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1999A description of the SIMSCRIPT language
1999NIL: A high-level language for distributed systems programming
1999Programming notation in systems design
1993Morphologically based automatic phonetic transcription
1992A common compiler for LOTOS and SDL specifications
1992Customized systems for engineering applications
1992Data description and conversion architecture
1992Prolog at IBM: An advanced and evolving application development technology
1991A C programming model for OS/2 device drivers
1991A personal view of APL
1991Advanced applications of APL: logic programming, neural networks, and hypertext
1991APL2 as a specification language for statistics
1991APL2: Getting started
1991Extending the domain of APL
1991FORTRAN for clusters of IBM ES/3090 multiprocessors
1991Language as an intellectual tool: From hieroglyphics to APL
1991Parallel expression in the APL2 language
1991Partial compilation of REXX
1991Putting a new face on APL2
1991Storage management in IBM APL systems
1991The APL IL Interpreter Generator
1991The foundations of suitability of APL2 for music
1991The IBM family of APL systems
1991Verification of the IBM RISC System/6000 by a dynamic biased pseudo-random test program generator
1989REXX on TSO/E
1988IBM Parallel FORTRAN
1986Prolog for applications programming
1985An APL system for the IBM Personal Computer
1985Design considerations for IBM Personal Computer Professional FORTRAN, an optimizing compiler
1985The C programming language and a C compiler
1984The design of the REXX language
1983NIL: A high-level language for distributed systems programming
1983The system architecture of EAS-E: An integrated programming and data base language
1982Office-by-Example: A business language that unifies data and word processing and electronic mail
1978A method for the time analysis of programs
1978The Extended Control Language of MPSX/370 and possible applications
1977An APL interpreter and system for a small computer
1977Query-by-Example: A data base language
1976An APL emulator on System/370
1976Composite design facilities of six programming languages
1976Top-down development using a program design language
1973Design of a checkout compiler
1972Encoding verbal information as unique numbers
1972Numerical control for machining complex surfaces
1971FORTRAN extended-precision library
1971The formal description of programming languages
1970Code-generation technique for large-language compilers
1969Problem formulation using APL
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: A conversational display capability
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: A language for three-dimensional geometry
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: A subroutine package for FORTRAN
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: Auxiliary-storage associative data structure for PL/I
1966Macro language design for SYSTEM/360
1965Serial compilation and the 1401 FORTRAN compiler
1964A character computer for high-level language interpretation
1964A description of the SIMSCRIPT language
1964A formal description of SYSTEM/360
1963Design of an integrated programming and operating system, Part IV: The system's FORTRAN compiler
1963Design of an integrated programming and operating system, Part V: The system's COBOL compiler
1963Programming notation in systems design
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