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IBM Journal of Research and Development  
Volume 19, Number 4, Page 478 (1980)
Software Development
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Application development system: The software architecture of the IBM Health Care Support/DL/I-Patient Care System

by D. J. Mishelevich, D. Van Slyke
Application development productivity is a broad-based concern. A system answering this concern is the IBM Health Care Support/DL/I-Patient Care System announced by IBM in late 1977. The system is of general importance because its application development system architecture is not application specific and thus can be used for the rapid development of many types of on-line systems. It has an elegant simplicity, and it uses the standard facilities of such operating system components as CICS/VS and DL/I. The application productivity has been clearly and successfully demonstrated in the real working environment of the Dallas County Hospital District (Parkland Memorial Hospital) and other sites. This paper provides an architectural overview followed by a description with an example of CRT (cathode ray tube) screen and print format design and coding and an examination of a data collection list to demonstrate the power of that facility.
Related Subjects: Architecture; Programming