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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 27, Number 4, Page 541 (1988)
Numericaly Intensive Computing
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PAM-CRASH on the IBM 3090/VF: An integrated environment for crash analysis

by P. Angeleri, D. F. Lozupone, F. Piccolo, J. Clinckemaillie
PAM-CRASH® is an industrial code developed by Engineering Systems International (ESI) S.A. and designed specifically for automotive crashworthiness analysis. We discuss the problems encountered and describe the solutions provided for an efficient migration of the code on the IBM 3090/VF system. Runs on actual test cases have shown a vector/scalar speedup between 2.7 and 3.5. Moreover, we present the program modifications we have introduced in order to exploit parallel processing using the Multitasking Facility of the VS FORTRAN compiler. Performance results for 3090/VF systems, from the Model 200E to the Model 600E, are given. Finally, we describe the restructuring of the graphic proces-sors, PRE-3D and DAISY, to allow an effective use of the IBM 5080 Graphics System capabilities in providing an integrated design environment for crash analysis.
Related Subjects: General Applications; Mathematical Methods