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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007Advances in analytics: Integrating dynamic data mining with simulation optimization
2006A spatially detailed myofilament model as a basis for large-scale biological simulations
2006An assessment of the role of computing in systems biology
2006Application of full-system simulation in exploratory system design and development
2006Computational multiscale modeling in the IUPS Physiome Project: Modeling cardiac electromechanics
2006Modeling wire delay, area, power, and performance in a simulation infrastructure
2006Multiscale biosystems integration: Coupling intracellular network analysis with tissue-patterning simulations
2005Early performance data on the Blue Matter molecular simulation framework
2005Functional verification of the POWER5 microprocessor and POWER5 multiprocessor systems
2005Overview of molecular dynamics techniques and early scientific results from the Blue Gene project
2004Accelerating system integration by enhancing hardware, firmware, and co-simulation
2004Configurable system simulation model build comprising packaging design data
2004IBM eServer z990 improvements in firmware simulation
2004Novel efficient techniques for computer simulation of magnetic recording
2004Simulations of magnetic materials with MDGRAPE-2
2004The pursuit of the whole NChilada: Virtual petaflops using multi-adaptive algorithms for gravitational systems
2003Design and validation of a performance and power simulator for PowerPC systems
2003Design of optical communications data links
2003New methodology for early-stage, microarchitecture-level power-performance analysis of microprocessors
2003On the performance and use of dense servers
2002Hyper-acceleration and HW/SW co-verification as an essential part of IBM eServer z900 verification
2002IBM eServer z900 system microcode verification by simulation: The virtual power-on process
2002z/CECSIM: An efficient and comprehensive microcode simulator for the IBM eServer z900
2001Computer simulations for organic light-emitting diodes
2001Interfacing molecular dynamics with continuum dynamics in computer simulation: Toward an application to biological membranes
1998Modular nets (MNETS): A modular design methodology for computer timers
1998Understanding crosstalk in high-resolution color thin-film-transistor liquid crystal displays
1997Designer-level verification using TIMEDIAG/GENRAND
1997Formal verification made easy
1997Functional verification of the CMOS S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G4 system
1997Impact of lens aberrations on optical lithography
1997NStrace: A bus-driven instruction trace tool for PowerPC microprocessors
1997Run-control and service element code simulation for the S/390 microprocessor
1997SimAPI—A common programming interface for simulation
1997Simulation/evaluation environment for a VLIW processor architecture
1997The role of two-cycle simulation in the S/390 verification process
1996Architectural verification of advanced storage controllers
1996Computer-aided 3D tolerance analysis of disk drives
1995VLSI on-chip interconnection performance simulations and measurements
1994ABC: A better control for manufacturing
1994SCISM: A scalable compound instruction set machine
1993Flexible simulation of a complex semiconductor manufacturing line using a rule-based system
1992Simulation of IBM Enterprise System/9000 Models 820 and 900
1991A numerically intensive computing environment: IBM 3090 and the PS/2 Model 80
1991An interactive graphic tool to plot the structure of large sparse matrices
1991Application of visualization tools in solid mechanics
1991Correlative visualizaton techniques for multidimensional data
1991Data visualization using a general-purpose renderer
1991Displaying morphological and lithological maps: A numerically intensive computing and visualization application
1991FEMvis: An interactive visualization tool for mechanical analysis
1991Graphic workstations and supercomputers: An integrated environment for simulation of fluid dynamics problems
1991IDB: An image database system
1991Interactive analysis of the topology of 4D vector fields
1991Interactive Quantitative Visualization
1991Picture processing and three-dimensional visualization of data from scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy
1991Picturing randomness on a graphics supercomputer
1991The art of fractal landscapes
1991Visual interpretation of multidimensional computations and transistor design
1991Visualization in a VLSI design automation system
1991Visualization of molecular dynamics via ray-tracing and animation in a vectorized environment
1991Visualizing parallel execution of FORTRAN programs
1991Visualizing processes in neural networks
1991Visualizing structure in high-dimensional multivariate data
1991Volume visualization of 3D finite element method results
1990A simple finite element model for reactive sputter-deposition systems
1990Computer-aided design of slider bearings in magnetic disk files
1990Finite element analysis of planar stress anisotropy and thermal behavior in thin films
1990High-speed signal propagation on lossy transmission lines
1990Thermoelastic behavior of X-ray lithography masks during irradiation
1989Modeling and image processing for visualization of volcanic mapping
1989The dynamics of slider bearings during contacts between slider and disk
1987Drop formation by DOD ink-jet nozzles: A comparison of experiment and numerical simulation
1986Monte Carlo photon transport on a vector supercomputer
1986On yield, fault distributions, and clustering of particles
1986Symmetric stochastic Petri nets
1985Integrated Manufacturing Modeling System
1985Regenerative simulation methods for local area computer networks
1983Digital Simulation of Magnetic Czochralski Flow Under Various Laboratory Conditions for Silicon Growth
1983Simulation of Non-Markovian Systems
1982A Bipolar VLSI Custom Macro Physical Design Verification Strategy
1982A VLSI Design Verification Strategy
1982Design Verification System for Large-Scale LSI Designs
1981Adaptive Spectral Methods for Simulation Output Analysis
1981An Emulation System for Programmable Sensory Robots
1981Computer Simulation of High-Resolution Electron Micrographs Using Dynamical Electron Scattering
1981Computer Simulations of Complex Chemical Systems: Solvation of DNA and Solvent Effects in Conformational Transitions
1980Estimation of State Probabilities Using the Maximum Entropy Principle
1980Variance Reduction Techniques for the Simulation of Markov Processes, I: Multiple Estimates
1979A Numerical and Experimental Study of the Bistable-Unstable Transition in Pressurized Flexible Disk Files
1979Study of Head-Tape Interaction in High Speed Rotating Head Recording
1978Paper Servo Design for a High Speed Printer Using Simulation
1978Solar Radiative Heating in the Presence of Aerosols
1975Design of Experiments in Simulator Validation
1975Introduction to Regenerative Simulation
1975Regenerative Simulation of a Queuing Model of an Automated Tape Library
1974Analysis of an AC Gas Display Panel
1974Investigation into Scheduling for an Interactive Computing System
1974On Proving Correctness of Microprograms
1974Simulation of Cyclic Operation of a Gas Panel Device
1973Action Potential of the Motorneuron
1973Optimum Storage Allocation for a File with Open Addressing
1973Theory and Computer-aided Analysis of Lossless Transmission Lines
1972Air Quality Diffusion Model; Application to New York City
1972Estimate of Subsidence in Venice Using a One-dimensional Model of the Subsoil
1972Interactive Computer-based Game for Decision-making in Ecology
1972Model for Time-dependent Raindrop Size Distributions; Application to the Washout of Airborne Contaminants
1972Numerical Investigation of the Atmospheric Dispersion of Stack Effluents
1972Rationale, Limitations, and Assumptions of a Northeastern Forest Growth Simulator
1972Subsurface Hydrology at Waste Disposal Sites
1972Viscoelastic Behavior of Computer Tape Subjected to Periodic Motion
1971Digital Simulation of the Global Transport of Carbon Monoxide
1971Effect of Hammer Length and Nonlinear Paper-ribbon Characteristics on Impact Printing
1971Random-walk Model of Stream Network Development
1971System Validation by Three-level Modeling Synthesis
1969Algorithm and Average-value Bounds for Assignment Problems
1969Dynamic Inventory Models and Stochastic Programming
1969Geometric Optimization of Controlled Collapse Interconnections
1969Heuristic Algorithm for the Traveling-salesman Problem
1969Mathematical Model for Pattern Verification
1969Maximal Biflow in an Undirected Network
1969Mechanisms of Stress Relief in Polycrystalline Films
1969Minimaximal Paths in Disjunctive Graphs by Direct Search
1969Model of Competition in a Two-seller Market
1969Modeling Plasma Effects on Radar Cross Section of Reentry Vehicles
1969Parametric Study of Temperature Profiles in Chips Joined by Controlled Collapse Techniques
1969Programmed Automatic Customer Engineer (PACE) Dispatch
1969Scattering of Electromagnetic Radiation by a Large, Absorbing Sphere
1969Shortcut in the Decomposition Algorithm for Shortest Paths in a Network
1969Simulation and Experimental Research
1969Stochastic Model for Manufacturing Cost Estimating
1969Strain and Temperature Distributions in a Thermally Activated Cantilever
1969Thermal Expansion in a Constrained Elastic Cylinder
1969Two-dimensional Mathematical Analysis of a Planar Type Junction Field-effect Transistor
1968An Application of the Cooley–Tukey Algorithm to Equalization
1968Application of Finite Geometry in File Organization for Records with Multiple-Valued Attributes
1968Automatic Focus Control of Charged-Particle Beams
1968Computation of Molecular Properties and Structure
1968Implicit Implementation of the Weighted Backward Euler Formula
1968Method for Estimation and Optimization of Printer Speed Based on Character Usage Statistics
1967Digital Simulation Applied to a Photo-Optical System
1965Simulation of the Catalytic Cracking Process for Styrene Production
1964Simulation of a Hydraulic Actuator