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2008A runtime-adaptable service bus design for telecom operations support systems
2008Accounting for platform effects in the design of real-time software using model-based methods
2008BEAM: A framework for business ecosystem analysis and modeling
2008Business-process-driven gray-box SOA testing
2008Business services as communication patterns: A work practice approach for analyzing service encounters
2008Complexity of service value networks: Conceptualization and empirical investigation
2008Creating and maintaining coherency in loosely coupled systems
2008Designing a service science discipline with discipline
2008DRIVE: A tool for developing, deploying, and managing distributed sensor and actuator applications
2008Estimating value in service systems: A case study of a repair service system
2008Event-processing network model and implementation
2008Generating real-time complex event-processing applications
2008Harmony: Holistic messaging middleware for event-driven systems
2008Improving service delivery through integrated quality initiatives: A case study
2008Increasing business flexibility and SOA adoption through effective SOA governance
2008Legal research topics in user-centric services
2008Managed service paradox
2008Message from the General Manager, Global Consulting Services and SOA
2008Message from the Senior Vice President, Global Business Services
2008Message from the Vice President of Strategy and Technology, IBM Software Group
2008Model-driven synthesis of SOA solutions
2008Patterns for real-world-aware and real-time solutions
2008Patterns of innovation in service industries
2008Predicting customer choice in services using discrete choice analysis
2008Pulsar: A resource-control architecture for time-critical service-oriented applications
2008Real-time Linux in real time
2008Responsive systems: An introduction
2008Service science: At the intersection of management, social, and engineering sciences
2008Service science: Catalyst for change in business school curricula
2008Service system fundamentals: Work system, value chain, and life cycle
2008SOMA-ME: A platform for the model-driven design of SOA solutions
2008SOMA: A method for developing service-oriented solutions
2008The IBM telecommunications service delivery platform
2008The read-copy-update mechanism for supporting real-time applications on shared-memory multiprocessor systems with Linux
2008Toward a conceptual foundation for service science: Contributions from service-dominant logic
2008Toward scalable real-time messaging
2007A configuration management database architecture in support of IBM Service Management
2007A graph-theoretical approach for pattern discovery in epidemiological research
2007A health-care data model based on the HL7 Reference Information Model
2007A model for CIO-led innovation
2007A static compliance-checking framework for business process models
2007A survey of static analysis methods for identifying security vulnerabilities in software systems
2007Adding value to the IT organization with the Component Business Model
2007Addressing the data aspects of compliance with industry models
2007An integration model for organizing IT service management
2007An overview of IBM Service Management
2007Analytics-driven solutions for customer targeting and sales-force allocation
2007Ariadne: An Eclipse-based system for tracking originality of source code
2007Artifact-centered operational modeling: Lessons from customer engagements
2007Best practices and tools for personal information compliance management
2007BIMS: An information management system for biobanking in the 21st century
2007Catalog-based service request management
2007Changing the corporate IT development model: Tapping the power of grassroots computing
2007Compliance with data protection laws using Hippocratic Database active enforcement and auditing
2007Contents of Volume 46, 2007
2007Core business architecture for a service-oriented enterprise
2007Engaging a corporate community to manage technology and embrace innovation
2007Evolving standards for IT service management
2007From a technology-oriented to a service-oriented approach to IT management
2007IBM business transformation enabled by service-oriented architecture
2007IBM Service Management architecture
2007Infrastructure for a clinical-decision-intelligence system
2007Integrated change and configuration management
2007Integration of domain-specific IT processes and tools in IBM Service Management
2007IT Autopilot: A flexible IT service management and delivery platform for small and medium business
2007IT service management architecture and autonomic computing
2007IT solutions for imaging biomarkers in biopharmaceutical research and development
2007MedTAKMI-CDI: Interactive knowledge discovery for clinical decision intelligence
2007Message from the Senior Vice President, Enterprise On Demand Transformation & Information Technology
2007Model analysis for business event processing
2007Monitoring chronically ill patients using mobile technologies
2007On optimizing the selection of business transformation projects
2007Optimized enterprise risk management
2007Prospects for simplifying ITSM-based management through self-managing resources
2007Remote health-care monitoring using Personal Care Connect
2007Role of an auditing and reporting service in compliance management
2007Seeing is believing: Designing visualizations for managing risk and compliance
2007Sense-and-respond supply chain using model-driven techniques
2007Technical Forum : WORM storage is not enough
2007The Health Record Banking imperative: A conceptual model
2007The innovative bundling of teleradiology, telepathology, and teleoncology services
2007The internal information transformation of IBM
2007The process of building a Process Manager: Architecture and design patterns
2007The seventh layer of the clinical-genomics information infrastructure
2007Using a model-driven transformational approach and service-oriented architecture for service delivery management
2007Varieties of interoperability in the transformation of the health-care information infrastructure
2007Voice-enabled IT transformation: The new voice technologies
2006A context-aware smart-call-center solution: Improving customer service for online games
2006A marketing maturity model for IT: Building a customer-centric IT organization
2006A measurement framework for evaluating model-based test generation tools
2006A Rational approach to model-driven development
2006Activity Explorer: Activity-centric collaboration from research to product
2006Activity management as a Web service
2006Architectural thinking and modeling with the Architects’ Workbench
2006Beyond predictable workflows: Enhancing productivity in artful business processes
2006Business activity patterns: A new model for collaborative business applications
2006Business processes for Web Services: Principles and applications
2006Content protection for games
2006Contents of Volume 45, 2006
2006Cost-based optimization in DB2 XML
2006DB2 goes hybrid: Integrating native XML and XQuery with relational data and SQL
2006Emerging patterns in the use of XML for information modeling in vertical industries
2006Enhancing XML search with XQuery 1.0 and XPath 2.0 Full-Text
2006Ethnographic study of collaborative knowledge work
2006Feature-based survey of model transformation approaches
2006Following the sun: Case studies in global software development
2006Generation of efficient parsers through direct compilation of XML Schema grammars
2006High-performance server systems and the next generation of online games
2006Integration of SQL and XQuery in IBM DB2
2006Machines in the conversation: Detecting themes and trends in informal communication streams
2006Model-driven development: Assets and reuse
2006Model-driven development: The good, the bad, and the ugly
2006Model-driven systems development
2006Model Driven Development for Business Performance Management
2006Model traceability
2006MPI microtask for programming the Cell Broadband Engine™ processor
2006Multilevel models in model-driven engineering, product lines, and metaprogramming
2006On demand platform for online games
2006Online games and e-business: Architecture for integrating business models and services into online games
2006Rational Software Architect: A tool for domain-specific modeling
2006Revolutionary impact of XML on biomedical information interoperability
2006Running Quake II on a grid
2006System-performance modeling for massively multiplayer online role-playing games
2006Technical context and cultural consequences of XML
2006Technical forum: Using logical data models for understanding and transforming legacy business applications
2006Technical forum: Communication-minded visualization: A call to action
2006The importance of sibling clustering for efficient bulkload of XML document trees
2006UML 2: A model-driven development tool
2006Uncovering the to-dos hidden in your in-box
2006Using advanced compiler technology to exploit the performance of the Cell Broadband Engine™ architecture
2006Using ontology to support development of software architectures
2006Virtual XML: A toolbox and use cases for the XML world view
2006XML mapping technology: Making connections in an XML-centric world
2006XQuery Full-Text extensions explained
2005A history of IBM’s open-source involvement and strategy
2005A Linux-based tool for hardware bring up, Linux development, and manufacturing
2005A middleware performance characterization of Linux using IBM WebSphere Application Server
2005A model-driven approach to industrializing discovery processes in pharmaceutical research
2005A mouse adapter for people with hand tremor
2005A proposed architecture for integrating accessibility test tools
2005A technical framework for sense-and-respond business management
2005Accessibility requirements for systems design to accommodate users with vision impairments
2005Accessibility, transcription, and access everywhere
2005Aligning technology and business: Applying patterns for legacy transformation
2005An architecture and applications for speech-based accessibility systems
2005Analysis and simulation of business solutions in a service-oriented architecture
2005Are guidelines enough? An introduction to designing Web sites accessible to older people
2005Aspect-oriented programming with AspectJ
2005Building applications for the Linux Standard Base
2005Business-driven application security: From modeling to managing secure applications
2005Colombo: Lightweight middleware for service-oriented computing
2005Contents of Volume 44, 2005
2005Contributions to the GNU Compiler Collection
2005Declarative techniques for model-driven business process integration
2005Designing software architectures to facilitate accessible Web applications
2005Empowering the business analyst for on demand computing
2005Evaluating accessibility by simulating the experiences of users with vision or motor impairments
2005Events and service-oriented architecture: The OASIS Web Services Notification specification
2005Experience with K42, an open-source, Linux-compatible, scalable operating-system kernel
2005Impact of service-oriented architecture on enterprise systems, organizational structures, and individuals
2005Impact of service orientation at the business level
2005Implementing a learning management system globally: An innovative change management approach
2005Improving Web accessibility through an enhanced open-source browser
2005Injecting roles in Java agents through runtime bytecode manipulation
2005Integrating Web technologies in Eclipse
2005Management of the service-oriented-architecture life cycle
2005Managing usability for people with disabilities in a large Web presence
2005Mapping the future in science-intensive industries: Lessons from the pharmaceutical industry
2005Message from the Vice Presidents, Industry Solutions and Emerging Businesses and On Demand Innovation Services
2005Message from the Vice President, IBM Asset and Integration Technology, Software Group
2005MMBase: An open-source content management system
2005Models for semantic interoperability in service-oriented architectures
2005Open-source versus proprietary software: Is one more reliable and secure than the other?
2005Opening minds: Cultural change with the introduction of open-source collaboration methods
2005Personalization, interaction, and navigation in rich multimedia documents for print-disabled users
2005Providing Linux 2.6 support for the zSeries platform
2005Realizing service-oriented solutions with the IBM Rational Software Development Platform
2005Semantic triage for increased Web accessibility
2005Service-oriented architecture: Programming model and product architecture
2005Supporting aspect-oriented software development with the Concern Manipulation Environment
2005The Eclipse 3.0 platform: Adopting OSGi technology
2005The Enterprise Service Bus: Making service-oriented architecture real
2005The Jikes Research Virtual Machine project: Building an open-source research community
2005The role of e-marketplaces in relationship-based supply chains: A survey
2005The use of open-source software in the IBM corporate portal
2005The value of open standards and open-source software in government environments
2005Toward an on demand service-oriented architecture
2005Universal access to ambient intelligence environments: Opportunities and challenges for people with disabilities
2005Virtual Linux servers under z/VM: Security, performance, and administration issues
2005Web Services Navigator: Visualizing the execution of Web Services
2004A Logger System based on Web services
2004A text-mining system for knowledge discovery from biomedical documents
2004A Web content serving utility
2004Abstract interdomain security assertions: A basis for extra-grid virtual organizations
2004An architecture for the coordination of system management services
2004Building an example application with the Unstructured Information Management Architecture
2004Business process choreography in WebSphere: Combining the power of BPEL and J2EE
2004Contents of Volume 43, 2004
2004Design and implementation of an enterprise grid
2004Design and implementation of the UIMA Common Analysis System
2004Design of an enablement process for on demand applications
2004Designing WebSphere Application Server for performance: An evolutionary approach
2004Eclipse: A platform for integrating development tools
2004Enabling distributed enterprise integration with WebSphere and DB2 Information Integrator
2004Evolution of grid computing architecture and grid adoption models
2004Global namespace for files
2004Glossary extraction and utilization in the information search and delivery system for IBM Technical Support
2004How to build a WebFountain: An architecture for very large-scale text analytics
2004Issues in the development of transactional Web applications
2004Market Intelligence Portal: An entity-based system for managing market intelligence
2004MyMed: A database system for biomedical research on MEDLINE data
2004On demand Web-client technologies
2004Policy-based automated provisioning
2004Preparing for utility computing: The role of IT architecture and relationship management
2004Price-at-Risk: A methodology for pricing utility computing services
2004Service domains
2004Summarizing technical support documents for search: Expert and user studies
2004Text analytics for life science using the Unstructured Information Management Architecture
2004The Four-Domain Architecture: An approach to support enterprise architecture design
2004The role of ontologies in autonomic computing systems
2004The utility business model and the future of computing services
2004The utility metering service of the Universal Management Infrastructure
2004Towards an information infrastructure for the grid
2004Towards the next generation of enterprise search technology
2004Using a utility computing framework to develop utility systems
2004Utility computing SLA management based upon business objectives
2004Web services on demand: WSLA-driven automated management
2004WebSphere Application Server: A foundation for on demand computing
2004WebSphere Business Integration: An architectural overview
2004WebSphere connector architecture evolution
2004WebSphere Dynamic Cache: Improving J2EE application performance
2004WebSphere Portal: Unified user access to content, applications, and services
2004WebSphere Studio overview
2003A survey of manufacturing flexibility: Implications for e-business flexibility
2003A system model for dynamically reconfigurable software
2003Access ThinkPad: The right information at the right time and place
2003Advanced functions for storage subsystems: Supporting continuous availability
2003Affect and machine design: Lessons for the development of autonomous machines
2003An analytic approach for quantifying the value of e-business initiatives
2003Autonomic personal computing
2003Autonomic service deployment in networks
2003Beyond backup toward storage management
2003Building ease of use into the IBM user experience
2003Business artifacts: An approach to operational specification
2003Characteristics of I/O traffic in personal computer and server workloads
2003Clockwork: A new movement in autonomic systems
2003Comparing autonomic and proactive computing
2003Competitive algorithms for the dynamic selection of component implementations
2003Contents of Volume 42, 2003
2003Context-specific intellectual capital—The next link in the knowledge chain
2003Dealing with ghosts: Managing the user experience of autonomic computing
2003Delivering expected value to users and stakeholders with User Engineering
2003Developing a voice-spelling alphabet for PDAs
2003Developing accessible software for data visualization
2003Dynamic reconfiguration: Basic building blocks for autonomic computing on IBM pSeries servers
2003Enabling autonomic behavior in systems software with hot swapping
2003Experimental games for the design of reputation management systems
2003Extending prototyping
2003IBM Storage Tank—A heterogeneous scalable SAN file system
2003IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server: A designer's view
2003Internet Protocol storage area networks
2003Iterative development in the field
2003Leading on demand businesses—Executives as architects
2003LEO: An autonomic query optimizer for DB2
2003Managing Web server performance with AutoTune agents
2003Message from the Senior Vice President, Technology and Manufacturing
2003Message from the Vice President, On Demand Innovation Services, Research Division
2003Methodology for remote usability activities: A case study
2003No wires attached: Usability challenges in the connected mobile world
2003Personalizing the user experience on
2003Privacy and knowledge management: Challenges in the design of the Lotus Discovery Server
2003Security in an autonomic computing environment
2003SRIRAM: A scalable resilient autonomic mesh
2003Technical forum: Management of application complexes in multitier clustered systems
2003Technical note—The IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server: Testing for general availability and beyond
2003Technical note—Web service credentials
2003Technical note—XTABLES: Bridging relational technology and XML
2003Technological impact of magnetic hard disk drives on storage systems
2003The dawning of the autonomic computing era
2003The evolution of storage systems
2003The evolution of user-centered focus in the human-computer interaction field
2003The new dynamics of strategy: Sense-making in a complex and complicated world
2003The software architecture of a SAN storage control system
2003Toward a new landscape of systems management in an autonomic computing environment
2003Trust, the Internet, and the digital divide
2003Two decades of policy-based storage management for the IBM mainframe computer
2003Usability and design considerations for an autonomic relational database management system
2003z/OS support of the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server
2002A decision-tree-based symbolic rule induction system for text categorization
2002A framework-based approach to building private trading exchanges
2002A metric for predicting the performance of an application under a growing workload
2002A platform for business-to-business sell-side, private exchanges and marketplaces
2002A probabilistic estimation framework for predictive modeling analytics
2002ABLE: A toolkit for building multiagent autonomic systems
2002Applications of flexible pricing in business-to-business electronic commerce
2002Applying machine learning to automated information graphics generation
2002Architectures for intelligent systems
2002Automated generation of model cases for help-desk applications
2002Bringing together content and data management systems: Challenges and opportunities
2002Contents of Volume 41, 2002
2002Cross training and its application to skill mining
2002Data integration through database federation
2002DB2 and Web services
2002Developing XML Web services with WebSphere Studio Application Developer
2002Discovering actionable patterns in event data
2002E-commerce interoperability with IBM's WebSphere Commerce products
2002Extending the concept of transaction compensation
2002FLAVERS: A finite state verification technique for software systems
2002Improving software testing via ODC: Three case studies
2002Information integration: A new generation of information technology
2002Information integration: A research agenda
2002Instance-level access control for business-to-business electronic commerce
2002Intelligent probing: A cost-effective approach to fault diagnosis in computer networks
2002Introduction to Web services architecture
2002Machine learning in a multimedia document retrieval framework
2002Message from the Corporate Director, IBM Software Test
2002Message from the General Manager, Data Management Solutions, IBM Software Group
2002Message from the Senior Vice President and Group Executive, IBM Software Group
2002Message from the Vice President, Services and Software, Research Division
2002Metrics to evaluate vendor-developed software based on test case execution results
2002Multithreaded Java program test generation
2002Predictive algorithms in the management of computer systems
2002Relational extensions for OLAP
2002Securing Web services
2002Software debugging, testing, and verification
2002Technical forum: a) Machine intelligence and the Turing Test b) An architecture of diversity for commonsense reasoning
2002Technical forum: Selling interrupt rights: A way to control unwanted e-mail and telephone calls
2002Testing z/OS: The premier operating system for IBM's zSeries server
2002The integration of business intelligence and knowledge management
2002The Software Testing Automation Framework
2002The STCL test tools architecture
2002Using a constraint satisfaction formulation and solution techniques for random test program generation
2002Using a model-based test generator to test for standard conformance
2002Using flows in information integration
2002Using fuzzy control to maximize profits in service level management
2002Web services and business process management
2002Web services management approaches
2002XML programming with SQL/XML and XQuery
2002XQuery: An XML query language
2002XTABLES: Bridging relational technology and XML
2001A high-throughput distributed DNA sequence analysis and database system
2001A method for designing secure solutions
2001An architecture for the Internet Key Exchange Protocol
2001An integration platform for heterogeneous bioinformatics software components
2001Application hosting for pervasive computing
2001Blue Gene: A vision for protein science using a petaflop supercomputer
2001Business-to-business integration with tpaML and a business-to-business protocol framework
2001Characteristics of production database workloads and the TPC benchmarks
2001CICS and Enterprise JavaBeans
2001Communities of practice and organizational performance
2001Computational challenges in structural and functional genomics
2001Computational protein folding: From lattice to all-atom
2001Contents of Volume 40, 2001
2001Convergent evolution of protein structure prediction and computer chess tournaments: CASP, Kasparov, and CAFASP
2001Deep computing for the life sciences
2001DiscoveryLink: A system for integrated access to life sciences data sources
2001Enhancing security and privacy in biometrics-based authentication systems
2001Ethical hacking
2001Evolving communities of practice: IBM Global Services experience
2001Fastfinger: A study into the use of compressed residue pair separation matrices for protein sequence comparison
2001Functional classification of proteins by pattern discovery and top-down clustering of primary sequences
2001GeneX: An Open Source gene expression database and integrated tool set
2001IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite Product Advisor
2001In-process metrics for software testing
2001Intelligent decision support for protein crystal growth
2001Intermediary-based transcoding framework
2001Java Management Extensions for application management
2001K2/Kleisli and GUS: Experiments in integrated access to genomic data sources
2001Knowledge management technology
2001Knowledge portals and the emerging digital knowledge workplace
2001Knowledge resource exchange in strategic alliances
2001Large-scale virtual screening for discovering leads in the postgenomic era
2001Linking e-business and operating processes: The role of knowledge management
2001Load balancing of molecular dynamics simulation with NWChem
2001Mapping, modeling, and visual exploration of structure-function relationships in the heart
2001Message from the Vice President, Life Sciences Solutions
2001New techniques for extracting features from protein sequences
2001Practical server privacy with secure coprocessors
2001Securing e-business applications using smart cards
2001Security challenges for Enterprise Java in an e-business environment
2001Security on z/OS: Comprehensive, current, and flexible
2001Separation of duties for access control enforcement in workflow environments
2001Suggested reading
2001Text analysis and knowledge mining system
2001The GeneMine system for genome/proteome annotation and collaborative data mining
2001The IBM Application Framework for e-business
2001The Internet public key infrastructure
2001The knowledge management puzzle: Human and social factors in knowledge management
2001The Lotus Knowledge Discovery System: Tools and experiences
2001Toward speech as a knowledge resource
2001Transcoding: Extending e-business to new environments
2001Transparent access to multiple bioinformatics information sources
2001Trends in e-business technologies
2001Views of knowledge are human views
2001WebSphere as an e-business server
2001Where did knowledge management come from?
2000A new structure for news editing
2000A unifying approach to performance analysis in the Java environment
2000An enterprise directory solution with DB2
2000An installation of interactive furniture
2000Applications for data hiding
2000Bridging the framework modeling and implementation gap
2000Building a Java virtual machine for server applications: The Jvm on OS/390
2000Business Component Prototyper for SanFrancisco: An experiment in architecture for application development tools
2000Contents of Volume 39, 2000
2000Context-aware design and interaction in computer systems
2000Design and implementation of expressive footwear
2000E-broidery: Design and fabrication of textile-based computing
2000EGGG: Automated programming for game generation
2000Emergent Design and learning environments: Building on indigenous knowledge
2000Emerging frameworks for tangible user interfaces
2000Emulator Express: A system for optimizing emulator performance for wireless networks
2000Everything, the universe, and life
2000Everywhere messaging
2000From being digital to digital beings
2000Future arts: By and for whom, and for what?
2000Hyperlinked television research at the MIT Media Laboratory
2000IBM SanFrancisco: Moving into the marketplace
2000Interlingual BRICO
2000It's alive!
2000It's not just information
2000Java programming for high-performance numerical computing
2000Java server benchmarks
2000Java server performance: A case study of building efficient, scalable Jvms
2000Java Virtual Machine Profiler Interface
2000JaViz: A client/server Java profiling tool
2000Just-in-time information retrieval agents
2000Justifying imagery: Multimedia support for learning through explanation
2000Learning and expressing
2000Media in performance: Interactive spaces for dance, theater, circus, and museum exhibits
2000Media, networks, and content
2000MetaCricket: A designer's kit for making computational devices
2000Out of context: Computer systems that adapt to, and learn from, context
2000Overview of the IBM Java Just-in-Time Compiler
2000Physically interactive story environments
2000San Francisco performance: A case study in performance for large-scale Java applications
2000Sensor systems for interactive surfaces
2000Silver Stringers and Junior Journalists: Active information producers
2000SuperNews: Multiple feeds for multiple views
2000Synergistic storyscapes and constructionist cinematic sharing
2000Synthetic News Radio
2000Technical note--A three-dimensional framework for information technology solutions
2000Technical note--Business function specification of commercial applications
2000Technical note--IBS Consist two years later: The LEGO brick dream
2000The evolution of a high-performing Java virtual machine
2000The Jalapeño virtual machine
2000The use of IBM SanFrancisco core business processes in human resources scheduling
2000Things that talk: Using sound for device-to-device and device-to-human communication
2000Time Frames: Temporal augmentation of the news
2000Toward a table-top quantum computer
2000Toward computers that recognize and respond to user emotion
2000Using JavaBeans components as accessors to Enterprise JavaBeans components
2000What's the big idea? Toward a pedagogy of idea power
2000Why the Media Lab works—A personal view
1999A look at human interaction with pervasive computers
1999A standard for architecture description
1999A standard for business architecture description
1999A universal information appliance
1999At what cost pervasive? A social computing view of mobile computing systems
1999Classroom 2000: An experiment with the instrumentation of a living educational environment
1999Contents of Volume 38, 1999
1999Contrasting paradigms for the development of wearable computers
1999Enterprise solutions structure
1999Experiences in reusing technical reference architectures
1999Information in places
1999Intermediaries: An approach to manipulating information streams
1999Making sharing pervasive: Ubiquitous computing for shared note taking
1999Message from the General Manager, Global Industries
1999Multistream input: An experimental study of document scrolling methods
1999Solution customization
1999SP2 system architecture
1999Suggested reading
1999Technical note—A proposal to simplify data flow diagrams
1999Technical reference architectures
1999The origins of ubiquitous computing research at PARC in the late 1980s
1999Turning pervasive computing into mediated spaces
1999Turning points in information technology
1999Turning points in interaction with computers
1999Turning points in software development
1999Turning points in systems architecture
1999Wireless networked digital devices: A new paradigm for computing and communication
1998A security architecture for the Internet Protocol
1998Accessing existing business data from the World Wide Web
1998An approach to improving existing measurement frameworks
1998An evolutionary approach to application development with object technology
1998Architecture of the San Francisco frameworks
1998Capitalizing on intellectual assets
1998Catapults and grappling hooks: The tools and techniques of information warfare
1998Contents of Volume 37, 1998
1998Coordination and collective mind in software requirements development
1998Designing a generic payment service
1998Enterprise knowledge sharing, activity management, and a fabric for commitment
1998Enterprise modeling advantages of San Francisco for general ledger systems
1998IBM's Enterprise Server for Java
1998IBM eNetwork Host On-Demand: The beginning of a new era for accessing host information in a Web environment
1998IBM VisualAge for Java
1998Internet Messaging Frameworks
1998Introducing shareable frameworks into a procedural development environment
1998Java and the IBM San Francisco project
1998Lotus eSuite
1998NetVista: Growing an Internet solution for schools
1998On the linkage of dynamic tables in relational DBMSs
1998Optimizing array reference checking in Java programs
1998Profile-directed restructuring of operating system code
1998Reverse engineering of data
1998Software development: Processes and performance
1998SpeedTracer: A Web usage mining and analysis tool
1998Suggested Reading
1998Support for Enterprise JavaBeans in Component Broker
1998Surf'N'Sign: Client signatures on Web documents
1998T Spaces
1998Technical note—IMS celebrates thirty years as an IBM product
1998Technical note—Using the San Francisco frameworks with VisualAge for Java
1998Technical note—WebEntree: A Web service aggregator
1998Technical overview of IBM's Java initiatives
1998The evolution of Java security
1998The WebSphere Application Server architecture and programming model
1997A locking facility for parallel systems
1997A method for on-line reorganization of a database
1997Adaptive algorithms for managing a distributed data processing workload
1997Application development as an engineering discipline: Revolution or evolution?
1997Automatist storyteller systems and the shifting sands of story
1997Availability in parallel systems: Automatic process restart
1997Bridging traditional and object technologies: Creating transitional applications
1997Cluster architectures and S/390 Parallel Sysplex scalability
1997Communication and organization in software development: An empirical study
1997Contents of Volume 36, 1997
1997DB2's use of the coupling facility for data sharing
1997Debugging DB2/CS client/server applications
1997Enabling technology for distributed multimedia applications
1997Family traits in business objects and their applications
1997Multimedia file serving with the OS/390 LAN Server
1997Multimedia resource management in OS/390 LAN Server
1997Object persistence in object-oriented applications
1997Overview: The Centre for Advanced Studies
1997Predicting the performance of distributed virtual shared-memory applications
1997Services supporting management of distributed applications and systems
1997S/390 cluster technology: Parallel Sysplex
1997Technical forum—IBM's electronic commerce solution: CommercePOINT
1997Technical forum—IBM Business Frameworks: San Francisco project technical overview
1997The COBOL jigsaw puzzle: Fitting object-oriented and legacy applications together
1997The effective use of automated application development tools
1997The effects of the business model on object-oriented software development productivity
1997The evolution of CICS/ESA in the sysplex environment
1997The importance of systems management for a Parallel Sysplex
1997The last book
1997The software bookshelf
1997VSAM record-level data sharing
1997Workflow-based applications
1996A society of models for video and image libraries
1996Access control systems: From host-centric to network-centric computing
1996An object-oriented system for 3D medical image analysis
1996Approach to object security in Distributed SOM
1996Asparagus Soup
1996Automatic code generation from design patterns
1996Business language analysis for object-oriented information systems
1996Children's interests in news: On-line opportunities
1996Color as a determined communication
1996Community and personalization
1996Computational holographic bandwidth compression
1996Contents of Volume 35, 1996
1996Creating global software: Text handling and localization in Taligent's CommonPoint application system
1996Design of electronic information
1996Enriching communities: Harbingers of news in the future
1996Event-driven network topology monitoring function
1996Experiments in digital graphic design
1996Field mice: Extracting hand geometry from electric field measurements
1996For want of a bit the user was lost: Cheap user modeling
1996Force transduction materials for human-technology intefaces
1996FramerD: Representing knowledge in the large
1996Human-powered wearable computing
1996Inertial proproceptive devices: Self-motion-sensing toys and tools
1996Instructible agents: Software that just keeps getting better
1996Media Banks: Entertainment and the Internet
1996Multimedia based on object models: Some whys and hows
1996Navigating large bodies of text
1996Object technology in perspective
1996Personal Area Networks: Near-field intrabody communication
1996Physics and media
1996Post-modern video
1996Programmable Bricks: Toys to think with
1996Real-time complexity metrics for Smalltalk methods
1996Salient stills: Process and practice
1996Signal entropy and the thermodynamics of computation
1996Storing and using objects in a relational database
1996Suggested reading
1996System generator for producing manufacturing applications
1996Technical note—From dynamic supertypes to subjects: A natural way to specify and develop systems
1996Techniques for data hiding
1996The Computer Clubhouse: Preparing for life in a digital world
1996The Information FrameWork
1996The interactive balloon: Sensing, actuation and behavior in a common object
1996Things that blink: Computationally augmented name tags
1996Things to think with
1996Using acoustic structure in a hand-held audio playback device
1995A high-performance transport network platform
1995A real-time systems context for the framework for information systems architecture
1995A scalable implementation of the NAS Parallel Benchmark BT on distributed memory systems
1995ABC++: Concurrency by inheritance in C++
1995Access services for the Networking BroadBand Services architecture
1995Advances in APPN architecture
1995An architecture for multimedia communication and real-time collaboration
1995An ATM strategy for IBM networking systems
1995ATM: Paving the information superhighway
1995Collecting product-based usability requirements
1995Contents of Volume 34, 1995
1995CPI-C: An API for distributed applications
1995Data link switching: Present and future
1995DB2 Parallel Edition
1995Efficient transport and distribution of network control information in NBBS
1995Enabling ATM networks
1995Experiences with object-oriented group support software development
1995Experiences with the IBM SP1
1995High-performance parallel implementations of the NAS kernel benchmarks on the IBM SP2
1995IBM Wireless RF LAN design and architecture
1995Intelligent agents extend knowledge-based systems feasibility
1995Local area networks—Evolving from shared to switched access
1995Multicast network connection architecture
1995Multiprotocol networking—a blueprint
1995Multiprotocol Transport Networking: Eliminating application dependencies on communications protocols
1995NBBS network management
1995NBBS path selection framework
1995NBBS traffic management overview
1995Next generation air traffic control automation
1995Overview of the NBBS architecture
1995Parallel file systems for the IBM SP computers
1995SP2 system architecture
1995Suggested Reading
1995TCP/IP: The next generation
1995Technical forum—The role of IBM’s Open Blueprint approach in distributed computing
1995The communication software and parallel environment of the IBM SP2
1995The CORDS multidatabase project
1995The NBBS access node
1995The power and promise of parallel computing
1995The SP2 High-Performance Switch
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