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1994Deriving programs using generic algorithms
1994In-process improvement through defect data interpretation
1993The business case for software reuse
1992A decomposition method for quadratic programming
1992A global approach to crew-pairing optimization
1992A systematic approach to OSL application programming
1992Frontier: A graphical interface for portfolio optimization in a piecewise linear-quadratic risk framework
1992Implementing interior point linear programming methods in the Optimization Subroutine Library
1992Implementing the simplex method for the Optimization Subroutine Library
1992Internal combustion engine design on IBM platforms
1992Introduction to the IBM Optimization Subroutine Library
1992Numerical simulation of reactive flow on the IBM ES/3090 Vector Multiprocessor
1992Recent developments and future directions in mathematical programming
1991APL2 as a specification language for statistics
1991FORTRAN for clusters of IBM ES/3090 multiprocessors
1989Concurrent computing by sequential staging of tasks
1989Technical note—Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library Release 3 for IBM ES/3090 vector multiprocessors
1988Effective utilization of IBM 3090 large virtual storage in the numerically intensive computations of ab initio molecular orbitals
1988Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library for the IBM 3090 Vector Facility
1988IBM Parallel FORTRAN
1988IBM’s directions in technical computing
1988Interactive computations and display of characteristics of the radiation scattered by a sphere: A demonstration for PS/2 Model 80
1988lCAP 3090: Parallel processing for large-scale scientific and engineering problems
1988PAM-CRASH on the IBM 3090/VF: An integrated environment for crash analysis
1988Programming style on the IBM 3090 Vector Facility considering both performance and flexibility
1988Seismic computations on the IBM 3090 Vector Multiprocessor
1984Analysis of free-storage algorithms-visited
1983Software reliability analysis
1982Analytic queuing model for CICS capacity planning
1980A system for constructing linear programming models
1979State sampling of interactive VM/370 users
1978Solving the installation scheduling problem using mixed integer linear programming
1978The Extended Control Language of MPSX/370 and possible applications
1975Elements of queuing theory for system design
1975The characteristics and decodability of the Universal Product Code symbol
1974Elements of probability for system design
1974Optimizing program placement in virtual systems
1972Encoding verbal information as unique numbers
1972Numerical control for machining complex surfaces
1972System aspects of large-problem computation and display
1971An analysis of the machine interference model
1971Analysis of free-storage algorithms
1971FORTRAN extended-precision library
1971Real-time traffic flow optimization
1971The application of formal logic to programs and programming
1971The formal description of programming languages
1970A heuristic approach to task dispatching
1970A model of floating buffering
1970A structure for real-time Stenotype transcription
1970Single-server queuing processes in computing systems
1969A network algorithm for empty freight car allocation
1969A pseudo-random number generator for the System/360
1969Coding for error control
1969Determining economic sampling plans
1969Internal sorting with minimal comparing
1969Problem formulation using APL
1968A multi-item economic lot-sizing problem
1968An economic lot-sizing technique, Part II: Mathematical analysis of the part-period algorithm
1968An economic lot-sizing technique, Part I: The part-period algorithm
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: An algorithm for generating spline-like curves
1968Interactive Graphics in Data Processing: Geometry for construction and display
1968Turnaround time for messages of differing priorities
1967Evaluation of redundancy in a parallel algorithm
1967High-speed calculation of the critical paths of large networks
1966A computer program for the statistical analysis of series of events
1966A queuing model for a simple case of time sharing
1966A study of replacement algorithms for a virtual-storage computer
1966Computation of ex with the use of large tables
1966Kernel analysis of elliptic partial differential equations
1966Merge-sort analysis by matrix techniques
1966On teleprocessing system design, Part IV: An analysis of auxiliary-storage activity
1966On teleprocessing system design, Part V: A technique for estimating channel interference
1965A computer-aided linkage analysis system
1965A technique to control waiting time in a queue
1965Algorithm for computer control of a digital plotter
1965Algorithms for traffic-signal control
1965An analysis of floating-point addition
1965An interpretive program for matrix arithmetic
1965Computer channel interference analysis
1965Fabrication and assembly operations, Part III: Matrix methods for processing configuration data
1965Fabrication and assembly operations, Part IV: Linear programming in production planning
1965On the reliability of polymorphic systems
1965The construction of discrete dynamic programming algorithms
1964Algorithm for a gear-train problem
1964Storage requirements for a data exchange
1963A pattern identification system using linear decision functions
1963Dynamic storage allocation for a real-time system
1963Generation of input data for simulations
1963Note on random addressing techniques
1963On the location of supply points to minimize transportation costs
1963Optimum response analysis
1963Project evaluation and selection
1963Statistical classification techniques
1962A program for optimal control of nonlinear processes
1962Note—On modifying the 1620 ADD table
1962Note—The trim problem
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