Enterprise System/9000 Type 9121 Vector Facility
1991Enhanced self-test techniques for VLSI systems applied to the IBM Enterprise System/9000 Type 9121 processor
1991Further results using the overhead model for parallel systems
1991Hierarchically interconnected multiprocessors
1991Low-overhead scheduling of nested parallelism
1991The IBM Victor V256 partitionable multiprocessor
1991Traffic studies of unbuffered Delta networks
1991Visualizing parallel execution of FORTRAN programs
1989Analysis of block-paging strategies
1989Architecture, design, and operating characteristics of a 12-ns CMOS functional cache chip
1989Conjugate-gradient subroutines for the IBM 3090 Vector Facility
1989Functional cache chip for improved system performance
1989Lattice-gas hydrodynamics on the IBM 3090 Vector Facility
1988An analysis of hardware and software availability exemplified on the IBM 3725 Communication Controller
1988From the fractal dimension of the intermiss gaps to the cache-miss ratio
1987Best and worst mappings for the omega network
1987Efficient search techniques—An empirical study of the N-Queens Problem
1987Exact analysis of round-robin scheduling of services
1987Modeling and analysis of computer system availability
1987Performance analysis of the FFT algorithm on a shared-memory parallel architecture
1987Reducing execution parameters through correspondence in computer architecture
1987The inconsistency index method for estimating the accuracy of Schweitzer’s approximation
1985Large-scale scientific application programs in chemistry and physics on an experimental parallel computer system
1984Performance Analysis of Future Shared Storage Systems
1983Fractal Nature of Software-Cache Interaction
1982Automated Diagnostic Methodology for the IBM 3081 Processor Complex
1982Performance Analysis of Suspend Locks in Operating Systems
1982Regenerative Simulation of Networks of Queues with General Service Times: Passage Through Subnetworks
1981Collision-Free Local Area Bus Network Performance Analysis
1981Delay Analysis of a Two-Queue, Nonuniform Message Channel
1981Design of Experiments in Computer Performance Evaluation
1981IBM Contributions to Computer Performance Modeling
1981The Software-Cache Connection