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IBM Journal of Research and Development

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2006Product-representative “at speed” test structures for CMOS characterization
1997Advanced microprocessor test strategy and methodology
1996Design planning for high-performance ASICs
1996Test methodologies and design automation for IBM ASICs
1995Architectural timing verification of CMOS RISC processors
1995Verity—A formal verification program for custom CMOS circuits
1990A submicron electron-beam tester for VLSI circuits beyond the 4-Mb DRAM
1990A submicron MOSFET parameter extraction technique
1990Electro-optic sampling of high-speed devices and integrated circuits
1990Flexible picosecond probing of integrated circuits with chopped electron beams
1990Internal probing of submicron FETs and photoemission using individual oxide traps
1990Picosecond noninvasive optical detection of internal electrical signals in flip-chip-mounted silicon integrated circuits
1990Picosecond photoelectron microscope for high-speed testing of integrated circuits
1990Picosecond photoemission probing of integrated circuits: Capabilities, limitations, and applications
1989A method for generating weighted random test patterns
1980A Heuristic Test-Pattern Generator for Programmable Logic Arrays
1958On Checking an Adder