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1994Architecture and applications of the Hy+ visualization system
1993A storage subsystem for image and records management
1993Advanced Function Printing—From print to presentation
1993System for the recognition of human faces
1993The continuing evolution of Advanced Function Printing
1992Interactive image segmentation for radiation treatment planning
1992NetView Version 2 Release 3 Graphic Monitor Facility: Network management graphics support for the 1990s
1991Technical note—The WATINFO face server and associated utilities
1990AS/400 ImagePlus system view
1990Experience gained in implementing ImagePlus
1990Image system communications
1990ImagePlus as a model for application solution development
1990ImagePlus High Performance Transaction System
1990ImagePlus Workstation Program
1990Intelligent Forms Processing
1990Introduction to image technology
1990Large-scale image systems: USAA case study
1990Object storage hierarchy management
1990Operational image systems: A new opportunity
1990Personal systems image application architecture: Lessons learned from the ImagEdit program
1990The Image Object Content Architecture
1989Data visualization in archaeology
1989Designing molecules and crystals by computer
1989DS-Viewer- interactive graphical data structure presentation facility
1989Technical note—Computer sculpture
1988Advanced Function Printing: A tutorial
1988An introduction to typographic fonts and digital font resources
1988Architectures of Advanced Function Printing
1988VGA-sign choices for a new video subsystem
1987Visual interpretation of complex data
1986The evolution of printers and displays
1985A professional graphics controller
1985Standardized graphics on the IBM Personal Computer
1984Use of images in commercial and office systems
1980A graphic interactive application monitor
1980A high-resolution computer graphics system
1980An APL approach to presentation graphics
1980Architecture of the IBM 3277 Graphics Attachment
1980Experimental page makeup of text with graphics on a raster printer
1980Interactive graphics today
1980Software architecture for graphical interaction
1978Experiments in computer-aided graphic expression
1978The development of software systems to aid in physical planning
1975The characteristics and decodability of the Universal Product Code symbol
1973An interactive graphics system for analysis of business decisions
1972System aspects of large-problem computation and display
1971A computer graphics system for block diagram problems
1970Interactive aeronautical charting
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: A conversational display capability
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: A language for three-dimensional geometry
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: A multilevel modeling structure for interactive graphic design
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: A subroutine package for FORTRAN
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: A system for implementing interactive applications
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: An algorithm for generating spline-like curves
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: Analysis and display of physics data
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: Aspects of display technology
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: Auxiliary-storage associative data structure for PL/I
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: Cam design on a graphics console
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: Conversational job control
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: Geometric relationships for retrieval of geographic information
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: Geometry for construction and display
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: Implementation and usage
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: Interactive aspects of crystal structure analysis
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: Modeling in three dimensions
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: Neutron cross-section evaluation
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: Principles of interactive systems
1965Algorithm for computer control of a digital plotter
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