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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 38, Number 2/3, Page 289 (1999)
Turning Points in Computing: 1962-1999
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The management of software engineering, Part I: Principles of software engineering

by H. D. Mills
Please note: This previously published IBM Systems Journal paper was reprinted for this special retrospective issue.

Software engineering may be defined as the systematic design and development of software prod-ucts and the management of the software pro-cess. Software engineering has as one of its primary objectives the production of programs that meet specifications, and are demonstrably accurate, produced on time, and within budget. This paper in five parts discusses the principles and practices used by the IBM Federal Systems Division for the design, development, and management of software. The general principles of software engineering are set forth in Part I, in which the author relates software engineering to the whole field of the system development process-stem engineering, hardware engineering, software engineering, and system integration. Presented briefly are overviews of the major aspects of software engineering-sign, development, and management.

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