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Hide details for ArchitectureArchitecture
1999A framework for information systems architecture
1999System R: An architectural overview
1994A distributed system architecture for a distributed application environment
1994Data access within the Information Warehouse framework
1994Parallelism in relational database management systems
1994Reference architecture for distributed systems management
1993A public key extension to the Common Cryp-tographic Architecture
1993Advanced Function Printing—From print to presentation
1992Architectural directions for opening IBM networks: The case of OSI
1992Data description and conversion architecture
1992Evolution of an open communications architecture
1992Extending and formalizing the framework for information systems architecture
1992Inside IBM's Distributed Data Management architecture
1992Role of the DASD storage control in an Enterprise Systems Connection environment
1992SNA Management Services architecture for APPN networks
1992The BiProcessor: A merger of two architectures
1992The evolution of the Common User Access Workplace Model
1992The Open Document Architecture: From stan-dardization to the market
1992The RACE Open Services Architecture project
1991Common Cryptographic Architecture Cryptographic Application Programming Interface
1991ESA/390 interpretive-execution architecture, foundation for VM/ESA
1990AD/Cycle strategy and architecture
1990Personal systems image application architecture: Lessons learned from the ImagEdit program
1990The Image Object Content Architecture
1989Concepts of Enterprise Systems Architecture/370
1989Enterprise Systems Architecture/370: An architecture for multiple virtual space access and authorization
1989Large systems and Enterprise Systems Architecture
1988An architecture for a business and information system
1988Application enabling in SAA
1988COBOL/2: The next generation in applications programming
1988Common Communications Support in Systems Application Architecture
1988Common User Access—A consistent and usable human-computer interface for the SAA environments
1988Designing SAA applications and user interfaces
1988Distributed database for SAA
1988Distributed files for SAA
1988Enabling the user interface
1988Integrating applications with SAA
1988Introduction to Systems Application Architecture
1988SAA distributed processing
1988The Cross System Product application generator: An evolution
1988Understanding device drivers in Operating System/2
1987A framework for information systems architecture
1987A perspective on the 801/Reduced Instruction Set Computer
1987The IBM RT PC ROMP processor and memory management unit architecture
1986IBM small-system architecture and design—Past, present, and future
1986Impact of memory systems on computer architecture and system organization
1986Systems architecture in transition—An overview
1986The IBM 3090 system: An overview
1986The IBM System/370 vector architecture
1985A programming process architecture
1985An information technology architecture for change
1985Customer Information Control System- evolving system facility
1985Information System Model and Architecture Generator
1985The System Planning Grid: A model for building integrated information systems
1984An application analyzer
1984Architecture implications in the design of microprocessors
1984Architecture prototyping in the software engineering environment
1984Ease of use: A system design challenge
1984System/370 capability in a desktop computer
1983A simple architecture for consistent application program design
1982SNA flow control: Architecture and implementation
1982The Document Interchange Architecture: A member of a family of architectures in the SNA environment
1981Electronic information interchange in an office environment
1981System R: An architectural overview
1980Application development system: The software architecture of the IBM Health Care Support/DL/I-Patient Care System
1980Architecture of the IBM 3277 Graphics Attachment
1980Software architecture for graphical interaction
1980The management of software engineering, Part II: Software engineering program
1979An introduction to network architectures and protocols
1978Administrative control of computing service
1978IBM's Santa Teresa Laboratory—Architectural design for program development
1977The information management system IMS/VS, Part I: General structure and operation
1976Service levels: A concept for the user and the computer center
1976Systems Network Architecture: An overview
1976The transmission subsystem in Systems Network Architecture
1975Overview of the Supermarket System and the Retail Store System
1973Functional structure of IBM virtual storage operating systems, Part III: Architecture and design of DOS/VS
1972Channel and direct access device architecture
1970A virtual machine time-sharing system
1968Structural aspects of the System/360 Model 85, Part III: Extensions to floating-point architecture
1968Structural aspects of the System/360 Model 85, Part II: The cache
1968Structural aspects of the System/360 Model 85, Part I: General organization
1967An application-oriented multiprocessing system, Part III: Control program features
1967An application-oriented multiprocessing system, Part II: Design characteristics of the 9020 system
1967An application-oriented multiprocessing system, Part IV: The operational error analysis program
1967An application-oriented multiprocessing system, Part I: Introduction
1967An application-oriented multiprocessing system, Part VI: Programs for the intended application
1967An application-oriented multiprocessing system, Part V: The diagnostic monitor
1964A formal description of SYSTEM/360
1964The structure of SYSTEM/360, Part III: Processing unit design considerations
1964The structure of SYSTEM/360, Part II: System implementations
1964The structure of SYSTEM/360, Part IV: Channel design considerations
1964The structure of SYSTEM/360, Part I: Outline of the logical structure
1964The structure of SYSTEM/360, Part V: Multisystem organization
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