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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2005BladeCenter chassis management
2005BladeCenter midplane and media interface card
2005BladeCenter networking
2005BladeCenter processor blades, I/O expansion adapters, and units
2005BladeCenter solutions
2005BladeCenter storage
2005BladeCenter system overview
2005BladeCenter systems management software
2005BladeCenter T system for the telecommunications industry
2005BladeCenter thermal diagnostics
2005Exploitation of optical interconnects in future server architectures
2003On the performance and use of dense servers
2003Workload-based power management for parallel computer systems
2002A power, packaging, and cooling overview of the IBM eServer z900
2002Fault-tolerant design of the IBM pSeries 690 system using POWER4 processor technology
2002Functional verification of the POWER4 microprocessor and POWER4 multiprocessor systems
2002High-end server low-temperature cooling
2002IBM eServer z900 I/O subsystem
2002POWER4 system microarchitecture
2002zSeries features for optimized sockets-based messaging: HiperSockets and OSA-Express
2001Adaptive Fast Path Architecture
2001Algorithms and data structures for compressed-memory machines
2001Experience with building a commodity Intel-based ccNUMA system
2001High-throughput coherence control and hardware messaging in Everest
2001IBM Memory Expansion Technology (MXT)
2001Memory Expansion Technology (MXT): Competitive impact
2001Memory Expansion Technology (MXT): Software support and performance
2001On internal organization in compressed random-access memories
2001Proactive management of software aging