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1999A programming process study
1999Design and code inspections to reduce errors in program development
1999Programming notation in systems design
1999Structured design
1999The impact of object-orientation on application development
1999The management of software engineering, Part I: Principles of software engineering
1999Visual programming: Perspectives and approaches
1994Adopting Cleanroom software engineering with a phased approach
1994Deriving programs using generic algorithms
1994Forging a silver bullet from the essence of software
1994Investigating reverse engineering technologies for the CAS program understanding project
1994Journey to a mature software process
1994RE-Analyzer: From source code to structured analysis
1994Software quality: An overview from the perspective of total quality management
1994Technical forum: Programming quality improvement in IBM
1994Technical note: reliability modeling and soft-ware quality
1994The impact of object-oriented technology on software quality: Three case histories
1993Box-structured methods for systems development with objects
1993Implementing Critical Success Factors in software reuse
1993Measurement: The key to application development quality
1993Process automation in software application development
1993Rapid Delivery: An evolutionary approach for application development
1993Software reuse: From library to factory
1993Technical forum—A reusable parts center
1993The business case for software reuse
1993The impact of object-orientation on application development
1992A common compiler for LOTOS and SDL specifications
1992A decomposition method for quadratic programming
1992A systematic approach to OSL application programming
1992Estimating the fault rate function
1992Recent developments and future directions in mathematical programming
1992The European telecommunications research and development program RACE and its software project SPECS
1991A base for portable communications software
1991Integrated hypertext and program understanding tools
1991Modeling and software development quality
1990AD/Cycle strategy and architecture
1990Cross System Product application generator: Application design
1990Data modeling for software development
1990Experiences with Defect Prevention
1990Implementing the Defect Prevention Process in the MVS Interactive programming organization
1990Implementing tool support for box structures
1990Re-engineering software: A case study
1990Repository Manager technology
1990The role of work management in application development
1990User interface services in AD/Cycle
1990Using box structures for definition of requirements specifications
1989A message management system for personal computers
1989A new development rhythm for AS/400 software
1989A program understanding support environment
1989DS-Viewer- interactive graphical data structure presentation facility
1989Object-oriented programming
1989Program understanding: Challenge for the 1990s
1989Visual programming: Perspectives and approaches
1988Application enabling in SAA
1988COBOL/2: The next generation in applications programming
1988Distributed database for SAA
1988Effective utilization of IBM 3090 large virtual storage in the numerically intensive computations of ab initio molecular orbitals
1988Enabling the user interface
1988Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library for the IBM 3090 Vector Facility
1988IBM’s directions in technical computing
1988Programming style on the IBM 3090 Vector Facility considering both performance and flexibility
1988The Cross System Product application generator: An evolution
1987Advanced Interactive Executive program development environment
1987An incidence-matrix-driven panel system for the IBM PC
1987Box structured information systems
1986Software engineering: An emerging discipline
1985A process-integrated approach to defect prevention
1985A programming process architecture
1985A programming process study
1985Automating the software development process
1985PDM: A requirements methodology for software system enhancements
1985Programming process productivity measurement system for System/370
1985Quality emphasis at IBM's Software Engineering Institute
1985The IBM large-systems software development process: Objectives and direction
1984A comparative study of system response time on program developer productivity
1984Architecture prototyping in the software engineering environment
1984Factors affecting programmer productivity during application development
1984Playback: A method for evaluating the usability of software and its documentation
1984The design of the REXX language
1983A simple architecture for consistent application program design
1983Abstract design and program translator: New tools for software design
1983Automatic generation of random self-checking test cases
1983Design and use of a program execution analyzer
1983Full-screen testing of interactive applications
1983Software reliability analysis
1983The Project Automated Librarian
1983The system architecture of EAS-E: An integrated programming and data base language
1982Business Systems Planning and Business Information Control Study: A comparison
1982How data flow can improve application development productivity
1982Technique for assessing external design of software
1982Towards an integrated development environment
1981A perspective on software science
1981Natural language programming: Styles, strategies, and contrasts
1981System Productivity Facility
1981User-definable software applied to a real-time ambient air quality monitoring system
1980A system for constructing linear programming models
1980Application development system: The software architecture of the IBM Health Care Support/DL/I-Patient Care System
1980GREENPRINT: A graphic representation of structured programs
1980The management of software engineering, Part III: Software design practices
1980The management of software engineering, Part II: Software engineering program
1980The management of software engineering, Part IV: Software development practices
1980The management of software engineering, Part I: Principles of software engineering
1980The management of software engineering, Part V: Software engineering management practices
1980The Modular Application Customizing System
1979Automatic programming for energy management using sensor based computers
1978A method for the time analysis of programs
1978Data Stream Linkage Mechanism
1978IBM's Santa Teresa Laboratory—Architectural design for program development
1978Measuring programming quality and productivity
1978Solving the installation scheduling problem using mixed integer linear programming
1978The Extended Control Language of MPSX/370 and possible applications
1977A method of programming measurement and estimation
1976A model of large program development
1976Design and code inspections to reduce errors in program development
1976HIPO and integrated program design
1976Top-down development using a program design language
1975A program generator
1975Structured programming for virtual storage systems
1974Design of tightly-coupled multiprocessing programming
1974Structured design
1973Design of a checkout compiler
1973User program performance in virtual storage systems
1972A guide to programming tools and techniques
1972Chief programmer team management of production programming
1972Readings in microprogramming
1971Program restructuring for virtual memory
1971Programming for economic lot-sizes with precedences between items
1971The application of formal logic to programs and programming
1970Automatic generation of test cases
1970Code-generation technique for large-language compilers
1970Compiler assignment of data items to registers
1969An auxiliary processing system for array calculations
1969Measurement of system operational statistics
1969Problem formulation using APL
1967An application-oriented multiprocessing system, Part V: The diagnostic monitor
1967Microprogram control for SYSTEM/360
1966Macro language design for SYSTEM/360
1965An interpretive program for matrix arithmetic
1965Fabrication and assembly operations, Part IV: Linear programming in production planning
1965Notes on testing real-time system programs
1965On dynamic program relocation
1965Serial compilation and the 1401 FORTRAN compiler
1965The construction of discrete dynamic programming algorithms
1964A concordance generator
1964A formal description of SYSTEM/360
1964Design of an integrated programming and operating system, Part VI: Implementation on the 7040/44 data processing system
1963Design of an integrated programming and operating system, Part III: The expanded function of the loader
1963Design of an integrated programming and operating system, Part II: The assembly program and its language
1963Design of an integrated programming and operating system, Part IV: The system's FORTRAN compiler
1963Design of an integrated programming and operating system, Part I: System considerations and the monitor
1963Design of an integrated programming and operating system, Part V: The system's COBOL compiler
1963Programming considerations for the 7750
1963Programming notation in systems design
1963Recovery for computer switchover in a real-time system
1962A program for optimal control of nonlinear processes
1962Note—On modifying the 1620 ADD table
1962Note—The trim problem
1962Tables, flow charts, and program logic
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