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1992AIX NetView/6000
1992APPC/MVS distributed application support
1992Architectural directions for opening IBM networks: The case of OSI
1992Evolution of an open communications architecture
1992IBM network management strategy
1992Management of multivendor networks
1992Managing session performance using the NetView Performance Monitor
1992Naming and registration for IBM distributed systems
1992NetView Version 2 Release 3 Graphic Monitor Facility: Network management graphics support for the 1990s
1992Network and system automation and remote system operation
1992Project Athena: Supporting distributed computing at MIT
1992RODM: A control information base
1992Service and traffic management for IBCN
1992SNA Management Services architecture for APPN networks
1991SNA route generation using traffic patterns
1989Managing changes in SNA networks
1989System-independent file management and distribution services
1988An architecture for a business and information system
1988An integrated network management product
1988Common Communications Support in Systems Application Architecture
1988SAA distributed processing
1988SNA network management directions
1988Utilizing the SNA Alert in the management of multivendor networks
1987A large-scale computer conferencing system
1987A perspective on Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking
1987Implementing System/36 Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking
1987Prospects and design choices for integrated private networks
1987SNA: Current requirements and direction
1987Structures for networks of systems
1986Network management software usability test design and implementation
1986Open Systems Interconnection
1986The System Usability Process for Network Management Products
1984Performance issues in local-area networks
1983A token-ring network for local data communications
1983Advanced program-to-program communication in SNA
1983An application of network management at a large computing service
1983An experimental address space isolation technique for SNA networks
1983Communications Network Management enhancements for SNA networks: An overview
1983Defining routing tables for SNA networks
1983Interconnecting SNA networks
1983Logical problem determination for SNA networks
1983Performance and availability measurement of the IBM Information Network
1983Reflections on VM/Pass-Through: A facility for interactive networking
1983SNA Distribution Services
1983SNA routing: Past, present, and possible future
1983Teletex—A worldwide link among office systems for electronic document exchange
1983Windows in the sky—Flow control in SNA networks with satellite links
1983X and related recommendations in IBM products
1982SNA flow control: Architecture and implementation
1980A sidestream approach using a small processor as a tool for managing communication systems
1980Distributed processing communications software support for operation within an SNA network
1979An integrated approach to centralized communications network management
1979An introduction to network architectures and protocols
1979Evolution of a laboratory communication network
1979Evolution of a virtual machine subsystem
1979Performance analysis of complex communications systems
1979Potential technology implications for computers and telecommunications in the 1980s
1979Public data networks: Their evolution, interfaces, and status
1979Routing and flow control in Systems Network Architecture
1979SNA and emerging international standards
1979SNA multiple-system networking
1978Cryptography architecture for information security
1978Enhanced problem determination capability for teleprocessing
1978Job networking
1978Network job entry facility for JES2
1977CICS/VS and its role in Systems Network Architecture
1976Experiments in line quality monitoring
1976Systems Network Architecture: An overview
1976The role of the Network Control Program in Systems Network Architecture
1976The transmission subsystem in Systems Network Architecture
1976The Virtual Telecommunications Access Method: A Systems Network Architecture perspective
1973Describing data in computer networks
1973Protocol for a computer network
1972Evaluation of an interactive-batch system network
1969A teleprocessing approach using standard equipment
1968Turnaround time for messages of differing priorities
1967High-speed calculation of the critical paths of large networks
1966On teleprocessing system design, Part III: An analysis of a request-queued buffer pool
1966On teleprocessing system design, Part II: A method for approximating the optimal network
1966On teleprocessing system design, Part IV: An analysis of auxiliary-storage activity
1966On teleprocessing system design, Part I: Characteristic problems
1966On teleprocessing system design, Part VI: The role of digital simulation
1966On teleprocessing system design, Part V: A technique for estimating channel interference
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