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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2005BladeCenter storage
2004Functional verification of the z990 superscalar, multibook microprocessor complex
2003Fifty years of IBM innovation with information storage on magnetic tape
2003Six orders of magnitude in linear tape technology: The one-terabyte project
2003Tape management in a storage networking environment
2003The IBM Virtual Tape Server: Making tape controllers more autonomic
2002Effect of increasing chip density on the evolution of computer architectures
2002FCP for the IBM eServer zSeries systems: Access to distributed storage
2000A high track-density servo-access system for magnetic recording disk storage
2000Holographic data storage technology
2000The future of magnetic data storage techology
2000The Random-Access Memory Accounting Machine II. The magnetic-disk, random-access memory
2000The “Millipede”—More than thousand tips for future AFM storage
1998A one-megapixel reflective spatial light modulator system for holographic storage
1996Rewritable optical disk drive technology
1996Serial Storage Architecture
1996Storage control cache resource management: Increasing diversity, increasing effectiveness
1995Design of a solid-state file using flash EEPROM
1995High-density data storage using proximal probe techniques
1995Some thoughts about scanning probe microscopy, micromechanics, and storage
1994Background data movement in a log-structured disk subsystem
1990Magnetic multilayer structures
1990Magnetic thin films in recording technology
1989Two-level coding for error control in magnetic disk storage products
1986Key-sequence data sets on indelible storage
1985An experimental comparison of the head/disk interface dynamics in 5¼- and 8-inch disk drives
1984Analysis of Correctable Errors in the IBM 3380 Disk File
1984Performance Analysis of Future Shared Storage Systems
1982Multiple Photochemical Hole Burning in Organic Glasses and Polymers: Spectroscopy and Storage Aspects
1981A Quarter Century of Disk File Innovation
1981Innovations in Disk File Manufacturing
1981Innovations in the Design of Magnetic Tape Subsystems
1981Propagation of 1-μm Bubbles in Contiguous Disk Devices
1981The Evolution of Magnetic Storage
1981The IBM Diskette and Diskette Drive
1981The IBM History of Memory Management Technology
1980Error Recovery Scheme for the IBM 3850 Mass Storage System
1980On the Complexity of Permuting Records in Magnetic Bubble Memory Systems
1979A Numerical and Experimental Study of the Bistable-Unstable Transition in Pressurized Flexible Disk Files
1979Reduction of Storage Fragmentation On Direct Access Devices
1977Permutation Clustering: An Approach to On-Line Storage Reorganization
1976Bubble Lattice Motions Due to Modulated Bias Fields
1976Column Access of a Bubble Lattice: Column Translation and Lattice Translation
1976Data Organization in Magnetic Bubble Lattice Files
1976Deep-UV Conformable-Contact Photolithography for Bubble Circuits
1976Scanning Electron Beam Lithography for Fabrication of Magnetic Bubble Circuits
1976Storage Management Operations in Linked Uniform Shift-Register Loops
1975Effect of Submicrometer Transducer Spacing on the Readback Signal in Saturation Recording
1974Engineering Design of a Disk Storage Facility with Data Modules
1973Optimum Storage Allocation for a File in Steady State
1973Optimum Storage Allocation for a File with Open Addressing
1972Design Considerations for a Magneto-optic Cryogenic Film Memory
1972Design Innovations of the IBM 3830 and 2835 Storage Control Units
1972Magnetic Bubble Memory Organization
1972Optimum Storage Allocation for Initial Loading of a File
1972Readout Performance Analysis of a Cryogenic Magneto-optical Data Storage System
1971Characteristics of GaAs Laser Arrays Designed for Beam Addressable Memories
1970Noise and Distortion in Photographic Data Storage
1970Structural-information Storage in Holograms
1969Data Recovery in a Photo-Digital Storage System
1968A Balanced Capacitor Read-Only Storage
1968Error Detection and Correction in a Photo-Digital Storage System
1967Characteristics of the Chain Magnetic Film Storage Element
1967Design Considerations for the Chain Magnetic Storage Array
1967The IBM System/360 Model 91: Storage System
1966Design of a Printed Card Capacitor Read-Only Store
1963On a Queueing Problem Arising in Recirculating Memories
1961A High Track-Density Servo-Access System for Magnetic Recording Disk Storage
1958High-Resolution Magnetic Recording Structures
1958Magnetic-Recording-Head Selection Switch
1958Programs as a Tool for Research in Systems Organization
1958The Role of Large Memories in Scientific Communications
1957A Self-Clocking System for Information Transfer
1957Addressing for Random-Access Storage
1957The Random-Access Memory Accounting Machine—II. The Magnetic-Disk, Random-Access Memory
1957The Random-Access Memory Accounting Machine—I. System Organization of the IBM 305