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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2007Cell Broadband Engine processor: Design and implementation
2006Rapid-turnaround characterization methods for MRAM development
2006Two-level BEOL processing for rapid iteration in MRAM development
2005Blue Gene/L compute chip: Control, test, and bring-up infrastructure
2005High-speed electrical testing of multichip ceramic modules
1998The IBM JBIG-ABIC Verification Suite
1996Accelerated testing for cosmic soft-error rate
1996Field testing for cosmic ray soft errors in semiconductor memories
1996IBM experiments in soft fails in computer electronics (1978-1994)
1996Soft-error Monte Carlo modeling program, SEMM
1996Test methodologies and design automation for IBM ASICs
1995Architectural timing verification of CMOS RISC processors
1994Implementation of the PowerPC 601 microprocessor
1991Enhanced self-test techniques for VLSI systems applied to the IBM Enterprise System/9000 Type 9121 processor
1990A logic chip delay-test method based on system timing
1990Aliasing errors in linear automata used as multiple-input signature analyzers
1990An ac test structure for fast memory arrays
1990Boundary-scan design principles for efficient LSSD ASIC testing
1990Built-in self-test support in the IBM Engineering Design System
1990Design for testability and diagnosis in a VLSI CMOS System/370 processor
1990Improved cutting algorithm
1990LAN interface chip and mixed-signal testing developments
1990Pseudorandom built-in self-test methodology and implementation for the IBM RISC System/6000 processor
1990Self-testing the 16-Mbps adapter chip for the IBM token-ring local area network
1990Simulation of embedded memories by defective hashing
1990Test generation for VLSI chips with embedded memories
1990The development of ultra-high-frequency VLSI device test systems