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1993A storage subsystem for image and records management
1993I/O subsystem configurations for ESA: New roles for processor storage
1992Role of the DASD storage control in an Enterprise Systems Connection environment
1991Storage management in IBM APL systems
1991VM/ESA CMS Shared File System
1990Object storage hierarchy management
1990Repository Manager technology
1989Evolution of the DASD storage control
1989Storage hierarchies
1989System-managed storage
1989VM/XA SP2 minidisk cache
1989VM/XA storage management
1986Impact of memory systems on computer architecture and system organization
1986Vector system performance of the IBM 3090
1985Cache-DASD storage design for improving system performance
1984Analysis of free-storage algorithms-visited
1981Capacity analysis of the Mass Storage System
1979Potential technology implications for computers and telecommunications in the 1980s
1978National Westminster Bank mass storage archiving
1977MARC: MVS archival storage and recovery program
1974Optimizing program placement in virtual systems
1973Indexing design considerations
1973User program performance in virtual storage systems
1972Encoding verbal information as unique numbers
1972Virtual storage and virtual machine concepts
1971Analysis of free-storage algorithms
1971Program restructuring for virtual memory
1970Evaluation techniques for storage hierarchies
1969Effects of storage contention on system performance
1969Hierarchical structure for data management
1966A study of replacement algorithms for a virtual-storage computer
1966On teleprocessing system design, Part IV: An analysis of auxiliary-storage activity
1965An interpretive program for matrix arithmetic
1965On dynamic program relocation
1964Storage requirements for a data exchange
1963Dynamic storage allocation for a real-time system
1963File organization and addressing
1963Note on random addressing techniques
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